The Root Beer Stand in Sharonville, OH a Cincinnati Favorite

Our family looks forward to certain treats as soon as the weather gets warmer. The Root Beer Stand is one of them.

The Root Beer Stand has been a family favorite of loyal customers around greater Cincinnati and out-of-towners since 1957, especially on a hot summer day.

They make their own root beer on-site which is why this particular location is the best place in the Queen City to stop for a famous root beer.

The Root Beer Stand originally opened as an A&W franchise and then changed the name to “The Root Beer Stand” in 1982 when the A&W franchise expired.

The Root Beer Stand

When is the Root Beer Stand Open?

The Root Beer Stand is open each season from late March through late September, so plan accordingly.

As soon as the weather gets warm in the spring, The Root Beer Stand is a popular first stop to celebrate.

menu at the root beer stand Sharonville

What’s on The Root Beer Stand Menu?

The Root Beer Stand menu has chili dogs and footlong hot dogs, hamburgers and classic cheeseburgers, pork bbq sandwiches, snacks, ice cream, and of course, root beer and root beer floats.

How to Order the Famous Fare

Customers can order from the walk-up window, dine at the counter, or order online with pickup or delivery available.

There is always a steady stream of customers when you visit The Rootbeer Stand but the orders are filled pretty quickly.

If you aren’t dining in, there are take-out boxes with carport pickup.

Heat and Eat Family packs are another great option if you want to heat up the food in your own home. All of the items in the packs are cold and packaged separately which include 6-foot-long hot dogs, 6-foot-long buns, cheese, chili, and onions.

What Form of Payment Do They Accept at The Root Beer Stand?

The Root Beer Stand used to be cash-only but they now accept cash, credit cards, AND digital payments.

frosted mug of root beer at The Root Beer Stand

The Best Root Beer

You MUST try one of their famous floats made with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream or a root beer served in a frosted mug if you are dining in.

Float flavor options are Root Beer, Red Cream Soda, Orange, Lemonade, or Classic Coke.

Gallon of root beer at Root Beer Stand

You can order root beer by the gallon or a half gallon to go.

We typically order a gallon of root beer and ask for extra cups when we are dining there.

Realistically, you might want to order a couple of gallons of root beer to go if you don’t live close.

If you don’t like root beer, they have Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Red Cream Soda, Lemonade, and Orange in a small 12oz or large 20 oz size.

Foot long chili cheese coney at The Root Beer Stand

You’ll find that the foot-long chili cheese dogs and other family-friendly menu options are at an affordable price.

The coneys can get messy if you prefer to eat yours with a fork. They also have hot sauce available if you want to add a little kick.

In addition to the ice cream floats, there are 8 flavor burst options of premium vanilla soft serve available.

counter at The Root Beer Stand

Is there Seating at The Root Beer Stand?

The is a counter with bar stools where you can get waitstaff service or you can order your menu items and sit at one of the picnic tables on the back side of the building.

hand held water game

A bonus of sitting at the counter is that you can play a hand-held water game while you wait.

alligator game at the root beer stand sharonville

Even teenagers will enjoy playing the games before their food comes.

hats at the Root Beer Stand Sharonville

If you sit at the counter, you’ll see a large collection of hats left by customers over the years decorating the ceiling.

picnic tables at pavilion at The Root Beer Stand

Outdoor Seating at the Picnic Area at The Root Beer Stand

There is plenty of seating available for customers outside in the picnic area if seating at the counter area is full or if you have your pet with you.

playground at The Root Beer Stand 1

Kids will also enjoy burning off some energy on the playground.

The Root Beer Stand

Where is The Root Beer Stand Located?

The Root Beer Stand is located at 11566 Reading Rd, Sharonville, OH.

neon sign for the root beer stand sharonville ohio

Have you been to The Root Beer Stand?

A visit to The Root Beer Stand is the perfect way to treat yourself on a summer day.

You can find out more about The Root Beer Stand on their website.   (513) 769-4349

Learn about more hidden gems around Cincinnati while you’re in the area.

The Root Beer Stand in Sharonville, OH a Cincinnati Favorite

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