Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Sometimes you just need an excuse to play like a kid… and Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park provides you with the perfect opportunity!

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

I’m sharing tips to help you make the most out of your visit from our visit to the Cincinnati location in Springdale.

Plan Ahead

Preparation can go a long way to make the most out of your experience. Fill out your waivers and schedule your desired jump time ahead of time online.  

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Lock Up Your Valuables

If you are visiting with a group it’s best to have them either lock up their valuables in a locker or to leave them in your vehicle. You don’t want to risk losing or breaking a phone.

Upon arrival, you will need to take care of your paperwork by completing a waiver. You will also receive safety instructions before jumping.

(They have special socks that you purchase for $1.)

There are plenty of lockers available for $.50 to put your personal belongings in.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Food Options

The facility has a cafe if you work up an appetite, several rooms for parties, and more trampolines lined up together than most people have seen in their life!

Foam Zone

My kids first checked out the Foam Zone.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

They had a blast launching into the pit.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

I decided to wait a little bit but I knew I would be back to that section before we left.

Slam Dunk

The next section we went to was the slam dunk area.  My boys could have stayed here the rest of the day. They loved testing their skills and creating new dunk combos.

We played a semi-friendly game of dodgeball with the kids next.
*During Sky Zone’s normal hours of operation, they split dodgeball games up by height.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

(His parents are way too competitive to just let him and his brother win)

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Toddler Time

If you have little kids, you can bring your kids to a Toddler Time which is geared for children walking to age 5.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

There is also a divider screen that can be put down to help section off younger jumpers.  As a parent, I love that there are safe options in place that are flexible depending on the crowds.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Skyrobics Class

There are also special nights for teens and there is even an aerobics class called Skyrobics that you can take that can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. I would love to come back to try this class out. I love exercise classes that feel more like fun.

Thanks again to Sky Zone for such a fun visit! You will work up a sweat and get a workout guaranteed!

Check out the Sky Zone website to find out more to plan your next visit. You can also connect with Sky Zone on Facebook.

*Online reservations are recommended to ensure that you get your preferred jump time.


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  1. My brother and his friends want to have a great time in a trampoline park. It was explained here that they should plan ahead and lock their valuables when considering going to a trampoline park. Furthermore, it’s recommended to consult experts when considering going to a trampoline park.

  2. Jumping on a trampoline requires your entire body to work together, so not only is it an awesome cardio exercise, it also strengthens your muscles and bones.

  3. Love the foam pit and the exercise looks like it would be great for me to make my back stronger and something my husband can do together while our children play.

  4. Totally the dodge ball!! I too am a littttttttle bit competitive and cannot wait to play with my kids!!

  5. Of course I am a fb fan and receive your email updates! Would love to play in the foam zone and we should totally try out the skyrobics!!

  6. Ahhh I don’t have kids but I would totally go do this!! I think we should do the Skyrobics class!!

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