13 Ways to Make Shopping with Your Family More Enjoyable

I tend to shop solo whenever I can because I like to run in a store and then get out quickly which is why I tend to be selective on errands that I run with my kids.

I try to avoid grocery shopping with kids whenever possible because they ask for something every few minutes.

My kids either LOVE or LOATHE shopping which is why preparation is key.

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.

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So how do you make shopping with your family more enjoyable?

1. Feed them first!

Whether it’s a meal at home, a treat out at a restaurant, or a quick fast food meal, make sure that everyone has a full belly when shopping. No one wants to be around someone shopping who is “Hangry.” Things can go from good to bad really quickly once someone discovers that they are extremely hungry and need food immediately.

2. Have a game plan

Have an idea of what you are looking for before you go inside the store and an acceptable amount of time that you plan on being there.

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3. Evaluate what your needs and wants are

Determine if there are any items that need to take priority during your shopping trip.

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4. If you are shopping for clothes, allow for enough time to try them on

Your shopping experience will be a lot more enjoyable if no one feels rushed.

5. Encourage your kids to pick out the same clothing item in multiple sizes

This will make time in the dressing room go way faster.

No one likes spending a lot of time in the dressing room and it’s important to get the right size the first time to save time and trips to the store.

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6. Give your kids a budgeted amount to work from

They will immediately become better budget-conscience shoppers once they view the amount as their money.

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7. Research your discounts

Don’t forget your mailer coupons and online coupons to stretch your dollars.

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8. Go to a store that your family will actually want to shop at

Avoid the stores that you know that your family will not enjoy or that you will not enjoy with your family. 

My kids are ALWAYS willing to go to DICK’s Sporting Goods ® because they LOVE sports AND athletic clothing which makes it an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

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9. Divide and Conquer

Split up when you can to allow for more browsing time for each family member. I love when I get more time to shop in my area because my boys are preoccupied with theirs.

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10. Communicate where you will meet in the store if you become separated

Make sure that kids with cell phones know to call or text if they move to another section. 

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11. Know that your kids will gravitate toward any ball or toy in the store

Whether it’s in line to check out or a sporting goods section of the store, the kids will find the balls. Determine what your boundaries are and let them know.

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12. Expect that your family will want to wear their new purchases immediately

My family members tend to try to wear theirs the next day whenever possible.


13. Keep Calm and Repeat Tips 1-12 each time that you shop with your family

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You can find locations and more items for your whole family from the DICK’s Sporting Goods ® website. 


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  1. my daughter just joined freshman softball at her highschool… we need a lot of gear! and I was out of work for last year!

  2. I would love to win this because I only shop for my kids and what they need! Therefore, I am wearing rags! I’d use this to buy myself something cute!

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