Fun Things to Do at Adventures on the Gorge in West Virginia

If you’re looking for a great getaway with family or friends, Adventures on the Gorge in West Virginia offers an assortment of fun things to do for all ages.

Adventures on the Gorge Resort is located on 350 acres of land encompassing the rim of the New River Gorge National Park, offering scenic views and a convenient location to nearby attractions.

There is no shortage of beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures in the New River Gorge National Park.

Top Things to Do at New River Gorge National Park

We were guests of Adventures on the Gorge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Nedra McDaniel and family at Adventures on the Gorge

Choose Your Own Adventure at Adventures on the Gorge

My dad and my sons joined me on an awesome multi-generational adventure.

I love making memories with friends and family and this trip was definitely memorable!

You can customize your experience based on your interests, abilities, ages and comfort zone level…but I do recommend trying a few outdoor activities outside of your normal comfort zone.

If you enjoy warmer weather, the best time to visit is definitely in the summer but the fall through late October is also beautiful.

No matter when you choose to visit, you’re going to have a great time!

white water rafting on the Upper New River in West Virginia

Go White Water Rafting

West Virginia is known for having some of the best whitewater rafting in the United States, North America and the world.

Adventures on the Gorge offers white water rafting options for guests ranging from their first time rafting to advanced rafters.

I appreciate that the river guides have a healthy respect and deep love of the river which is reflected in their approach safety and knowledge of the ecosystem.

white water rafting on Upper New River

Rivers for Whitewater Rafting:

*Gauley Season is in the fall for 6 continuous weekends starting the first weekend after Labor Day.

Many of the whitewater rafting tours have options for half day, full day, or multi day trip.

inflatable kayaks on Upper New River

On my last trip, I went white water rafting on the Upper New River.

inflatable kayaks on Upper New River

For this trip we went on the same river but this time we tried whitewater kayaking.

The scenery is beautiful and we even saw a bald eagle during our time on the water.

teenager and guide in raft

My younger son had a broken collar bone from a football injury at the time which wasn’t ideal. Thankfully, he was able to ride with the guide transporting the food for lunch in a larger raft.

teenagers and grandfather in river

Our river tour had a lunch stop with time to cool off in the water in the river before continuing on our rafting trip to our final stop.

Nedra McDaniel in inflatable kayak on Upper New River
photo courtesy of Whitewater Photography

The most intense rapid on the Upper New River was called “Surprise.” It got it’s name for good reason because you really don’t see it from far away and you find yourself in the midst of some very large “surprise” rapids.

inflatable kayak on Surprise rapid Upper New River
photo courtesy of Whitewater Photography

My son, pictured above, somehow navigated the rapids and kayak pileup without tipping over.

Nedra McDaniel in inflatable kayak on Surprise rapid Upper New River
photo courtesy of Whitewater Photography

I was very determined to stay inside my inflatable kayak no matter what and thankfully I didn’t tip over while I navigated around the overturned kayaks. (Everyone in our group who did fall out of their kayak ended up being fine)

As a bonus rafters are treated to a cold drink during their ride back to AOTG.

teenagers rock climbing in West Virginia

Try Rock Climbing

West Virginia is a wonderful place for both experienced climbers and beginners to try rock climbing. The sandstone cliffs have many natural hand and foot holds to connect to while climbing.

Nedra McDaniel rock climbing in West Virginia

My older son and I joined a guided rock climbing group. Our guides were really encouraging along the way.

It was also awesome to watch younger kids in our group gain confidence as they climbed higher than they imagined with the safety and security of the guide belaying below them.

man ziplining Treetops Zipline Canopy Tour

Go Zip Lining on Treetops Zipline Canopy Tour

Ages 10 and up, who weigh between 90 and 260 pounds, can experience the thrill of ziplining through the trees on the Treetops Zipline Canopy Tour.

mother and son on treetop canopy tour

All tour participants will receive gear and training at Ground School by their guides before moving onto the zipline course.

man on suspension bridge treetops canopy tour

The Treetops canopy tour typically take 2-3 hours and you will go across 10 different ziplines, walk across 5 swinging sky bridges, take a few short hikes on the forest floor.

teenager rappelling on Treetops zipline canopy tour

At the conclusion of your zipline tour there is a free-hanging, 35 foot rappel.

This is a tour that also gives back.

A portion of your admission from the tour goes toward funding protective treatments for the hemlocks that are currently endangered by invasive insects who can kill the trees.

I love that this tour is proactively helping keep the lush forest for generations to come.

teenager on element at Timbertrek Adventure Park

Challenge Yourself at Timbertrek Adventure Park

An aerial obstacle course is the perfect adventure if you like a challenge.

Timber trek Adventure Park offers 7 different obstacle courses in the tree canopy to choose from that range in difficulty from kid-friendly to advanced climbers.

teenager climbing ladder on Timbertrek Adventure Park

All participants must wear close toed shoes and be a minimum age of 4 years old and weigh under 260 pounds to go on any of the challenge courses.

woman on Timbertrek Adventure Park course

If a child under 14 wants to go on because there are some courses that require a climber to go with an adult climber or to be supervised for kids ages 14 and under.

teenager on ladder on Timbertrek Adventure Park course

Most courses take around 30 minutes to complete and you have 3 hours to explore on the self-guided course. Before you start on the course you’ll be given training by a guide for how to use the equipment.

While on the course there are trained guides who can help coach you along the way. The course consists of swinging bridges, ziplines, suspended tunnels, platforms and nets.

You’ll want to start on the easier courses and then work your way up to the more difficult courses or repeat the courses that you enjoyed.

adult on element at Timbertrek Adventure Park

The Timbertrek Adventure Park actually exceeded my expectations with their advanced options. I’ve been on several aerial adventure courses all over the US and I thought that their course was creative and challenging.

Canyon Falls Swimming Pool

Swim and Relax at Canyon Falls Swimming Pool

You’ll definitely want to spend some time at Canyon Falls swimming pool after a long day of adventures.

Canyon Falls Swimming Pool

The swimming pool area encompasses 3,000 sq ft of water features including a waterfall and swimming areas. Younger kids will especially love the kiddie waterpark section of the pool area.

From the pool or 10,000-square-foot pool deck you can admire the views of the bridge in the distance.

scenic view of New River Gorge Bridge

Admire the Views of the New River Gorge Bridge

There is a viewing area near the pool where you can see views of the bridge and also a lower deck with another observation area nearby.

New River Gorge Bridge in fog

The views of the bridge are heavenly with the morning fog rising to the bridge.

grandfather and teenager playing cornhole

Play Cornhole

During our visit we played a LOT of cornhole, or bean bag…depending on where you are from.

We played so much that my skill set actually improved significantly over the course of our stay thanks to my highly competitive teenagers.

sunset at Adventures on the Gorge

Watch the Sunset

I highly recommend admiring the sunset from the Adirondack chairs at least once during your stay.

sunset at Adventures on the Gorge

No two sunsets are the same and the background of the mountains is hard to beat!

view of New River Gorge National Park from Canyon Rim Visitors Center

Stop By Canyon Rim Visitors Center at New River Gorge National Park

162 Visitor Center Rd, Lansing, WV

There are two visitor centers operated by the National Park Service and Canyon Rim is only 1.6 miles from Adventures on the Gorge.

Canyon Rim Visitor Center New River Gorge National Park

Visitors at Canyon Rim can watch an 11 minute film to learn more about the history of the area and America’s Newest National Park.

New River Gorge became a National Park on December 27, 2020. The New River Gorge is the 63rd National Park and the 20th Preserve in the United States.

There is a 52-mile section of New River that was named a National River in 1978 by the National Park Service.

exhibit at Canyon Rim Visitor Center in West Virginia

Park Rangers are a great resource if you want tips for exploring and the best use of your time at the National Park during your visit.

Ask them more about popular hiking trails in the area such as Long Point Trail or which country roads to take if you want to take one of the scenic drives to one of nearby small towns.

exhibit at Canyon Rim Visitors Center

There is also a great exhibit that provides visitors with more insight and history of the region.

scenic view of New River Gorge Bridge

Hike to a Scenic View of New River Gorge Bridge

There are two observation decks a short walk from the visitor center.

stairs to bridge view at Canyon Rim Visitors Center

I’ll warn you that this beautiful bridge view will also help you get your steps in…because there are quite a few steps to go up and down to see it.

I promise that the views are worth it.

catwalk for New River Gorge Bridge Walk

See the Bridge from a Different Angle on the New River Gorge Bridge Walk

The views from the Bridge Walk Tour are hard to beat.

New River Gorge Bridge

During the tour, you will learn more about the bridge construction as you walk across a 24-inch-wide catwalk while being harnessed to a safety cable.

Nedra McDaniel and family on New River Gorge Bridge Walk

The tours typically last 2-3 hours and 3,030 foot length of the Bridge doesn’t feel like a long walk because you are surrounded by panoramic views of such a beautiful place.

scenic view from New River Gorge Bridge Walk

This tour is offered year-round for ages 8+ over 48″ tall.

teenagers sitting on the Bridge Walk

One of the most exciting parts of the Bridge Walk is when tour participants are given the option to sit down on the 24-inch catwalk and hang their feet over the edge.

sitting on catwalk of the New River Gorge Bridge Walk

Don’t worry you totally feel safe and secure with the harness on the entire time.

Outdoor seating Adventures on the Gorge

Additional Adventures Offered Through Adventures on the Gorge

Looking for even more adventure and outdoor recreation? You can book an adventure/ tour in the surrounding area to experience during your stay.

Here is a sample of what’s available

Chetty's Pub

Dining Options at Adventures on the Gorge Resort

There are several options for great food at AOTG that range from grab n’ go to sit down dining.

outdoor seating AOTG

If you don’t want to cook during your stay you don’t have to or you can enjoy a few meals out during your stay.

There is also a conference center available for rent which is the perfect place for larger groups visiting for a retreat, meeting or wedding.

outdoor seating area AOTG

I also love all of the outdoor seating areas available on site.

whole chicken wings at Smokey's on the Gorge
Whole Chicken Wings at Smokey’s on the Gorge

Restaurants On Site at AOTG

Chetty's Pub

We enjoyed ate all of our meals between Chetty’s Pub and Smokey’s on the Gorge.

Smokey’s on the Gorge has a breakfast buffet in the morning and surprisingly offered a lot of fine dining menu options for dinner.

Chetty’s Pub is a good place to grab a drink/ meal and watch the whitewater rafting videos from that day.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

wings at Chetty's Pub
Wings at Chetty’s Pub

Chetty’s Pub

  • Wings at Chetty’s Pub
  • Chetty Burger
  • Shredded pork sandwich
  • Buffalo Chicken dip
River Run Salmon at Smokey's on the Gorge

Smokey’s on the Gorge

  • Whole Chicken Wings
  • River Run Salmon
  • Smoked gumbo dip
  • Tip n Bleu appetizer
  • Ribeye
Cabins at Adventures on the Gorge in West Virginia

Lodging Options at Adventures on the Gorge

There are plenty of lodging options available from rustic to deluxe to choose from during your stay whether it’s a small or large group. Some of the cabins even have hot tubs!

Personally, I prefer to enjoy outdoor adventures and come back to amenities including a shower with warm water.

The property is easy to navigate with the resort map provided on the first day of your arrival.

inside the Sunnyside Cabin at Adventures on the Gorge e1622054521985

Types of Lodging at AOTG

Sportsman Bunkhouse Cabin

Tour the Sportsman Bunkhouse Cabin

During this visit we stayed in one of the “Sportsman” bunkhouse style cabins. I’ve also stayed in one of the hotel style cabins during a previous visit.

living room of Sportsman cabin

This cabin had the following amenities:

  • Shower
  • Bathroom
  • AC / Heating
  • Electricity
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Coffee-pot
  • Wi-Fi
  • Linens
  • Towels
  • TV/Cable TV
  • Fire Ring
  • Picnic Table
  • Covered Porch
beds in loft of the Sportsman Bunkhouse Cabin

This is a great option for groups or families who don’t mind a shared sleeping space.

This cabin had all of the basic amenities covered for a comfortable night’s sleep. There were several outlets in the loft area that made it easy to charge our phones at night.

dining area of Sportsman cabin

Guests could easily make or reheat meals with the microwave, fire ring, and refrigerator with freezer.

bathroom of Sportsman cabin

I appreciated that the basics were covered in the cabin including bedding, towels, handsoap and toiletries. There was even a starter amount of coffee with a few styrofoam cups.

Our cabin was a short drive and few minutes walk from the main area of the resort and entry to the cabin was with a hotel style key card or RFID bracelet.

scenic view of New River Gorge National Park

Where is Adventures on the Gorge Located?

Adventures on the Gorge is located at 219 Co Rte 60/5, Lansing, WV.

This road trip destination is located less than 5 hours from Cincinnati.

Which Adventure Do You Want to Try First at Adventures on the Gorge?

Now that you know all of the options, the hardest part will be choosing which adventure you want to try first.

Check out this article for additional things to do when you visit southern West Virginia including White Sulphur Springs.

Fun Things to Do at Adventures on the Gorge in West Virginia

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