Football Fun With Big Game Bingo – Free Printable

Watching the Big Game with football fans of all ages?

I’m sharing a great way for kids to engage more while watching the game with a football-themed Big Game Bingo card.

These printables can help younger kids and non-football fans enjoy the game more and are less of a distraction for party guests who want to focus on watching the game.

University of Michigan stadium

My family members are HUGE football fans. The type that sleeps in their favorite team’s jersey the night before a game and talks about their team as if they are on the team roaster.

Football game at night

They LOVE football and are very passionate about watching their favorite teams, both at the college level and in the NFL.

Their appreciation/admiration of Tom Brady goes back to his University of Michigan days.

men watching football game

Their ideal scenario is to watch a game in person but, realistically, they end up watching their favorite teams more often on tv. This typically involves a lot of cheering, yelling, clapping, and high-fives. My house gets REALLY LOUD on game days.

Bowl games are special occasions that they revolve their schedules around in anticipation.

I’m the type of person who isn’t into football as much as my family so I try to let them enjoy the game without interruptions if possible because they are so intense.

I do try… I’ve attended University of Michigan football games with them, we support our local NFL team The Bengals here in Cincinnati (who dey!), I attended Football 101 at OSU and I’ve even visited the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

If you have younger kids with football super fan parents, the Big Game Day Bingo card is here to help. You can use these cards for bowl games or for Super Bowl Bingo Cards.

bowl of Goldfish crackers

Fun Game Piece Ideas for Football Bingo

For your game pieces, you’ll need something about the size of individual postage stamps.

I personally think that snacks/candy are a more fun way to play if you want to score an extra point with your family and guests.

Here are a few ideas for your cover pieces:

  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Jelly Beans
  • M&M’s
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Gummy Bears
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Swedish Fish
  • Twizzler Bites
  • Skittles
  • Starbursts
Bingo sign

How to Play Big Game Day Bingo

Each player has their own bingo card. Everyone can start by putting a cover piece on the free square. When you see the symbol during the game you can put a cover piece on it.

The first person to have a completed row with consecutive squares on the bingo board wins the bingo game. Be on the lookout for a field goal, the halftime show, and the opening kickoff of the second half to help cover a few more squares.

To continue playing during the second-half events of the football game you can have everyone can keep their own cards or trade. To make the bingo game last longer try a cover-all (or blackout bingo) where the first player to cover their whole board wins.

You can play for fun or have a gift card or predetermined payout amount for the grand prize winner.

Big Game Bingo

Free Game Day Bingo Printables

Each person has a unique bingo card. There are 4 different designs for the free bingo cards.

Click on the download button above to print all four Big Game Bingo Cards.

football game party foods and decorations

Big Game Day Football-Themed Decorations and Supplies

For the best value, I would suggest purchasing a supply football-themed set.

football game party foods

Easy Food To Prep for the Big Game

Here are some easy meal/snack options if you don’t want to do a lot of food prep for a big game or Super Bowl party at home.

  • Hot Dogs
  • Pizza
  • Taquitos
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Veggie tray and dip
  • Pretzels
  • Wings
  • Nachos
  • Meatballs
Air Fryer

Easy Air Fryer Recipes for the Big Game

My friend Heather from the Food Hussy has you covered if you need some easy recipes.

Football Statue Canton Ohio

Looking For a Football Themed Destination?

You might want to add a visit to Canton, OH to your list where the NFL was invented.

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