Why Families Love Destin – Fort Walton Beach Little Adventure Packs

If you are looking for a fun seaside adventure for your next family beach vacation, I highly recommend purchasing one of the Destin – Fort Walton Beach Little Adventure Packs.

The packs are designed with the whole family in mind and offer a great value for families who want to make memories enjoying the outdoors activities near or on the water.

Adventure mom and son on dolphin sail in Destin FL

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What’s A Little Adventure Pack?

Little Adventure Packs combine an adventure on the water with a local dining experience. These experiences are ideal for families visiting the Destin – Fort Walton Beach area.

 Smile n Waves Sailboat Destin Florida

What are the Little Adventure Pack Options?

You can choose your own adventure with the following options:

view from Smile n Waves Sailboat Destin Florida

Build Confidence on Family Tours Created By Parents and Lifelong Residents

The Little Adventure Packs were specifically designed for families by moms and local business owners who are lifelong residents of the area. These locals know the best spots and how to create an experience where everyone has a great time.

On these adventures, kids will have opportunities to build confidence as they overcome a challenge and experience a sense of accomplishment.

Depending on the adventure, they may reel in a fish, stand up on a paddle board, or just become more comfortable on a boat or in the water around marine life.

The Little Adventure Packs have age recommendations to help you determine which options are the best fit for your family ages, abilities, interests, budget, and time commitment.

Adventure mom and son on sail boat in Destin

Save Money With the Bundling of A Little Adventure Pack

The Little Adventure Packs provide an incredible value because you experience a local meal AND an adventure for up to 6 people that includes tax and gratuity!

This pricing is available exclusively through online Scouts (who are also local Moms) on who will not only give you a code to book, but their own insight into the adventures.

I also loved that these are private experiences shared only with your personal group of 6 or less people. It’s a great way to support local restaurants and adventure companies.

Adventure mom and son on Smile n Waves Sailing Adventures

Dolphin Sails and Sandwiches Adventure Pack

We chose the “Dolphin, Sails and Sandwiches” Adventure Pack with Captain Pam for a few reasons.

My teenage son wanted a relaxing experience and doesn’t like seafood, but we both love dolphins.

Adventure mom and son next to Smile n Waves Sailboat

This adventure pack was the perfect fit because we were given plenty of non-seafood options for lunch and we don’t get to see dolphins in the Midwest.

The Local Market Destin Florida

Lunch at The Local Market

950 Gulf Shore Dr, Destin, FL

Families have the option to dine at The Local Market before or after the sail, or take their boxed lunches to go.

The Local Market serves up fresh, local, scratch made breakfast and lunch menu items that are both served until 3pm. There is also a kids menu with popular menu items for younger children.

What’s Included in the Little Adventure Pack at The Local Market?

The Dolphin, Sails and Sandwiches Adventure Pack includes the following at The Local Market:

  • Lunch at The Local Market
  • Smoothies
  • Half-gallon Watermelon Aqua Fresca
  • Gift bag of local products
teenager eating at The Local Market Destin FL

We opted to eat at The Local Market before our sail for a few reasons.

I didn’t want us to sail on an empty stomach and risk feeling seasick. It was also way easier to eat at the Local Market while all of our food was still warm versus eating it later on the boat.

You also want to take the time of your sail and the hours of the Local Market into consideration when choosing to go before or after.

Cuban sandwich and fries at The Local Market Destin FL

My son ordered the Cuban sandwich with fries which was best to eat right away.

turkey avocado sandwich and chips at The Local Market Destin FL

I ordered the turkey avocado sandwich with chips made with fresh ingredients including delicious thick bread.

The Local Market sources their bread from Bon Appetit in Fort Walton Beach; it’s baked fresh daily and all of their meats are brined in-house and roasted on their French open flame rotisserie.

Watermelon drink at The Local Market Destin Florida

The Local Market has fountain drinks and beverages in their coolers. If you see their fresh made watermelon drink I would highly recommend trying it. It’s very refreshing and not overly sweet.

Local products from The Local Market Destin FL

Local Products From The Local Market

We also received an additional gift of a bag of local products. The Local Market tries to source as many local products as possible for their menu and their store.

I’m happy to report that no glass bottles cracked in my checked luggage on the way home. If you are flying home, I’d recommend wrapping the bottles in towels and socks.

canned alcoholic drinks at The Local Market Destin Florida

Drinks to Go

The Local Market has a great selection of craft beer, seltzers, canned craft cocktails and more that are available for purchase if you want to take some of them with you on the boat.

There is a cooler on board where you can store any drinks you want to bring.

I loved that I could try a few “new to me” flavors on the sail and bring back the extras to enjoy later in the week.

Adventure mom and son observing dolphins on sailboat

Recharge and Relax on a Sailboat Tour Adventure

I loved that our 3 hour sailing experience was so laid back.

Adventure mom and son on sailboat

I tend to pack a lot into our itineraries when we visit a destination and it was so nice to just take in the natural beauty and lose track of time. I’ve noticed that the older my kids get, the more down time they need.

teenager relaxing on sail boat

This sailboat adventure is the perfect vibe for a teenager to have a good time.

Captain Pam has 20 years of sailing history. She is also a local mom of teenagers who knows how to interact with guests of all ages with ease.

This sail would also be great for toddlers to teens and every age in between, meaning it could also be a nice multi-generational adventure if you are traveling with grandparents.

teenager on Smile n Waves Sailboat Destin Florida

Guests can sit on oversized chairs on the front of the sailboat, lounge on the trimaran’s two trampoline nets, or sit toward the back of the sailboat.

Adventure Mom and son on Smile n Waves Sailboat Destin Florida

We really enjoyed sitting in the trampoline nets, especially when we saw the dolphins swimming in front of us.

dolphin in the water in Destin

Dolphin Spotting in the Bay

We had such a great time dolphin spotting. There are 35-50 local dolphins. We were able to observe several pods of dolphins during our tour and we even saw a few baby dolphins.

Captain Pam also pointed out several sand sharks in the water. Also be on the lookout for sea turtles and other marine life.

dolphin in the water in Destin

Every time I saw a dolphin it was pure JOY! Especially when the dolphins decided to swim underneath us on the trampoline nets of the sailboat.

The beautiful part of a private charter is that you have plenty of space to spread out so that everyone has a great view.

Captain Pam using her shell phone

Call the Dolphins on the “Shell Phone”

We got to experience Captain Pam testing out her new “shell phone” for the first time during our sail.

Captain Pam using her shell phone

A large shell attached to a long tube allowed Captain Pam to play dolphin sounds through her iphone and chat with the dolphins underwater.

Dolphins are curious by nature which made Captain Pam’s “shell phone” a hit and so much fun!

Adventure mom listening on the shell phone

You can also listen to ocean sounds below the boat in the water on the “shell phone.”

teenage boy on sail boat

Learn to Sail

Captain Pam loves to show guests young and old how a sail boat works and involve them with helping to raise the sails, etc.

Unfortunately, the winds were too high during our tour to experience the “learn to sail” part which gives us another excuse to go on another tour in the future. We still had a great time enjoying views of Crab Island and the Gulf of Mexico in the distance.

Captain Pam will evaluate the weather and decide what the safest options are during your sail for the optimal adventure.

Norriego Point Destin Florida

Snorkel at Norriego Point in Destin Florida

Families have the option to go snorkeling during their sail. All of the snorkeling gear is supplied on the sail boat so you don’t have to pack additional gear.

Captain Pam knows the great spots to snorkel during your sail.

Smile n' Waves sail boat in Destin Florida

We stopped at Norriego Point which is a very popular spot for snorkeling in crystal clear water.

Adventure Mom and son at Norriego Point Destin Florida

If you prefer to stay out of the water, you can have a good time relaxing on the white sandy beaches.

teenager snorkeling

There are two separate areas of the water that are great for snorkeling.

Captain Pam and crew with Adventure Mom and son

Captain Pam and Crew from Smiles N Wave Sailing Adventures

Captain Pam believes in empowering young people and her young crew was really impressive during our sail. They displayed both people skills AND sailing skills.

Smile n Waves sailboat

One of the teenagers on the crew is working on her certification hours and she did most of the steering during our tour. She handled the water like a pro, providing safety and a smooth ride.

Many young people in the area get a jump start on their careers in tourism while being mentored by adults in the industry.

Smile n Waves Sailing Adventures

I loved that the crew initiated conversations with us too. Captain Pam is a wealth of knowledge as a local who has grown up on the water.

Adventure mom and son on sail boat in Destin

Make Memories With Loved Ones in Florida’s Emerald Coast

When you reflect on family vacations, it’s all about making memories.

Adventure mom and son on sail boat in Destin

My son and I had an incredible time on our dolphin sail with Captain Pam. In fact, our dolphin cruise was the highlight of our visit to Destin.

Which Little Adventure Pack Do You Want to Try on Your Next Vacation in Destin, Florida?

The Little Adventure Packs allow you to share unforgettable experiences with family members that you will remember for years to come. These experiences are a great addition for your next upcoming Destin- Fort Walton Beach vacation.

Why Families Love Destin Fort Walton Beach Little Adventure Packs

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