Why Silverlake is the Best Place to Have a Birthday Party in NKY

Why Silverlake 22the Family Place22 is the Best Place to Have a Birthday Party in Northern Kentucky

If you are looking for a great place to host your child’s birthday party, you will find everything under one roof at Silverlake “The Family Place” in Northern Kentucky.

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My history with Silverlake “The Family Place” goes back to when our kids were really little. I was looking for a gym to get back into shape and I also needed a little kid-free time to recharge me during those years without great sleep. (Babies can be as young as 8 weeks for Kids Club)

I visited all of the gyms in the area and what confirmed my decision for which gym that I would join was the way that childcare staff at Silverlake treated my kids.

If you take care of my kids, I’m pretty loyal. Not much has changed since then in that regard.

Over the years my kids have enjoyed playing in Kids Club and KidsQuest,( swim, FunNastics, & sports) themed classes, and the Indoor and Outdoor Waterpark.

Now that they are older, we are excited about the activities that Silverlake now offers with the new addition at the Active Entertainment Center that also appeals to teens.

Clip n Climb at Silverlake

Teen Birthday Parties Are Now Available at Silverlake

Silverlake has always offered birthday parties for kids but now they have birthday parties for teens ages 12-16 too!

And what better way to review a party than to have my younger son spend his 13th birthday party at Silverlake with several of his close friends.

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How a Birthday Party at Silverlake Works

The older your child gets, the harder it becomes to come up with a great birthday party idea. We don’t do big parties every year but we do try to celebrate the bigger milestones with a party.

Silverlake Birthday Parties for teens are a little different from the younger aged birthday parties.

Teen parties are typically smaller in the number of party guests and they also provide more independence and flexibility in a safe environment on a Friday or Saturday night.

Each party comes with a party pro who is basically the person in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish and that everyone is happy.

Guests are welcomed by the party pro at the entrance and then given a wristband after confirmation of their waiver.

Parents can fill out the waivers online if they will not be able to fill out the form when they arrive.

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Activities for Teens at Silverlake

The Party Pros have figured out a great flow for the party to make sure that everything runs smoothly. There is flexibility if the kids decide that they want more or less time at a particular activity.

My son’s birthday party took place in the Active Entertainment Center.

During the summer, you also have the option to book a birthday party at the Outdoor Waterpark.

Duckpin Bowling at Silverlake e1556194323838

Duckpin Bowling

My son’s birthday party started with duckpin bowling. The boys were shown their party room and their cups that they could use for unlimited refills all night long.

Our party pro took the boys to get their bowling shoes and already had their names set up on the scorekeeping screen so that they didn’t have to wait to get started.

Duckpin Bowling is a variation of standard bowling that uses a smaller ball without holes and the pins are shorter and attached to a string.

Each bowler gets three rolls per frame, it’s a great activity for guests of all ages because of the ball size and it’s still a lot of fun!

Trampoline Park at Silverlake e1556194535504

After bowling, the boys jumped at the Trampoline Park. Party guests are given the required socks and safety instructions before they start jumping.

Trampoline Park

The Trampoline Park at Silverlake is definitely a favorite for party guests of all ages. It’s impossible not to have fun while you are bouncing.

This is also a section that the party pro allows more time in because of its popularity.

activities at the trampoline park at Silverlake Active Entertainment Center 2

Kids can shoot baskets and dunk hoops, play in the dodgeball court, balance on the slackline, joust, do tricks and bounce into the foam pit or just bounce freestyle.

Ciip n climb at Silverlake Active Entertainment Center e1557273363954

Clip n’ Climb

Party guests can face their fears and challenge themselves on the Clip n’ Climb.  Silverlake has the Tallest Clip ‘n Climb in the United States and the climbing features are both really unique and really fun!

kids basketball court e1556204152671

Activity Flexibility

The Party Pros have figured out a great flow for the party to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

There is flexibility with the teen parties allow the kids to decide what they want more or less time at a particular activity.

For example, toward the end of the party, the boys just wanted to play basketball on the kids’ basketball court which was totally fine.

party room at Silverlake. e1556279581604

Your Own Party Room

The party pros have found that it’s best for the kids to eat AFTER they jump. That helps prevent upset stomachs for party guests.

pizza at birthday party at Silverlake Active Entertainment Center 2 e1557275842907

All guests have full access to the VIP party suite where they will be served 2 large cheese pizzas and unlimited soda.

You also have the option to order additional pizza and appetizers.

Party pro at Silverlake Recreational Center e1557275396331

Our party pro took care of all of the details. She transitioned the kids to each section when it was time.

She also served the pizza and cupcakes (we were also allowed to bring in an additional birthday cake.)

It was really nice to just relax,  be in the moment, and only focus on taking pictures instead of trying to do multiple things at once versus the stress and multitasking when you are the parent hosting the party.

Silverlake restaurant and bar at Silverlake e1556279834157

Parents Can Relax at the Restaurant and Bar During the Party

Yes, you heard that right!

Parents also have a place to go during the party because let’s be honest…as PAINFUL as it is to hear, most teenagers don’t want their parents right next to them the whole entire time that they are hanging out with their friends.

That doesn’t mean that you have to stay away the whole time. After all, you are paying for the party and they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

The restaurant and bar allow you to have the best of both worlds.

You will find classic American favorites along with healthier options if you want something on the lighter side.

My strategy was to watch for a few moments, take some pictures, and then go back to the restaurant.

Menu items at Silverlake restaurant and bar e1556203730660
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

A Few of our Menu Favorites

pretzel balls at Silverlake restaurant and bar e1556203872127

Pretzel Balls

black and bleu burger at Silverlake restaurant and bar e1556204000829

Black and Bleu Burger

We did hang out with the kids when it was time for them to eat and do the cupcakes and we also watched them on the Clip n Climb from the benches.

game area at Silverlake e1556279941865

21 & Up Games

Adults 21 & up can also enjoy the adult on gaming area with the World’s Largest Pac-Man, table shuffleboard, and Golf Simulator.

*Don’t Forget to Tip Your Party Pro

Like I said earlier, if you take care of my kids, I’ll take care of you.

At the end of your party, you have the opportunity to tip your party pro as a way of saying thank you for going above and beyond.

And let’s be honest, they make it so that you show up and leave afterward without the prep work or cleanup.

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How to Book a Birthday Party at Silverlake “The Family Place”

You can book your child’s birthday party online. You will be asked to select your child’s age and desired activities.

Due to the popularity of the birthday parties at Silverlake, I recommend booking a party at least one month in advance for your desired party date.

You can pick up invitation cards at Silverlake and the birthday party coordinator will make contact with you after you have booked your party to go over the details and any questions you might have.


Other Party Options

Silverlake also offers themed birthday parties for younger kids and special events for businesses and groups.

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How to Save Money on a Birthday Party at Silverlake

Silverlake Members have a lower price point than non-members for birthday parties.

(Members also get a lower price for kids’ swim lessons, sports development, and FunNastics classes)

Silverlake is a member-based club but non-members are allowed to book birthday parties and corporate events.

Discount Code for a Birthday Party at Silverlake

Use the Discount Code “Adventure Mom” for a FREE additional pizza for your party

teen party at Silverlake

Perks of Hosting a Birthday Party at Silverlake for Parents

A birthday party at Silverlake allows you to make memories without the mess and stress

At the end of the night, we were all smiles because everyone had a great time and we could just be in the moment.

More Information

You can find more information on birthday parties and membership from the Silverlake “The Family Place” website. 

Disclosure: Our birthday party was hosted by Silverlake for review purposes. I’ve been a long-time member and all opinions are my own.

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Why Silverlake is the Best Place to Have a Birthday Party in NKY

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