Don’t Miss the Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck at Stanbery Park

I originally found out about the Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck from a friend’s Instagram post many years ago.

After Halloween, everyone always has lots of pumpkins around, and what better way to get rid of them than launching them across a field with a catapult!

I immediately knew that our family would want to experience this adventure for ourselves! The event has continued to grow in popularity over the years as it’s entering its 17th year.

catapults  for Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

What is the Pumpkin Chuck?

The Pumpkin Chuck is a festival in the fall that takes place the Saturday after Halloween.

The main attraction of the event is launching leftover pumpkins from Halloween into a field from one of the trebuchets on the top of a hill in the park.

When is the Pumpkin Chuck?

The Pumpkin Chuck is on Saturday, Nov 4, 2023, from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

pumpkins for Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

How much is the Pumpkin Chunk to Attend?

The Pumpkin Chuck Festival is free to attend and takes place rain or shine.

Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

How Much is it to Chuck a Pumpkin?

You have two options for launching your pumpkins this year at Pumpkin Chuck.

The first is a donation of $5 plus your leftover pumpkin to pull the rope and launch a gourd.

The second option is a donation of $15 plus your leftover Very Important Pumpkin to pull the rope and launch your own gourd.

*There is a limit for either option at three pumpkins per family.

The pumpkins are launched from three trebuchets that are affectionately known as “Treb One,” “Baby Treb,” and “The Trebinator.” 

The fee is definitely worth it to watch your pumpkin get launched across the field to its doom. It’s a better ending for your pumpkin rather than decaying on your front porch.

pumpkin in the sky from Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

My boys loved watching their pumpkins fly across the field and made a competition of whose pumpkin went farther.

targets at Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

Each pumpkin is marked with a number. You wait to hear your number called, and then you can pull the string to catapult your pumpkin.

pumpkin Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

Just know that you might feel a little bad if you launch your pumpkin and it has googly eyes or a big smile on its face. 

Check out this video from a previous year.

Our family had a great time, and I see why families make this an annual tradition. 

You don’t want to miss out on this fun and family-friendly after-Halloween adventure! 

pumpkin games at Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

Enjoy the Fall Festival Activities at Pumpkin Chuck

There is a free fall festival featuring games, food, beer, and great local music at the park too.

Don’t forget to bring your Halloween pumpkins to launch with a trebuchet over Stanbery Park Hill.

band at Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

What’s New This Year at Pumpkin Chuck?

This year the food vendors will be using compostable containers and utensils. There will be special receptacles around the park for composting and recycling.

pumpkins at Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

Where is the Pumpkin Chuck located?

The Pumpkin Chuck is located at Stanbery Park, 2221 Oxford Ave, Cincinnati, OH.

Additional Information About Stanbery Park

Stanbery Park is a 125-acre park that’s located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati. The park has play areas, a pavilion, and picnic tables for guests to use.

Stanbery Park has several hiking trails to choose from:

  • Shoop Trail – 1.3 miles
  • Little Miami Trail – 1.1 miles
  • Hiking Trail – .11 miles

Stanbery Park is also known as one of Cincinnati’s premier sledding hills in the winter.

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Don't miss the Mt. Washington Pumpkin Chuck

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