Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Love Language

Mother’s Day can be a mix of emotions. It can be a day full of hopeful expectations… that can sometimes turn into disappointing letdowns.

A big part of making Mother’s Day special for the special mom in your life is to plan ahead and know her love language.

I’m sharing practical tips to help you identify great Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms for each love language.

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If you are unfamiliar with the term “love languages” they are based on a book written by Dr. Gary Chapman titled “The 5 Love Languages.”

We each have love languages that make us feel most loved. If you are curious about what your love language is, you can take the love language quiz to find out. 

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What Are The 5 Love Languages?

The 5 Love Languages Are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

My Mother’s Days over the years have been a mix. Quality time is my primary love language so I want to spend time together with my family doing something fun (with minimal complaining.)

Mother’s Day is also very bittersweet for me because it’s a reminder that my mom is no longer here. As more time goes by I want to preserve her memory and not forget all of the little things about her. 

A Mother's Legacy Book

My dad tried to fill out some of the pages in my mom’s legacy book for her during the final weeks before her death. I really wish that I would have asked her to fill out a book like this with me while she was healthy.

The answers to those questions would be even more valuable now that I can’t ask her questions whenever I want to. My dad is still alive and has already filled a lot of his legacy book, which I’m grateful for. 

I also encourage you to ask your parents and record these life interview questions by Brendon Burchard.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Love Language

Have Realistic Mother’s Day Expectations

If you are a mom and want to enjoy Mother’s Day without big disappointments I think that it helps if you try to keep your expectations low and realistic.

Sometimes we build up the “perfect Mother’s Day” in our minds and the reality can often be really disappointing, especially if we fail to recognize the little moments that make it special. 

Let’s be honest- No day in motherhood is ever perfect so why would you expect it to be extra perfect on Mother’s Day??!! 

My kids will still bicker with each other regardless of the day, so why put that extra pressure on a Hallmark holiday?

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Moms Need to Communicate What They Want for Mother’s Day

Moms –Our loved ones can’t read our minds and it’s unfair to them if we don’t communicate to them what we want. 

When they ask you what you want to do for Mother’s Day BE SPECIFIC. You can even give them three options to choose from to make it easier for them if they want to surprise you.

If your ideal Mother’s Day is to:

  • Share a meal that you didn’t cook and then have the afternoon to yourself- TELL THEM! 
  • Spend the day together outdoors on a hike, bike, or kayak ride- TELL THEM
  • Get homemade cards and crafts – TELL THEM
  • Work in the garden- TELL THEM
  • Just spend time together -TELL THEM
  • Spend time relaxing by yourself for a few hours – TELL THEM
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So how do you figure out what your mom’s love language is? 

We tend to give love the way we want to receive love.

Does your mom…

  •  write you meaningful and encouraging notes?
  •  give you thoughtful gifts related to your hobbies?
  •  do things for you?
  •  try to create memories with you by spending intentional time together?
  •  hug you a lot?

Think about how your mom shows love to you and what she enjoys doing when she has free time for hints for her special gift.

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Gift Ideas for Mom with Each Love Language

Words of Affirmation

  • Handwritten cards
  • Write one thing you love about your mom on a balloon and fill the room with them
  • Books
  • Make a video with loved ones sharing why your mom is so special to them.
  • Legacy Book
  • Memory Journal
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  • Themed Subscription box (Clothing, Specialty Foods-Coffee/Wine, Gardening, Art, Beauty, Books)
  • Special events or tours (Concerts, shows, Wine tasting, tours)
  • Gift Card to her favorite store
  • Significant moment gift– highlighting special dates and people
  • Homemade Gifts
  • Her favorite perfume, wine, favorite snacks or food, flowers, print of a photo from a special vacation
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Acts of Service

  • Breakfast in Bed – don’t forget to clean up the mess from breakfast
  • Clean the house without being asked
  • Do a task that she doesn’t like to do without being asked
  • Cook and clean after the meals
  • Take care of the kids ALL day (diapers, meals, cleanups, etc)
  • Help in the garden/landscaping
  • Massage
  • Cleaning service
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Quality Time

  • Plan a family day – special meal, outdoor adventure, get together
  • Schedule a Zoom call with friends and family
  • Purchase an experience gift for a later time to share together
    • Spa Day
    • Food Tour
    • Weekend Getaway
    • Roadtrip
  • One on One scheduled time
  • Meaningful Conversation cards
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Physical Touch

I hope that this article gave you some ideas to get started.

If my kids or husband are reading this looking for ideas, I don’t want to cook or clean all day and I want to share an outdoor adventure with you.

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