Tom + Chee = ♥


One of the items on my list this year was to eat at a “Man vs. Food Nation” restaurant.  We love when we get the chance to sample a restaurant featured on the Food Network.  I saw the “Man vs. Food Nation- Cincinnati edition” episode featuring “Tom + Chee” and knew I had to check it out for myself the next time we were in town.

What could be better than a place dedicated to taking a twist on everyone’s favorite comfort food, grilled cheese?

Tom + Chee is the place for all things grilled and greasy in a good way.  You can couple your sandwich with a dipper of soup to dunk your sandwich in and you are in complete bliss.  Actually, the bliss comes from trying one of the grilled donut desserts.

Tom + Chee

There are A LOT of creative combinations listed on the menu board to try from.  They also have different daily creatively named and combos of sandwich choices.

Your bread options are white, wheat, rye, sourdough, or glazed donut.  You also have 9 different types of cheeses to chose from.

I decided on the “Man vs. Food” choice of the “Armagoetta.”   The “Armagoetta” uses goetta, which is a breakfast sausage popular in the Cincinnati area that blends pork shoulder, steel-cut oats, and spices.  (One piece of dark rye toast + one piece of sourdough+  goetta + pepper jack cheese + hot peppers + fried onions + sweet hot mustard )

Tom + Chee

It was everything I hoped it would be. I love spicy food and this was the perfect choice.

Tom + Chee

My husband got the “Bacon and Blue” ( Bacon + Blue cheese +  mozzarella + Sourdough) with a tomato soup dipper.

Tom + Chee

My oldest son got the BLT + Chee  minus the tomato ( Bacon + Lettuce + Cheddar + White)

Tom + Chee

My other son ordered the Mac and Chee sandwich.

Tom + Chee

We could not leave without trying a dessert, stuffed grilled donut. The hardest part was picking out which one off the menu….so I chose two.  

We split two grilled donuts between 7 people so that each of us got to try a taste of each one. First, the “Blueberry Bleu” ( blueberries compote + mozzarella + bleu cheese + was with blueberries and was featured on “Man vs. Food Nation” and the second one combined Andes thin mints and strawberries.


Both grilled donuts were AMAZING!  This is definitely a place to visit in moderation.  If you are really disciplined,  you could order a salad ……..but why would you do that?

The food is reasonably priced and offers self serve fountain drinks.  No waiter, just get your food order number to place on your table.

If you want to try some grilled chee amazingness – check out Tom + Chee.  They currently have three locations in the Cincinnati/ Northern KY metro area.  Be on the look for their upcoming expansion to a few new cities too.

4 thoughts on “Tom + Chee = ♥”

  1. What fun to go to a restaurant featured on Man vs food! That show completely disgusts me and fascinates me at the same time. That dude is nuts lol I didn’t realize this restaurant was so close!

  2. I love goetta! If I wasn’t on the road to Louisville right now I would head over to Newport right now–it looks so yummy! My husband has heard it is really good, too. Definitely will have to stop there.

  3. We had a great experience! Let me know when you expand to other cities so that I can help spread the word.

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