Sideline Essentials for Sports Parents

Sideline Essentials for Sports Parents

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As a sports mom,  I spend A LOT of time on the bleachers watching my two boys play multiple sports. If your kids play sports, you might as well come prepared to make the experience more enjoyable. Here are a few sports parent essentials to bring to your next game.

The Basics

*Comfortable bleacher chair

Trust me on this! I’ve suffered enough years on the sidelines without one. Every game I would say I need one, and every game I would suffer on a bleacher without one.

The image below is a result of hours of sitting on a hard, cold, bleacher with no bleacher seat. Sports parents know what it’s like when you have to arrive an hour before the game or if your kid plays for more than one team in one day which can lead to HOURS on the sideline.

The team photographer took this picture during my son’s football game and captioned it. It’s too funny not to share and serves as a great reminder to pack a bleacher seat!

fans on a bleacher

I tested this Bleacherback Stadium seat and I’m equal parts excited about using it at an upcoming game and equal parts mad at myself for waiting this long to get one. It was really comfortable, lightweight to carry with a strap, and easy to attach to the bleacher. I liked that it wasn’t bulky but still offered great backrest support.

comfortable bleacher seat

Snacks– I like protein bars because they are filling and don’t take up a lot of room in my purse. Trail mix is another filling protein.

Portable Phone Charger– You don’t want to run out of batteries while recording a game or taking pictures.

Extra water bottles -My kids tend to misplace a few bottles a season. Writing their name on their bottle helps but it’s always good to have one handy in your vehicle just in case.


Headbands– This is a simple way to show team spirit when your kids are on teams with multiple colors. I found an Under Armour multipack of headbands that had several basic colors that would go with most teams . In the fall, there is always a pink out for breast cancer awareness and the other colors in my pack are neutral enough for the other games. Headbands are also helpful to keep your hair out of your face on a windy day.

Pink headband


Air freshener– This is for your vehicle after the game. If you have ever driven the carpool with middle school boys after a warm day, you will understand me on this one!

Additional items for an Outdoor Game

Umbrella – great for a hot sunny day to keep the sun off you or for a rainy one

Blanket– Cover up or make some friends on the bleachers by claiming an area.



Drinks – Depending on the temperatures a warm or cold drink makes a big difference


Warm Socks – If your feet are cold, you are likely to be miserable a lot faster.




Noisemaker- Because we all need more cow bell in our lives

Camping Chair – Great for fields without bleachers

I found the items below at DICK’s Sporting Goods ®. You can find a great selection of the sports parent essentials that I listed above offered at a store near you or online. 

Sideline essentials



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