Tips For Visiting Heritage Farm in Huntington, West Virginia

Your first visit to Heritage Farm and Museum in Huntington, West Virginia can be overwhelming because there is SO MUCH to see and do!

Guests are introduced to attractions celebrating Appalachian ingenuity in various ways, including hands-on experiences.

You’ll understand why it’s truly a West Virginia hidden gem and Smithsonian affiliate when you see the extensive collection of pieces and the log structures.

The hardest part is narrowing down your options of what to see and do next.

I’m sharing tips to help you make the most of your visit to Heritage Farm.

families at  Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

This article is written in partnership with Heritage Farm. All opinions are my own.

What is Heritage Farm and Museum?

Heritage Farm and Museum helps guests experience early pioneer life through their exhibits, interactive folk crafts, artisans at work using traditional methods, and year-round events that celebrate Appalachia’s cultural heritage.

map at  Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

The mission of Heritage Farm is to be a source of hope and renewal for the Appalachian region and for guests to walk away with an appreciation for the past and an emboldened bright future.

Tips For Visiting Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

The farm museum was also featured on the “Pickin’ Perry-dise” episode of The History Channel TV show “American Pickers.”

exhibit at Heritage Farm in Huntington WV

Start at the History of Heritage Exhibit

The History of Heritage exhibit is a great place to start your visit because it will give you an excellent overview and appreciation of the vision of Mike and Henriella Perry who founded the farm and history museum.

picture of Mike and Henriella Perry at the History of Heritage Exhibit at Heritage Farm

The couple’s passion to help tell the story of Appalachian history and innovation is truly incredible with humble beginnings and lots of perseverance.

History of Heritage Exhibit at Heritage Farm

You’ll learn more about the story of the farm museum during a short film and several exhibits.

History of Heritage Exhibit at Heritage Farm

The intricate details of the model of Heritage Farm on display are worth a closer look.

Native American Exhibit at Heritage Farm

In addition to Heritage Farm’s history, a section of the exhibit honors the Native Americans who were indigenous to the area.

Audy and Henriella Perry at Heritage Farm

During our visit, we were fortunate to meet the cofounder of Heritage Farm, Henriella Perry, and her son Audy.

Audy grew up on the farm, previously practiced law for over 18 years, and returned to serve as the executive director when his father passed in 2015.

Heritage Farm continues to be a multi-generational family endeavor that includes his wife Laura and his daughter Rebecca, the farm’s Wildlife Director.

chapel at Heritage Farm

Admire the Appalachian Architecture

There are over 15 log structures onsite. The resourcefulness and innovation used for the log cabins and buildings made with hand-hewn logs are incredible.

log structures at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

For example, the Log Church was originally in Lincoln County, West Virginia, and relocated to Heritage Farm.

The structure is centrally located in the village as a reminder that faith was a big part of early Appalachian life.

curved wooden pew inside the chapel at Heritage Farm

There are so many fascinating details inside the Log Church.

Many of the pieces on display were from different denominations. We were impressed with the craftsmanship of the curved wooden pews that we hadn’t seen before.

ink press at Heritage Farm in Huntington WV

Be Curious and Ask Questions

The difference between walking by an object and taking a closer look at it is impacted by the information and the stories you learn about it.

Ask staff to tell you more about some of their favorite pieces in the museum.

The majority of the museums have opportunities for guests to interact with a piece or watch a demo of how a piece worked by the staff.

loom at Artisan Center at Heritage Farm

Learn and Shop at the Artisan Center

You’ll have a new appreciation for the craftsmanship after learning more about the labor-intensive process of making each piece from the artisans.

woman spinning wool at Heritage Farm

We enjoyed learning more about how clothing was previously made in Appalachia due to limited sources.

QR code in the Country Store at Heritage Farm

Scan the QR Codes

QR codes are located throughout the museums to help enhance your visit with additional information.

For example, in the Country Store, you’ll learn more about the backstory of the featured products and people.

App for Heritage Farm

Download the Heritage Farm App

The Heritage Farm app will help enhance your visit and provide information on the buildings in Heritage Farm Museum & Village.

The Heritage Farm App is available for both Apple and Android phones.

structures at Heritage Farm

Check the Weather Before You Go and Wear Closed-Toed Shoes

Awareness of the weather can help you make the best use of time between indoor and outdoor attractions.

playground at Heritage Farm

For example, during our two-day visit, the first day was warm and sunny and the second day the weather was colder and rainy.

We decided to focus on more outdoor adventures, animals, and attractions on the first day. The following day we saved the indoor museums for the rainy forecast.

I’ll also note that my weather app still didn’t get the weather forecast completely accurate because it didn’t tell us about the impending downpours… but you never know in the mountains.

bouldering wall at Heritage Farm

I recommend wearing comfortable closed-toed shoes because they are required for activities in Adventure Park.

They’re also more comfortable on the gravel paths and for play in the outdoor areas.

Treehouse Trek at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

Walk the Treehouse Trek

This fun outdoor adventure is located behind the Nature Center.

Guests can “choose their own adventure” path to the treehouse by traveling 60 feet high into the forest on a 750-foot series of canopy bridges.

friends on bridge at Treehouse Trek at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

There are two different canopies of bridges to choose from that come back together to meet at the Treehouse.

canopy bridge at Heritage Farm

What’s nice is that it makes it so that adults and kids can experience an adventure together even if they chose a different bridge because they both end up at the treehouse.

girl inside rope tunnel on Treehouse Trek at Heritage Farm

If you choose the more adventurous route you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to crawl through the rope net tunnel.

There is plenty of room for adults to stand as they pass through the tunnel, making it easier to follow closely behind younger kids.

Treehouse at Heritage Farm

Explore the Treehouse

You have a few educational components and a photo opp inside the treehouse.

Bird wall inside Treehouse at Heritage Farm

Make sure that you check out the wall that has a number assigned to each bird.

Select a number on the device and you can hear the sound of that specific bird.

 view of Heritage Farm from Treehouse Trek

Guests can enjoy the views of the farm from the treehouse. Several binoculars are available for guests to look closer at the surrounding nature.

eagles nest on Treehouse Trek at Heritage Farm

After you walk through the treehouse you’ll want to stop and enjoy the views from the Eagle’s nest that’s the same size as an average eagle’s nest.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground there is a 1.5-mile ground-level footpath trail to explore.

blacksmith at Heritage Farm

Watch a Demo in The Blacksmith Shop

You can watch a demonstration in a blacksmithing style used from 1750-1850. You’ll definitely have a new appreciation for the time and skill that goes into making knives and tools.

menu items from Village Vittles at Heritage Farm

Enjoy an Affordable Meal at Village Vittles

There are plenty of Appalachian food favorites to choose from on the menu at Village Vittles.

I recommend the pepperoni rolls, beans & cornbread, and mac and cheese topped with barbecue.

picnic shelter at Heritage Farm

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and drinks except alcohol but honestly, the prices are so affordable it’s much easier to just eat at Village Vittles.

Seating is available at the picnic shelter steps away from the walk-up window.

 outdoor exhibits at Heritage Farm

Overview of Museums at Heritage Farm

There are 7 museums for guests to explore at Heritage Farm.

Progress Museum at Heritage Farm

Progress Museum

One of the points that Audy shared with us was that the Appalachians understood their environment better than we do today.

For example, Audy shared that the trees in the area that the early settlers had to cut down would have been 18 feet in diameter!

That created a large stump in the ground and they placed feed on the tree stumps for wild hogs to eat.

The wild hogs gradually removed the stump over time while they were enjoying a free meal.

exhibit of Appalachian home in 1900s at Heritage Farm

In the museum, the contrasting difference between an 1850s Appalachian home evolving to the progressions over a century is pretty astounding.

Artisan Guild Print Shop at Heritage Farm

Highlights of this museum include the fully functional Artisan Guild Print Shop, a working mini amusement park repurposed from tin cans, a model train display, and an 1865 zoetrope by Milton Bradley.

hand press at Heritage Farm

Transportation Museum

You can see how transportation has evolved in the Transporation Museum.

Transportation museum at Heritage Farm

This museum showcases frontier wagons, antique cars, model trains, and more!

Country Store Museum Heritage Farm in Huntington West Virginia

Country Store Museum

You’ll find an assortment of fascinating items that would have been found inside an early Appalachian-era version of a general store.

Humprhrey's Remedies in the Country Store at Heritage Farm

Be on the lookout for the pieces within the general store that strike your curiosity to ask staff about.

We found many of the objects in the store interesting including the old-fashioned remedies, clothing from that era including a woman’s bathing suit, and various products that demonstrated how vacuum cleaners evolved over the years.

Bowes Doll and Carriage Museum

Bowes Doll and Carriage Museum

Inside this museum, you’ll find one of the nation’s largest private collections of dolls, carriages, and accessories donated by Don and Connie Bowes.

Bowes Doll and Carriage Museum at Heritage Farm

Fun fact: Connie Bowes and her mother made 80% of the porcelain dolls on display at the museum.

Bowes Doll and Carriage Museum at Heritage Farm

The stories from the guide about the pieces in the curated scenes of the walk-through life-size dollhouse are really intriguing.

The evolution of carriage design is fascinating as functional art that includes 3 strollers that date back to pre-Civil War.

Children’s Activity Museum at Heritage Farm

Children’s Activity Museum

Kids can engage with pioneer activities through play in the Children’s Activity Museum.

classroom play area in Children's Activity Museum at Heritage Farm

You’ll definitely want to allow time for kids to play make-believe in the themed rooms in the museum.

cow in Children's Activity Museum at Heritage Farm

Don’t forget to milk the cow while you’re in there and be ready with a camera for their reaction!

Schoolhouse Museum at Heritage Farm

Schoolhouse Museum

You can envision what school was like for students in mountain communities, ages 6-13 in a one-room schoolhouse with one teacher.

The schoolhouse you see was moved from another county in West Virginia and was restored to its original condition. It resides at the precise former location of Ratcliff School.

Several older guests have visited Heritage Farm who’ve enjoyed recalling their memories at one of the two schoolhouses it represents.

Heritage Museum at Heritage Farm

Heritage Museum

*The Heritage Museum is only open during festivals.

You can see the “Original Collection” of early Appalachian artifacts from the early years of Heritage Farm.

Special Events at Heritage Farm and Museum in 2024

  • May 4th, Spring Festival
  • July 6th, Summer Festival
  • September 28th – Fall Festival
  • December 6,7,13,14 – Christmas Village (5 pm – 9 pm) *This event typically sells out in October
mural on barn at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

Where to See Animals at Heritage Farm

There are several areas where guests can view animals at Heritage Farm.

turtle at Nature Center at Heritage Farm

Nature Center

The Nature Center’s theme is “An Appalachian Backyard Experience” designed to be a “living classroom” where guests can learn about the wildlife of Appalachia by viewing live animals in their habitats.

 Nature Center at Heritage Farm

Animal highlights at The Nature Center include a variety of snakes and turtles.

Critter Corner petting zoo at Heritage Farm

Critter Corner Petting Zoo

Animal lovers will want to stop at the Critter Corner Petting Zoo. You can see bunnies, pigs, goats, turtles, a pony, a llama, a possum, and alpacas.

goats at Heritage Farm

Staff will also share how animals contributed to everyday farm life. Several of the animals at the farm are rescues that now help with the education program.

Wagon Ride at Heritage Farm

Wagon Ride at Heritage Farm

The wagon ride allows guests to view animals on the farm that aren’t accessible to walk to.

elk at Heritage Farm

Animal highlights on the wagon ride include elk, sheep, and highland cattle.

Maker Space at Heritage Farm

Create at the Maker Space

This is a nice area to take a break and be creative with self-guided making. There are several STEM activities for kids to enjoy.

Adults will love going down memory lane with the “Generations” murals displaying pop culture icons and references from 1940-2009.

The Maker Space is also a great place to take a break from the heat on a warm summer day and enjoy a seat in the air conditioning.

Six Simple Machines Discovery Zone

Six Simple Machines Discovery Zone

Kids can learn about the foundation of mechanics through purposeful play.

Six Simple Machines Discovery Zone at Heritage Farm

The 6 Simple Machines showcases the innovation in the following mechanisms:

  • Pulley
  • Wheel & Axel
  • Inclined Plane
  • Lever
  • Wedge
  • Screw

Kids will learn six types of mechanisms and their connection to everyday items used today.

Conway Homestead at Heritage Farm

Conway Homestead

This pioneer homestead cabin was a set location for the documentary “America’s Greatest Feud: Hatfield McCoys” on The History Channel.

 Visitor Center at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

Save Time for the Gift Shop & Soda Fountain Inside the Visitors Center

You’ll want to save a few minutes at the end of your day for time to explore the gift shop or enjoy a root beer float inside the Visitor Center.

gift shop inside Visitor Center at Heritage Farm

You’ll find an assortment of apparel, art, home decor, and more.

Heritage Farm in Huntington West Virginia

Extend Your Visit to Heritage Farm

If you want to explore all the museums and activities and try the outdoor adventures I recommend visiting for two days.

Heritage Farm in Huntington West Virginia

When is Heritage Farm Open to the General Public?

For the 2024 Season, the regular operating hours are May 2 – Nov. 2 on Thursdays-Saturdays from 10am-3pm.

*Heritage Farm is closed August 18-31.

train display at Heritage Farm in Huntington West Virginia

What Does General Admission to Heritage Farm Include?

Admission to Heritage Farm includes access to the following:

  • Museums
  • Artisans
  • Petting Zoo
  • Nature Center
  • Treehouse Walk
  • Wagon Ride & More
girl grooming pony at Heritage farm

Special Experiences at Heritage Farm and Museum

You can choose from the following special experiences at Heritage Farm for an additional fee:

  • General Guided Museum Tour
  • Barnyard Basics
  • Family Guided Museum Tour
  • Theme Guided Museum Tour
  • Blacksmith Basics
TalithaKoum at Heritage Farm

Outdoor Adventures at the Adventure Park

The following adventures are available at The Adventure Park for an additional fee:

  • RedTail Racers Dualing Zipline
  • TalithaKoum Aerial Adventure Course
  • Combo: RTR and TaK
  • Wilder’s Zip-n-Climb
  • Holler Hauler Ride
  • Mountain Rim Bike Park
  • Holler Hauler Bike Transport
train display at Heritage Farm

Where is the Heritage Farm and Museum Located?

Heritage Farm and Museum is at 3300 Harvey Road, Huntington, West Virginia.

log cabin at Heritage Farm

Stay in a Cabin Onsite

There are 4 unique lodging properties with modern amenities onsite for your overnight stay at Heritage Farm.

  • Barn Retreat Center – Original 1800s, 9000-square-foot Dairy Barn that sleeps up to 40 and has a full kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 12 showers, 12 toilets, and 16 sinks.
  • Blackberry Inn – 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, and full kitchen. *Closest rental to the outdoor pool that’s open seasonally.
  • Hollyberry Inn – lodging for up to 8 people, 4 bedrooms with 4 full beds, 3 bathrooms, full kitchen,
  • Strawberry Inn – 2 bedrooms (5 full beds), 3 bathrooms, washer/dryer, HVAC, full kitchen, 

*All Heritage Farm rentals include complimentary day passes to Heritage Farm for each guest!

Blackberry Inn at Heritage Farm

Our Stay at the Blackberry Inn

During our visit, we stayed at the Blackberry Inn for 2 nights.

primary room in Blackberry Inn at Heritage Farm

One large bedroom is on the first floor with a private full bathroom.

Blackberry Inn at Heritage Farm

The upstairs has one large bedroom with 3 full-sized beds.

There are 2 additional full-sized bathrooms close to the bottom of the staircase.

family room in Blackberry Inn at Heritage Farm

The family room has a fireplace, couches, chairs, and another dining table with chairs for additional dining or playing games.

kitchen in Blackberry Inn at Heritage Farm

The full kitchen has all the basics to prepare a meal during your stay.

outdoor pool near Blackberry Inn at Heritage Farm

*This cabin is the closest rental to the outdoor inground pool for guests to use that’s open seasonally.

Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV

Find Out More About Heritage Farm

You can learn more about Heritage Farm from their website.

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