Unique Places to Dine in Louisville, Kentucky

unique places to dine in Louisville Kentucky

A big part of the travel experience when you visit a city is the food.

I’m sharing several fun places to eat in Louisville, Kentucky during your next visit.

Wild Eggs

Breakfast of Champions

The fantastic breakfast, brunch, lunch options, and EGG-cellent decor..sorry, I couldn’t help it due to all of the great egg shapes throughout the restaurant, that make Wild Eggs a MUST stop during a visit to Louisville.

When I eat breakfast I’m always conflicted because I love savory AND sweet.

Wild Eggs Louisville

If you share my struggle, I would suggest finding a breakfast buddy with the same philosophy and go half and half.

I ordered the Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict (Green chili cheddar corn cakes, topped with chorizo, two poached eggs, and queso fundido, pico de gallo, sour cream, green onions, and avocado.

Skillet potatoes and an Everything muffin) My friend ordered the Belgian waffle and we enjoyed the best of both worlds.

The Rivue at the Galt House

Dine with a Rotating View at RIVUE Restaurant

For a fantastic meal with a rotating view, I would recommend the RIVUE Restaurant & Lounge located on the 25th floor of the Galt Hotel.

This restaurant offers 360-degree views of the Ohio River and downtown.

It’s also the only one in the world with twin revolving floors. Perfect for a special occasion or for making a great impression of the city.

Hot Brown Sandwich

Famous for its Namesake

The original open-faced Hot Brown sandwich recipe was created by Fred K. Schmidt in 1926 at The Brown Hotel.

The architecture inside the hotel is absolutely stunning so make sure that you take a little time to explore the lobby before visiting the restaurant!

the Brown Hotel

The original hot brown is served on white toast with a generous serving of Mornay sauce on top.

It also includes a slice of roast turkey and Parmesan cheese on top.

The dish is oven broiled and is topped with bacon and Paprika after coming out of the oven.

Wagners Pharmacy Louisville

Horse Racing History

Wagner’s Pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky has been a favorite of locals and out-of-towners since 1922.

Wagner’s Pharmacy becomes an even more popular meeting spot for all walks of life during horse racing season.

Jockey silks

This dining gem has grown in popularity due to its close location to Churchill Downs and national exposure from media outlets.

Reporters and racing writers have enjoyed meals and cups of coffee at this spot for years during the weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby.

Stop in for the biscuits and gravy, leave with a greater appreciation for horse racing and community.

Lima Beans Mayan Cafe

Veggies you will want to eat

Who knew that lima beans were even enjoyable?

I discovered that I will eat lima beans if they come from the Mayan Cafe.

Farm-to-table Mexican & Pan-Latin eats created by four-star chef Bruce Ucan.

Mayan Cafe e1489526651192

This is another restaurant that you will pass around plates with your dining guests so that you can experience a little bit of every flavorful bite.

Garage Bar Louisville14

Cool Atmosphere

The Garage Bar is a former auto service garage that serves up incredible wood fire pizza and craft beer.

This restaurant prides itself on sourcing local as much as possible and even makes its own sausage and pepperoni.

Garage Bar Louisville KY

The atmosphere of this restaurant has a cool vibe with a great mix of old and new.

The outdoor space offers plenty of room for seating and play, perfect for an evening out with friends.

Aquarium Bar at the Galt House

Most Unique Bar in Louisville

Located on the third floor inside the conservatory that connects the two towers of the Galt Hotel, there is a swim-up bar.

By a swim-up bar, I mean that the fish do all of the swimming.

Galt House 2

Al J’s at the Conservatory is a unique place to enjoy a drink as you watch the fish swim in a 30 ft aquarium tropical fish bar. 

Make sure that you also notice the birds who are located at the conservatory and in the main lobby.

Homemade Kitchen Pie

Delicious Desserts

I discovered Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen a few years ago, and I try to stop by one of their locations whenever I’m in town.

They fresh churn all of their ice cream and bake all of their 100+ desserts from scratch.

My favorite is their Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie with vanilla ice cream.

It tastes like a nutty chocolate chip cookie and it’s WONDERFUL.

There are multiple locations around Louisville which makes this stop even easier to make.

Homemade Kitchen Pie 2

Hungry yet?

I know that it is just scratching the surface for what Louisville has to offer but these suggestions will get you started.

Do you have more unique suggestions for me? Share them in the comments below.

Unique Places to dine in LouisvilleKY

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  1. The Eagle is another gem
    Cafe LouLous has the best Pasta Carbonara
    Volare for fine dining Chef Josh Moore is great
    Then try Plehns bakery in St. Matthews for dessert

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