Tips for Attending the All-Star Fanfest


Tips for Attending the All-Star Fanfest

1. Park near Washington Park and take the free shuttle to Duke Energy Convention Center.

free shuttle

The traffic is less congested there and it’s also easier to get back on the expressway from that location.

2. Bring sealed bottled water and plan your meals ahead of time.

All-Star Fanfest 10

I recommend eating right before you go and then having a strategy for your other meals if you are budget conscious. There are concessions inside that provide a lot of options. We were able to split a large loaded nacho for $8 that was filling and my kids each got the kid nachos for $3.

3. Pre register online for your waiver to participate in activities and activate your registration as soon as you get there. T Mobile Customers can also get a bracelet to jump the line for the activities.

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4. Start at the top floor and work your way down.

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There is so much to do on the bottom floor that you might not make it to the other floors otherwise. You will need to pace your kids to allow enough time for them to try all of the kids activities.

5. Bring a bag or get a free one from one of the sponsors to put all of your swag in.

You are given A LOT of stuff at this event.

6. Take advantage of all of the free photo opps

All-Star Fanfest 5

7. Bring anything that you would want signed but check the website to make sure it’s within the guidelines.

All-Star Fanfest 3

8. Allow for lots of time to see everything.

All-Star Fanfest 2

All-Star Fanfest

Our family spent HOURS at Fanfest and could have stayed even longer if we didn’t have time constraints that day.


The All-Star Fanfest really is a great event, even if you are not a huge baseball fan. There is something for everyone there.


You can find out more about the All-Star Fanfest from the MLB website.


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Duke Energy Convention Center is located at 525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.


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  1. This looks awesome! Looks like you had a good time. We went downtown on Sunday and just walked around – we didn’t research anything going on before going. This would have been fun. Instead we stumbled upon the Bourbon festival in Newport.

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