How to Make Shopping With Your Teenager More Enjoyable

Back to School shopping with your teenager can be really stressful, but you can actually make it enjoyable by using these tips.

Establish your clothing needs before you go

Have your teenager go through their closet and make a pile of anything that is too small or that they won’t wear anymore.

If they won’t wear it, there is no point in having it take up space.

Pass on what you can to younger siblings, consign the nicer items, and donate the rest. (Many non-profits can recycle stained clothing and make money)

Keep Track of Current Sizes and Needs in the notes on your Phone

This tip will make your life so much easier. Add their shoe size, shirt, and pant size along with any immediate wardrobe needs in the notes of your phone.

Set a budget

Communication is key. Be upfront about the budget and give your teenager the freedom to make their purchases. Help them understand that when the money is gone, it’s gone.

My son had a $100 gift card to use at Liberty Center. What was nice about the gift card is that it was in his hands and he also knew that it wasn’t unlimited.

I think it’s a different mentality when they see your purchase with a credit card.

Dicks sporting Goods Liberty Center

Bring coupons for your teenager’s favorite stores

Check online for deals and don’t forget any of the coupons you get by mail.

We took advantage of several coupons that we received in the mail for Dick’s Sporting Goods that stretched our budget even further during our visit to Liberty Center. 

Kona Grill

Eat before you start

Start your shopping trip with good food and conversation. You will be more relaxed before you start and you won’t lose your concentration because you are so hungry.

My son’s favorite food is sushi. I decided to make our shopping date a little more special by taking him to Kona Grill for the first time.

Shopping at Liberty Center

Try to shop with your kids individually

Shopping with your teenager one-on-one creates a totally different dynamic. You can enjoy a more focused shopping experience….without the stress of fighting siblings.

Foot Locker at Liberty Center

Save your personal shopping for another trip

I know that it’s so much easier to multitask, but this is the time to focus on your teenager and visit the stores that they like.

Your shopping adventure can go south really quickly if you are dragging your teenager to multiple stores that they have no interest in. Be prepared to browse at lots of stores with shoes too.

Back to school shopping

Go on a day when you won’t be rushed

I’ll admit that a lot of the stress created during our previous shopping trips came from trying to cram in too much into too little time.

Sometimes you can’t avoid it but if possible, go shopping on a day when you don’t have obligations afterward.

Remember to enjoy the moment

Teenage years go by so fast, try to remember to pause a enjoy the moments.

Check out all of the stores for your teenager to choose from at Liberty Center Liberty Center

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Liberty Center. All opinions are my own. 

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How to make back to school shopping with your teenager more enjoyable

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