Fundraising Made Easy With LaRosa’s Buddy Cards

“Fundraiser” is a word that most parents dread hearing when their child signs up to participate in a sport, team, youth event, or club.

Fundraising is a rite of passage that every parent has to deal with at some point in their parenting journey.

If you have kids participating in multiple activities, there is a good chance that you have a lot of experience with fundraisers, some that are really good, and some that are really bad.

This article is brought to you in partnership with LaRosa’s Pizzeria.

football game at night

Both of my boys each play more than one sport, which means that we’ve participated in our fair amount of fundraisers over the years.

We’ve previously had team fundraisers to sell gift wrap, car washes, mulch, and garbage bags… yes, I said selling garbage bags as a fundraiser. (Trust me, garbage bags definitely weren’t my idea)

Cue, the LaRosa’s Buddy Card fundraiser that is actually a WIN/WIN!

save on pizza with LaRosa's Buddy Card

The LaRosa’s Buddy Card is a Fundraising Card that People Will Actually Buy and Use

Let’s be honest about fundraising.

The parents are the ones doing most of the work/selling…if the fundraiser flops, they are also doing most of the buying.

Why not sell something that you actually want to buy?

How many times have you bought a fundraising card for places that you will never visit, that aren’t even good deals?

I’ve seen Facebook friends try to find friends with Buddy Card fundraisers online because they actually use the Buddy Cards frequently.

They know it’s an easy way to support a good cause with something they were going to buy anyway.

save on pizza with LaRosa's Buddy Card Fundraiser

You Can Save Money on Pizza with the LaRosa’s Buddy Card

We typically order pizza once a week. If you’re going to buy pizza, you might as well save on it.

There are LaRosa’s Pizzerias conveniently located throughout the Cincinnati Metro which doesn’t limit your card to a specific location.

Buddy Cards sell for just $10 and your group keeps $5 from each card sold! It’s affordable and practical.

No gimmicks!

Each card has 14 “buy any large pizza, get a large cheese pizza FREE” deals on it. Dine-in and carryout only.

I love that the “free” pizza from LaRosa’s Buddy Card is a LARGE pizza. Otherwise, we would have to pay more for more food to feed our teenage boys.

LaRosa’s Buddy Cards are also great gifts for college students. Especially when paired with a gift card to help stretch their budget even further.

LaRosa's Buddy Card Fundraiser

What Types of Organizations Can Use the LaRosa’s Buddy Cards for a Fundraiser?

All kinds of organizations can use LaRosa’s Buddy Cards to raise funds. They can be used to fundraise for sports teams, school groups, civic organizations, uniforms, equipment, trips, and more!

Groups keep $5 from each Buddy Card sold. Buddy Cards are an effective fundraiser option because they’re simple, have high profit, and have a quick turnaround.

How Do You Start the Process for a LaRosa’s Buddy Card Fundraiser?

Organizations can request Buddy Cards by filling out LaRosa’s Buddy Card Request form. 

Fundraiser LaRosa's Buddy Card with LaRosa's Pizza

How to Use a LaRosa’s Buddy Card Online

To use your LaRosa’s Buddy Card to pick up an order or for dining in, they ask that you activate your LaRosa’s Buddy Card online first. After activating your card you can check your balance for your LaRosa’s Buddy Card online.

You also have the option to “opt-in” to receive news and offers especially for Buddy Card holders.

LaRosa’s Buddy Cards Make Fundraisers Less Stressful and More Fun for a Great Cause!

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Fundraising Made Easy With LaRosa's Buddy Cards

19 thoughts on “Fundraising Made Easy With LaRosa’s Buddy Cards”

  1. Love buddy cards. I didn’t know it was this easy to get for fundraising. I might have to look into it for Girl Scouts.

  2. I love the great value of the Buddy card! I mean who doesn’t want a free large cheese pizza especially if you have boys in your family who eat you out of house and home?!

  3. We love LaRosas chicken bacon ranch and get it about every other week! With the buddy card, we get a free cheese for the kids and the whole family is happy!! ?

  4. This is our favorite fundraiser! It’s such a good value that I don’t feel bad trying to sell them to friends.

  5. I remember using Buddy Cards for birthday parties and get togethers and such!! I mostly remember selling candy bars in grade school which always went over well and then calendars in high school which didn’t. I think selling Buddy Cards would be a good fundraiser!

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