Why Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Lesage, WV is a Restaurant to Try!

If you want a unique dining experience, you MUST check out Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Lesage near Huntington, West Virginia!

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is a great place to visit on your next road trip for great food at a one-of-a-kind Hillbilly-themed restaurant.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs in West Virginia

Hillbilly Hot Dogs has been serving up gourmet hot dogs and burgers for over 20+ years.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

The restaurant was founded in 1999 by Sonny Knight and his wife Sharie and has continued to grow in popularity over the years.

Hillbilly Express at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

This is definitely a destination that you’ll want to allow a lot of time for.

sign at Hilllbilly Hot Dogs

There is a LOT to see at every turn! In fact, most of the items that you see were donated.

Be on the lookout for witty signs throughout the complex.

map at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Hillbilly Hot Dogs has been visited by thousands of patrons from all over the world over the years.

Be prepared to wait in line if you visit at peak times, especially if you visit on a Saturday.

dine inside a school bus at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Dine Inside a School Bus at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

There are two school buses parked next to each other with areas to sit inside.

bus at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Outside there are picnic tables and deck seating above the school buses.

floral arrangements in SPAM can at Hilllbilly Hot Dogs

The floral arrangements in the SPAM cans on the tables inside the bus are a nice touch. The more closely you look around the more you’ll discover.

hot dogs at Hilllbilly Hot Dogs in Huntington WV

What’s on the Menu at Hillbilly Hot Dogs?

Hillbilly Hot Dogs offers creative hot dogs, burgers, chicken, appetizers, and even meatless options on the menu.

During our visit to Hillbilly Hotdogs, we tried the following:

  • “Whazz Up dog” made with a deep-fried weenie, chili sauce, jalapeños, habanero sauce, BBQ Sauce, nacho cheese, ranch, and shredded cheese
  • “Mothman Dog” made with a deep-fried weenie, chili sauce, 1,000 Island, 2 onion rings, and maters
  • “West Virginia Combo” with two West Virginia Dogs made with chili sauce, mustard, onions, and cole slaw, a side of fries, and bottled water.
  • Deep fried pickles
Menu at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

More Unique Menu Items at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

  • “Taco Dog” that’s made with jalapeños, nacho cheese, crushed Tostito chips, chili sauce, lettuce, diced maters, salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese. (Very popular)
  • “Egg Dog” that’s made with ketchup, nacho cheese, and scrambled egg (recommended with jalapeños and salsa.)
  • “Pizza Dog” that’s made with pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and fried pepperoni.
  • The Coal Miner that’s made with a deep-fried weenie, chili sauce, mustard, onions, and cajun seasoning.
  • “Harrison Dog” that’s made with chili sauce, nacho cheese, sauteed onions, sour cream, and bacon bits.
  • “Pine-Appalachian Dog” that’s made with bbq sauce, country ham, shredded cheese, and crushed pineapple pieces.

The Original HomeWrecker Challenge

If you’re up for an eating challenge you need to order the Homewrecker that’s 15 inches of pure beef weenie weighing a pound served with two pounds of toppings!

You have only 12 minutes to finish everything to complete the HomeWrecker Challenge.

Pictures of the winners of the HomeWrecker Challenge from the previous week are posted to their Facebook page on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Prizes for the HomeWrecker Challenge at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

If you complete the HomeWrecker Challenge you’ll receive the following:

  • Free Shirt
  • A picture on the Wall Of Fame
  • A free meal if you break the speed record (2 minutes 34 seconds as of 9/19/2018)

You Can Share the Original WidowMaker

If you want to go even bigger than the HomeWrecker, The Original WidowMaker is for you!

The Original WidowMaker is a 30-Inch, 2 Pound Weenie, with 4 pounds of toppings!

The Widowmaker is over 24 Inches long and serves 10-12 people when portioned.

Toppings on both the HomeWrecker and the WidowMaker include jalapeños, sautèed onions and green peppers, nacho cheese, habanero, Hillbilly chili sauce, mustard, slaw, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese.

line at Hillbilly Hot Dogs in West Virginia

Additional Tips Before You Visit Hillbilly Hot Dogs:

If you visit during the summer months, especially in June on a Saturday be prepared for an up to 2-hour wait.

inside Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Try to visit when they first open or closer to closing time. 2 PM tends to be a really busy time.

picnic table at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

If you are a family visiting with more than one adult and try to have one person wait in line while others look around and find seating.

The prices at Hillbilly Hot Dogs are very affordable and they also have Military and Marshall University Student Discounts.

view of the inside of the bus at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

The seats inside the school bus are pretty popular but if you want more table space I would recommend the picnic tables or seating on the upper deck.

friends inside bus at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

We started inside the bus but decided to move to the upper deck for a little more elbow room.

sign at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Parking can be limited in the lot onsite so you may need to park on the side of the road. Don’t let the parking keep you from visiting.

signs at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Don’t try to visit on Tuesday or Wednesday because they are closed but you can order online midweek during the days they are open.

line to order at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Hillbilly Hot Dog Hours

  • Monday -11am – 5pm
  • Tuesday CLOSED
  • Wednesday CLOSED
  • Thursday – Sunday -11am – 5pm
Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Hillbilly Hot Dogs Features

Hillbilly Hot Dogs has been featured on the “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” on the Food Network and “Food Paradise,” on the Travel Channel.

It was also named a “Flavortown Favorite” by Guy Fieri.

names on school bus at Hillbilly Hot Dogs in West Virginia

Leave Your Mark

Don’t forget to leave your mark and sign your name in a new place somewhere on the property each time you visit.

giant hot dog at  Hillbilly Hot Dogs

There are Sharpies available inside or you can bring your own. Just be respectful of the limited areas where they ask for you NOT to graffiti which includes the giant hot dog sign.

playhouse at  Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Bring some baby wipes and hand sanitizer. This is just my preference for eating finger foods that can make a mess. Especially if you have younger kids with you who want to touch everything.

restroom at  Hillbilly Hot Dogs

There are restrooms onsite that AREN’T an outhouse thankfully.

Sugar Shack at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Sugar Shack at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Let them know if you’re visiting Hillbilly Hot Dogs on your birthday. You’ll get a free ice cream and they’ll sing their signature Hillbilly Hot Dogs’ Birthday song to you.

Hillbilly Wedding Chapel at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Wedding Chapel at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

You can book a wedding or vow renewal ceremony at the Hillbilly Hot Dogs Weddin’ Chapel onsite.

friends in front of Hillbilly Hot Dog Sign

Get Your Digital Passport Stamped on The Huntington Hot Dog Trail

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is one of 9 hot dog stands on The Huntington Hot Dog Trail.

How The Huntington Hot Dog Trail Works

  • Sign up online to access the digital vouchers for each hot dog stand.
  • For a novelty hot dog pin, visit any of the 5 participating hot dog stands on the Huntington Hot Dog Trail and get your digital voucher validated.
  • If you’re extra ambitious visit all 9 hot dog stands and you’ll be crowned a “wiener” and receive a hot dog t-shirt.
  • * A purchase must be made at each spot to qualify and one prize is awarded per completed passport. Contact the Huntington Area CVB about your prizes after you qualify.
  • If you share your hot dog trail experience on social media using #HuntingtonHotDogTrail and every post on Instagram and Facebook will be an entry into a monthly drawing.
  • *Purchases for hot dogs and other dishes count toward completing the trail.
sign at Hilllbilly Hot Dogs

More Information on Hillbilly Hot Dogs

You can find more information and online merchandise on the Hillbilly Hot Dogs website.

van suspended in the air at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Where is Hillbilly Hot Dogs Located?

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is located at 6951 Ohio River Road Lesage, West Virginia (20 minutes from Huntington and 34 minutes from Point Pleasant)

Looking for more things to do in the area?

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