Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout Clothes

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout Clothes

I have to start out with a confession. I work at a gym a few hours a week and I have a hard time getting back to the gym to actually work out. The pounds have been creeping back on and stretchy pants have been my wardrobe of choice for about a year now. That needs to change. Not only because I have a lot of amazing clothes that no longer fit, but also because I need to take better care of my health for myself and my family. So if I talk to you about it here, it will make me more accountable to you about starting to do something about it.

One of the first places that you start when getting back into shape is evaluating your workout clothes. It’s a lot more motivating to go to the gym or to workout when you have an outfit you are looking forward to wearing. I chose several different pieces from Dick’s Sporting Goods that I knew could be staples in my fitness wardrobe.

6 Workout Basics1. Pick colors that you feel good in. One of the tops that I picked out from North Face is a color that I always tend to feel good in when I wear it.

2. Wear clothes that flatter the size you are NOW.  Of course I want to be in a lower size, but if I feel unattractive, or like a stuffed sausage in workout clothes, it tends to make me feel more down on myself verses motivating me to get better.

Dick's Sporting Goods

3. Pick pieces that you can mix and match. I picked out 2 tank tops (1 Gray Under Armour tank, 1 Black Nike tank), 1 Blue Northface shirt, 2 Reebok capri workout pants, and 1 pair of Black Nike running shorts which gives me 8 different combination outfits.

6 Basic Pieces 8 Workout Outfits

4. Try everything on! Brand sizing can look different so try it on to save time in the long run.

5. Pick what you like. The womens department at Dick’s Sporting Goods gave me LOTS of options to choose from. It’s ok to mix brands if you want to. I found pieces that I liked from a variety of brands and I’m ok with that.

Dick's Sporting Goods 3

6. Check online for discount coupons. Save more and you can spend more.

7. Invest in quality pieces that will last longer.

8. Your workout clothes can also pull double duty for adventures. I wore one of my workout combos when I tried SkyRobics for the 1st time.

SkyRobics 4

I’ve also recently tested my outfits on several roadtrips, at Slide the City and while doing all of the outdoor activities at Ober Gatlinburg.

Slide the City

Ober Gatlinburg

Ready to add to your fitness wardrobe?

I’ve been given a $25 Gift Card to Dick’s Sporting Goods to Giveaway!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinons are my own. 

15 thoughts on “Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout Clothes”

  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and give us some tips and these tips really work for me when I’ll buy workout clothes.

  2. I’m trying to lose the baby weight from kid #2 so I would love to be able to get some new workout gear!

  3. I want to win bc I will be heading back to my workouts soon after having baby #2 and a new outfit would be great motivation!

  4. Great ideas. I started working out and eating healthier about 4 months ago and have lost 32lbs. I feel great. But I only bought a couple pairs of workout pants and wear old t shirts. Its time to pick out some nice tops too. Fitness is a long term lifestyle. Not a short term fad.

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