Sleep in an Airstream Treehouse at The Mohicans

Are you looking for a unique glamping overnight adventure?

I LOVE sleeping in unique spaces and places. In fact, I actually intentionally seek them out.

Once again The Mohicans Treehouse Resort in Ohio did not disappoint with their newest addition, the “Silver Bullet” Airstream Treehouse.

Sleep in an Airstream Treehouse at The Mohicans

My previous glamping stay at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort was also pretty unique in “The Little Red Treehouse,” a former treehouse brewery.

I was an invited guest of The Mohicans Treehouse Resort. All opinions are my own.

Nedra McDaniel outside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

Tour The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse Rental

The “Silver Bullet” is a 31-foot 1978 Airstream trailer supported by pine and oak trees on a platform 25ft above ground.

Airstream treehouse at The Mohicans

The Airstream Treehouse is much larger on the inside than it looks outside.

the Silver Bullet Airstream treehouse

The Outside of the Airstream Treehouse

When you arrive at the property there is a dedicated parking area for Airstream Treehouse guests.

Airstream parking sign at The Mohicans

For packing purposes, I would recommend using a backpack and bags that are easy to walk with and carry up the stairs. It’s a short walk to the treehouse but just be aware that you can not drive up directly in front of it.

campfire by the Airstream Treehouse

You can see our vehicle in the distance to give you an idea of how far the parking area is from the treehouse.

Silver Bullet Treehouse Rental at The Mohicans

As you approach the treehouse rental you will pass by the fire pit and the charcoal grill near the base of the stairs. There is also a picnic table under the treehouse for guests to use.

outside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

As we approached the top of the stairs, I noticed that the taillights on the vintage camper were on. I LOVE details like this!

the patio deck for The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

The Patio Deck for the Airstream Treehouse

The oversized lounge chair in front of the Airstream camper is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view from the deck.

Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse rental at The Mohicans
Nedra McDaniel and husband outside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

It’s so peaceful resting on the lounge chair that you can easily take a little nap …I might be speaking from experience.

view from the platform of the Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse rental at The Mohicans

Or you can just enjoy the wooded view from the deck observing the sights and sounds all around you.

Outdoor dining table for the Airstream Treehouse

Outdoor Dining Areas for the Airstream Treehouse

There is a table and chairs on the deck or you can use the picnic table below the treehouse.

Keyless entry lock for the Airstream Treehouse

Keyless Entry Lock into the Airstream Treehouse

When we arrived I was surprised that the door for the Airstream camper was locked.

door for the Airstream Treehouse

Upon further investigation, I discovered the keyless entry located around the back of the Airstream camper that takes you into an awesome surprise.

Once you are inside you can unlock the front door of the camper and use that door too.

Guests will receive a 4 digit code to use for the keyless entry door in an email before their arrival.

bathroom inside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

The Bathroom in the Airstream Treehouse Has a SteamSpa!

The bathroom inside the Airstream treehouse is what REALLY sets it apart!

I’ve stayed in several treehouses and I have to say that having a bathroom INSIDE the treehouse makes a BIG difference for your experience.

What’s even better is that the Airstream Treehouse has a GIANT shower that’s also a SteamSpa! That’s right, you can enjoy a wonderful steam shower during your stay.

I also appreciate the large bathroom counter and the skylights and window providing extra natural light.

*Towels and linens are provided for guests during their stay.

inside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

Inside the Airstream Treehouse

I was really impressed with the use of space inside the Airstream to help it not feel too crammed. It was the perfect blend of function + design.

Once again it’s all about the details. The Airstream Treehouse features reclaimed and recycled hardwood barn siding walls, floors, and cabinets

inside the Airstream treehouse

My husband is 6’3 and he did not bump his head on the ceiling of the Airstream. (You will need to be mindful of the step going up from the bathroom into the camper)

The Airstream Treehouse has a mini fridge with a freezer, and a small flat screen tv with a dvd player.

You can reach your optimal air temperature with an air conditioner unit, space heater, and a box fan plus windows that open throughout the camper.

Kitchenette inside The Silver Bullet Airstream TreehouseKitchenette inside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

Kitchenette Inside the Airstream Treehouse

If you want to cook during your stay the basics are covered for what you need.

inside the Silver Bullet Airstream treehouse at The Mohicans

The Kitchenette in the Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse has:

  • Coffee Maker
  • Hot Pad
  • Sink
  • Dishes, cups, and utensils
  • Pots and Pans
  • Toaster Oven
  • Mini fridge with small freezer
bedroom inside The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse at The Mohicans

The Bedroom Inside the Airstream Treehouse

The bedroom inside the Airstream Treehouse maximizes the small space really well. On each side of the bed, there is a small side table with storage and a lamp.

The outlets with USB ports in the bedroom make it even easier to charge your phone by the bed.

Nedra McDaniel and husband at the Silver Bullet Airstream treehouse

How Many People Does the Vintage Airstream Treehouse Sleep?

The Airstream Treehouse can sleep 4 if you use the dining table area to make a bed.

dining table inside the Airstream treehouse at The Mohicans

It should be noted that it sleeps 2 comfortably and that’s what I would personally recommend.

sliding barn door for the bedroom for The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse

If you would like more privacy you can close the sliding barn door to the bedroom.

bedroom window in the Silver Bullet Airstream treehouse

The large window above the bed can be cracked open. I loved watching the sunlight come through the trees in the morning. You can also appreciate all of the wood detail on the ceiling above you while you are laying in bed.

Catering by Treehouse Provisions

Meal Services for Guests Coming Soon!

During our stay we enjoyed a meal by Chef Drew with delicious pork and trout tacos, veggies, refried beans, and rice.

Treehouse guests at The Mohicans will want to be on the lookout for an official meal program by Treehouse Provisions launching mid/late spring 2021. Food offerings will be scratch-made, seasonal, and simple. There will also be vegan options available too.

Make sure that you follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and special promotions.

If you don’t want to cook there are lots of great places to eat near The Mohicans.

Outdoor Shower for the Airstream Treehouse

A Treehouse With An Outdoor Shower

Silver Bullet guests also have another shower option during the warmer months. There is an outdoor shower with HOT water that you can also use during your stay.

Campfire at the Silver Campfire at the Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse Airstream Treehouse

Relax by the Campfire at Night

During the evening you can make s’mores on a campfire. I would suggest bringing a few comfortable camping chairs for your time by the fire pit.

the Silver Bullet Airstream treehouse at night

After your time by the fire, you can relax sitting on the covered porch under the string lights above the camper.

Fishing Pond at the Mohicans Pond at the Mohicans

Fishing Pond at The Mohicans

There is a walking trail you can take by the treehouse that leads to the fishing pond. You can also take the path to the road that connects to the Grand Barn.

This is a convenient option if you don’t want to drive to the pond or if you have friends or family staying at other rentals on the property nearby.

Top Things to Do at Mohican State Park

While you are in the area there are plenty of things to do near The Mohican State Park located about 15 minutes away.

The Mohican area is also known as the “Canoe Capital of Ohio.”

Other nearby cities 40-45 minutes away are Mansfield (filming location for Shawshank Redemption) and Wooster.

Little Red treehouse at The Mohicans in Ohio Red treehouse at The Mohicans in Ohio

Rent a Treehouse or a Cabin at The Mohicans

Most of the treehouse rentals at The Mohicans sleep between 2-4 guests. There are plenty of treehouse and cabin rentals for guests who need options from small to large.

Private Tasting With Chef Drew at the Barn at the Mohicans

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort is a popular wedding destination offering a beautiful venue at The Grand Barn and lots of lodging options for out of town guests.

The Mohican Cabin

For example, The Mohican Cabin pictured above is deceptively larger than it looks with 4 bedrooms, for 15 guests. The basement bedroom sleeps 7!

Silver Bullet Airstream treehouse at The Mohicans

Are You Ready to Book Your Stay at The Mohican Treehouse Resort?

You can book your next stay from The Mohican Treehouse Resort website.

Sleep in an Airstream Treehouse at The Mohicans

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