5 Epic Adventures to Try in New Mexico

Northwest New Mexico has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor adventure.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite discoveries that are bucket list-worthy to add to your adventure list.

hot air balloon ride at Red Rock Canyon in New Mexico

Take A Scenic Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Experience what it feels like to float in the air during a Hot Air Balloon ride at Red Rock Park with X-Treme-Lee Fun Balloon Adventures.

Even though we reached heights up to 1500 ft., the ride itself was anything but extreme. In fact, we didn’t even realize when we had taken off because it was so gradual.

A hot air balloon ride is seriously one of the most surreal and tranquil adventures that I’ve ever experienced.

As you drift in the sky, taking in all of the incredible scenic surroundings of the mountains and canyons,  you are left with the feeling of wonder and gratitude.

hot air balloon ride at Red Rock Canyon in New Mexico

This experience is such a gift and I HIGHLY recommend this bucket list adventure for anyone AND everyone, young and old.

Our pilot Bill even let us help with the setup and tear down of the balloon. Helping with the work gave us an even greater appreciation for what goes into the experience.

I promise that it’s not scary and it’s unlike any other experience that takes you up in the sky.

You can watch footage from inside our hot air balloon here. 

scenic view of San Juan River in New Mexico

Try Fly Fishing in the San Juan River

Fly fishing is such a relaxing adventure for all skill levels. I don’t fish very often but I do enjoy a challenge and I had only fly fished one time before and that was from a boat.   

Fishing in the river gives you continuous movement the whole entire time and it also gave me “A River Runs Through It” moment.

You feel the warmth of the sun mixed with the cool stream from your waders causing you to be completely immersed in your surroundings.

fly fishing in the San Juan River in New Mexico

We went fly fishing at two different locations on the San Juan River.

The first stop was at Soaring Eagle Lodge with our guides Aaron and Brad. Our second fishing stop was at Majestic Enchantment where guests have access to a private lower sector of the San Juan River.

 I tried the dry fly fishing technique for the first time which is where the fly floats on top of the surface of the water.

It took a little while to get the hang of the “new to me” technique but I enjoyed trying something new. I had better success with the nymphing technique where the fly is under the surface of the water and I caught three fish.

I honestly did not expect to discover that New Mexico could be such a great destination for fly fishing.

The gorgeous scenery and warm temperatures make it perfect for anyone from a novice to a pro.

Off-Road with a UTV Rental at Glade Run Recreational Park in New Mexico

Take it Off-Road with a UTV Rental

You can blaze the trails on an off-road adventure day or night at Glade Run Recreation Area.

Take a guided tour or drive yourself on an RZR side by side UTV rental with Four Corners Explorers. 

Off-Road with a UTV Rental at Glade Run Recreational Park in New Mexico

You have miles of trails and endless adventure spread over 19,000 acres.

This is also a popular area for rock crawling but I’m leaving that to the professionals. What blew my mind is that there are no fees to access the public land, it’s open year-round, and all night!

This is a spot that I definitely want to come back to. We toured for a bit and then each of us had the opportunity to drive the Polaris RZR. Most people rent the RZR and are on their way to explore after a safety briefing.

You rent the UTV either way but you can opt to have a guide for an additional fee.

Renters also have the option to trailer the RZRs and take them to other sites. I really enjoyed the experience of arriving just before sunset and then touring a little more at night.

dark sky stargazing in New Mexico

Experience Extraordinary Stargazing in New Mexico

We were fortunate to take in some incredible views of the stars at Glade Run Recreation Area in Farmington. The stargazing experience during the evening of our off-roading adventure made it even more magical.

If you look closely you will see a shooting star to the right of the tree pictured above. 

stargazing in New Mexico

We stopped at an area with a wide view of the sky. Our guide brought over a few camping chairs he had strapped to the back of RZR along with a cooler, making it the perfect setting for stargazing.

If you want to take your stargazing to the next level, you will want to visit sites on the Dark Sky Trail.

New Mexico has been named one of the World’s Top 10 stargazing spots. It was one of the first states in the U.S. with a law that protects their skies.

The combination of a dry climate, high elevation, the low population makes New Mexico certified by the International Dark-Sky Association. You’ll find that New Mexico has both Gold and Silver-Tier Dark Sky Parks for locals and guests to enjoy.

Chaco Canyon in New Mexico

Take a Hike a Chaco Canyon

Get a glimpse of the lives of an ancient Pueblo civilization with structures that date back between 850 and 1250 A.D. at Chaco Canyon.

I recommend that you use the Chaco Culture National Park directions and four-wheel drive for the trek in because you have to take unpaved roads to reach the park.

Chaco Canyon in New Mexico

Chaco Canyon is a great place to hike so plan accordingly with your time. It’s one of 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the US so history buffs will feel a bit like Indiana Jones. 

Chaco Canyon is also an International Dark Sky Park which means that if you get the chance to stay there in the evening, do it!

Bisti Badlands in New Mexico

A New Hike Each Visit at Bisti Badlands

Blaze your own trail at Bisti Badlands where the scenery shifts creating a new landscape with each visit.

Hikers beware that there are no marked trails so you could easily get confused in navigating your surroundings.

It’s best to visit Bisti Badlands in the early morning or late afternoon. You are exposed to the sun and cell service is not reliable if you have any at all.

Bisti Badlands in New Mexico

I’ve been told that some of the most incredible scenery is 2-3 miles in.

Make sure that you allow plenty of time to explore during your visit. You will truly feel like you are on another planet with landscapes that look out of this world.

New Mexico really surprised me in a good way. The dry heat makes summer temps more bearable than the Midwest.

New Mexico’s unique landscape and incredible culture make it a state filled with epic outdoor adventures.  It’s definitely a destination that will want to return to for years to come.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. 

Thanks again to Hub Destination Marketing and the New Mexico Tourism Department for hosting my visit. All opinions are my own.

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  2. Thanks for your wonder ful post. What i love most about Northwest New Mexico is the chance of immersing in the nature. I love the fresh hair, the beautiful landscape, the peaceful lake and the amazing rock on the sunlight, I hope i can settle time and come back to visit New Mexico soon

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