Reasons why you need to stop at the original Tony Packo’s in Toledo

When I was researching places to visit in Toledo, Ohio, Tony Packo’s was #1 on the list. Why?

Tony Packo's

I was intrigued to know more about a restaurant that showcased buns signed by celebrities on the wall. Buns? Yes, hot dogs buns covering every wall from Presidents to astronauts and even Mr. T!

The very first signed bun was by Burt Reynolds, after that a new tradition was formed for each celebrity who walked through the doors. Tony Packo’s was also mentioned in 6 episodes of M*A*S*H by Toledo native Jamie Farr, who played Maxwell Klinger in the television show.

Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 13
Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 5
Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 9

It’s really interesting to observe the fascinating collection of celebrities whose buns grace the walls.

Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 14
Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 8
Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's
Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 6

There are only two remaining hot dog buns from the original collection. You can view Jimmy Carter’s original signed hot dog bun on the wall. The other hot dog buns from the 1970s disintegrated over time. The over 500+ other signed buns on the wall are custom artificial buns.

Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 10
Bun wall of fame Tony Packo's 11

The boys and I were treated to Hungarian hospitality by Tony Packo Jr. himself during our visit.

Tony Packo Jr.

We enjoyed Tony Packo’s Original Hot Dogs (Hungarian hot dog -sausage with chili), Original Fried Pickles and Peppers, Chili Cheese Fries, Stuffed Cabbage, Chicken Paprikas, Mac N’ Cheese, Apple Strudel and Chocolate Chip Cookies with ice cream.  Tony Packo’s is known for their pickles and their chili that has a little kick to it.

Our Hungarian feast made for wonderful leftovers the following day. (The lighting for the pictures didn’t do them justice)

Tony Packo's 4
Tony Packo's 3
Tony Packo's 8
Tony Packo's 9
Tony Packo's 10
Tony Packo's 2

After our visit, we enjoyed eating several items from the restaurant store.

Tony Packo's box

The pickle popcorn is extremely unique but I kind of liked it. It’s definitely an acquired taste but you can sample it in the gift shop.

Tony Packo's pickle popcorn

We also enjoyed several jars of the specialty pickles along with the hot dog chili.

Tony Packo's gift package

Tony Packo’s has a fun atmosphere and food. You can add trying to get your name added to the bun wall of fame to your life goals.

Tony Packo's 11

Find out for yourself why locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting this restaurant.

Tony Packo's 6

You can find out more about Tony Packo’s from their website.

Tony Packo's

The Original Tony Packo’s is located 1902 Front Street, Toledo, OH 43605.

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  1. Tony Packos in Toledo is an amazing standout, the original on Front St. Is still the best!
    Great review btw!

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