Why You Need to Try Archery Dodgeball at Archery Arena in Cincinnati

I’m always on the quest to find unique adventures and experiences which is why I HAD to check out combat archery at Archery Arena in Cincinnati. 

If you don’t have previous archery experience, it’s not a problem. You’ll still have a great time in the archery games arena.

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What is Archery Dodgeball or Archery Tag?

Combat archery is similar to dodgeball and paintball but you are using foam-tipped arrows to tag each other.

woman playing combat archery

How do you play Combat Archery?

At Archery Arena you get 15 minutes of instruction followed by 60 minutes of gameplay creating a 75-minute session.

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There are both adult and youth bows for players to use. The skilled staff will familiarize you with the equipment, which is similar to a typical combat archery bow. You’ll get a little target practice at the indoor archery range before you begin game play.

The more people, the more fun, in my opinion. Groups will have the opportunity to play a few different types of games similar to dodgeball that are fun for ALL ages. Combat Archery/ dodgeball is very family-friendly.

woman playing combat archery

You don’t need prior experience before playing and you will be given a face shield, bow, and forearm protector to use during the game.

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Archery Dodgeball is all about strategy

Several of the games start off similar to a game of dodgeball but you are racing for foam tip arrows in the center of the room instead.

During your session you’ll play a variety of games that spread out players throughout the entire arena.

boy with shield at Archery Arena Cincinnati

The different games mix things up and give players an opportunity to try more strategy as their skills improve.

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You better be fast at either ducking or shooting or you’ll be out quickly.

combat archery at Archery Arena in Cincinnati

If you do get out by one of the opposing players, you will still get plenty of playing time even if you do get out early in a game. Kudos to you if you can avoid being hit the entire game.

woman playing at Archery Arena

Our group ages ranged from 10 – 50+…..and the adults won more than the kids in the challenges.

combat archery at Archery Arena in Cincinnati

I feel like that’s really important to share…because we actually WON and they had youth on their side!


Do the Arrows Hurt in Archery Dodgeball?

No, the only thing that will “hurt” is your ego if you get hit by an arrow. Seriously, it doesn’t hurt and you don’t have to worry about painful marks the day after. The “tip” of the arrow is made of foam.

You’ll have a great time and can tap into your inner Katniss from the Hunger Games.

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Adventure Mom at Archery Arena in Cincinnati

What should I wear to play archery dodgeball?

Dress in comfortable layers because you will SWEAT! But trust me when I say that sweating has never been so FUN!

archery Arena

It doesn’t take long to warm up so you will want to wear the type of clothing that you would work out in for optimal movement.

Archery arena

It also wouldn’t hurt to bring a bottle of water because you will get thirsty, or you can purchase them there.

combat archery at Archery Arena in Cincinnati

How old do you have to be to play combat archery?

Players must be 10 years of age to play. Youth games are available from age 7-13.

Archery Arena in Cincinnati

The Cost

Individual tickets start at $25 but there are also special rates for private groups and team building.

A Spider-Verse Themed Adventure

Our first time visiting Archery Arena was part of a Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse themed adventure.

Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where anyone can wear the mask.

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Join a Public Game

You can mix up date night or gather a few friends who like to try fun new experiences during one of the regular sessions. Archery Arena does allow walk-ins but it’s best to call ahead to see if the indoor arena is already booked.

Their minimum game size is 4 players but 6+ players is recommended.

Adventure Mom meetup at Archery Arena Cincinnati

Corporate Events, Private Events, and Birthday Parties

Archery Arena is a great facility for all types of private events.

You can book Archery Arena for an upcoming birthday party or next team building event. This is also an option for skilled players who want to take their game to the next level.

The best part about their private events is that you have the dart arena to yourself the entire time AND you can bring your own food and drinks.

For birthday parties, it’s recommended that you eat toward the end of the party after spending time in the dedicated archery dodgeball arena.

I booked a private game as an Adventure Mom meetup last week and we had an absolute blast!

Nerf guns at Archery Arena Cincinnati

Nerf Wars in the Nerf Dart Arena

Groups can choose to play archery dodgeball or nerf wars with nerf guns instead. Groups that book for 3 hours can even try both.

Adventure Mom and Friends at Archery Arena

More Information About Combat Archery

You can find more information about Archery Arena on their website. 

players at Archery Arena Cincinnati

Discount Code for Archery Arena Cincinnati

Adventure Mom readers get 15% during the month of January, 2022 at Archery Arena when you use the code “JANadventuremom” when booking online.

Archery Arena in Cincinnati

Where is Archery Arena?

Archery Arena is located in West Chester Township at 4950 Provident Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45246.  (513) 860-0874

Make sure that you check out Archery Games Denver if you are in the area during a visit to Colorado.

Thanks again to Archery Arena for capturing incredible footage during our games and for hosting our first visit.

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Why You need to try combat archery in Cincinnati

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