Ford Fan Day at the Kentucky Speedway

The Ford Fan Day was an amazing FREE event at the Kentucky Speedway. It was a great way to connect the fans with more of a behind the scenes feel of the Speedway.

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We started at the inflatable games. My kids could have spent hours there, but I knew there was a lot more to see and do!

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Next, we took in some of the races.

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The Raceway Ministries Kids Zone provided A LOT of great activities for kids.

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They also gave away free popcorn and cotton candy.  You’re never too old for cotton candy!

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Next, took in views from several of the suites, including the owner’s suite.

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We discovered the Coke “happiness truck” next.  We stood in line to push the button and a door opened up revealing our prizes. We all won drinks, my husband also won two tickets to an upcoming race in June, and my son won an 8 pack of Coke.

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He was trying to think of disguises to go back in line, but we reminded him that everyone needed to get a turn.  He felt he won the best prize of the day and even fell asleep with it held tightly on our car ride home.  Gotta love the simple joys in life.

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We took the tram ride that drove us through the tunnel and onto infield of the raceway.

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Fans could take turns taking pictures with a race car in the Winner’s Circle.

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You could also get pictures with the Sprint cup.

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And inside a race car. After seeing a few adults squeeze in there, I knew I had to give it a try.

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It is a very tight space.

IMG 9973

I have no idea how drivers can do that for hours!

The kids got to climb in the race car too and also tried sitting in a Legends race car that was a little closer to their size.

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You could also test your tire changing skills with a timed display that used an air gun.

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For the record, I had the fastest time of my family.

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We also loved the opportunity to walk/ run and take pictures on the race track.


You could even go up to the area where they wave the flags.  

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Another one of my absolute favorite experiences at the Ford Fan Day was gettting to ride on the fire engine ladder. My son wanted to go first and then I got to go.    

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One of the firefighters put on his harness and then stayed with him for his ride up.

I had him make sure I was fastened in correctly and then went solo.

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The ladder goes up 77 feet and it was such an unexpected, really cool experience.

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There were beautiful vintage cars to look at, tunnels to walk thru, adorable animals at the petting zoo, and even prizes for the kids who went to all of the stations.

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100%, we had an incredible time as a family at the Kentucky Speedway!   I really hope that the Ford Fan Day will be an annual event. It was such a great way to connect to a sport that I don’t know a lot about and see why the fans are so passionate and loyal to the sport of racing.

You can find more about upcoming events and races from the Kentucky Speedway website.


Have you been to a NASCAR race before?



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