A Relaxing Afternoon at Jane’s Saddlebag

Jane’s Saddlebag in Union, Kentucky is a local destination that has been on my list for a while to check out.

My boys and I finally made it there during a free farm tour event that allowed visitors to learn more about each of the farms in the area.

barn with signs at Jane's Saddlebag in Union KY

This farm turned out to be so much more of a local gem than I expected it to be! It’s also a perfect additional stop during a scenic drive to Rabbit Hash.

They offer something for the whole family but it’s also a nice destination for a relaxing date or an afternoon with friends.

cornhole at Jane's Saddlebag

Family-friendly Activities at Jane’s Saddlebag

Kids will enjoy the petting zoo, playland, Kid Village, and Hayrides.

child playing a sand box filled with corn kernels
Jane's Saddlebag 31
goat slide at Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo

Visit the Petting Zoo

The property at Jane’s Saddlebag is large enough to have lots to do but small enough that you can still keep an eye on your kids.

Kid Village

Explore the Kids Village

Younger kids will love using their imagination in the Kids Village area at Jane’s Saddlebag.

Kid Village
Jane's Saddlebag 16

The Kids Village has several different themed buildings that are also great for pictures. 

A few of themed buildings are a chapel, auto garage, Indian longhouse, and jail.

Jane's Saddlebag 33
dessert at Jane's Saddlebag

Delicious Meal at Jane’s Saddlebag Restaurant

If you are hungry or thirsty, Jane’s Saddlebag has you covered.

Jane’s Saddlebag restaurant menu includes an assortment of classic and comfort foods and a long list of delicious desserts.

During our visit, one of the owners from Jane’s Saddlebag gave us an Apple Blossom to try (apple pie wrapped in a pastry served warm with ice cream and topped with Marker’s Mark Bourbon Carmel sauce.)

Jane's Saddlebag 12

Yes, it was even more AMAZING in person.  I highly recommend that you get one when you visit too!

Everything is made in house at affordable prices.

Jane's Saddlebag 25

I was given one of Jane’s Saddlebag seasonings to try out. I’ve been using their seasoning on my chicken ever since and it tastes great.

Jane's Whine Shoppe

Wine Tasting at Jane’s Whine Shoppe

If you are thirsty for an adult beverage I recommend trying the wine slushies. They also carry an assortment of wine or beer.

Jane's Whine Shoppe

Why is it Called Jane’s Saddlebag?

So where does the name come from?

Janes Saddlebag 14 e1504977574972

Notice the two red doors in the image below?

Jane was the owner’s grandmother and  “saddlebag” was the style of home with two doors. The structure was later refurbished to become Jane’s Saddlebag.

Historic Smokehouse

The property also has history on display with a Historic Smokehouse and a replica flatboat that would have been used to transport pioneers on the nearby Ohio River in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Pioneer Flatboat Replica

Jane’s Saddlebag had lots of areas that are perfect for photo ops. It’s conveniently located less than 4 miles from Big Bone Lick State Park.

Jane's Saddlebag 4
Wyatt's General Store

Jane’s Saddlebag is the perfect destination for an afternoon drive. I’m definitely looking forward to going back.

Jane’s Saddlebag offers special events all year so make sure that you check their website for upcoming events. (Bluegrass, Kids, Wine, Car Festivals, etc.)

You can find out more about Jane’s Saddlebag from their website. 

Jane's Saddlebag 5

Jane’s Saddlebag is located at 13989 Ryle Rd, Union, KY 41091.

A relaxing afternoon at Jane's Saddlebag

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  1. I looked on their website and I didn’t see prices. I typically don’t put prices in my posts because they can change. I would suggest calling ahead to get a ballpark on pricing. Here is their number (859)384-6617.

  2. I have groupons for Jane’s saddlebag . As I looked at the menu I noticed no prices . Feeding 6 people (esp two people who eat like 4 ) I would like the know the food price range …the burgers etc . Can you help me out ?

  3. Janes Saddlebag is a waste of time and driving. I had the worst salad I’ve ever had, with frozen/reheated chicken and yellow lettuce, the burgers are disgusting. The wine shop is pretty, the gift shop is simply 30ways to put their logo on things. Nothing else in there. But the worst was the “petting zoo”. Mistreated, very dirty goats standing in mounds of their own feces with no one to clean it up. We went on a Sunday in June and there was no one there. Gee, I wonder why. Can’t understand all the BS about this lazy, silly place. Don’t make this trip……not woth it.

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