Ways to Save Money When You Visit Kings Island

A visit to Kings Island Amusement Park is such a great way to create memories with family and friends.

I’ve been visiting the park since I was a kid.

As an adult, I’ve enjoyed spending time in different sections of the park as our family has gone through different stages of life.

No matter what season of life you are in, there are still many ways that you can save money on your visit to Kings Island.

I’m sharing tips for how to save money with each visit to King Island.

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This article is brought to you in partnership with Kings Island and contains affiliate links. As a Kings Island Ambassador, I love sharing insider tips to help you make the most of your visit to the park. 

How to Save Money on Admission to Kings Island

The best place for finding deals on Kings Island general admission tickets is online. You can also save time in line at the park by downloading and printing your tickets at home. 

Kings Island does NOT have a non-rider discount but there are still plenty of fun things for non-riders to do at Kings Island.

Discounted Admission Tickets at Kings Island

There is a discount on Kings Island admission for:

  • Seniors (age 62 or older) 
  • Juniors (less than 48 inches) 
  • Military – Active and retired members of the military and veterans can receive a discount online or at the park for up to 6 family members. *A valid military ID must be presented to receive this offer. 

Kids 2 and under are FREE and do not require an admission ticket.

Large Groups Can Get a Discount at Kings Island

If you are visiting with a group size between 15-99, you can save on same-day admission by purchasing your tickets online.

Additional Savings Online

The Two Day Ticket is a great option if you want to visit Kings Island for two days of your choice. (They don’t have to be consecutive)

There are also great combo packages online that include a Fast Pass or dining and additional add-ons. 

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How to Save Money on Parking at Kings Island

You can save $3 on parking if you purchase it online vs paying at the toll booth when you arrive.

Parking is FREE for Gold Season Pass Holders. 

Consider Bundling to Save 

You can save $54 on one Good Any Day Admission, Parking, and a Single Meal Deal with the Funday Bundle. 

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You Can Upgrade Your Admission Ticket to a Kings Island Season Pass

If you are going to visit Kings Island a few times within a season, the best value is a Gold Season Pass.

If you plan on visiting other Cedar Fair Amusement Parks in addition to Kings Island within the same season, a Platinum Pass is a great value. 

Quality Family Time

Investing in a Kings Island Gold season pass over the years is something that I’ve never regretted because it’s something that we do TOGETHER as a family.

My family stage is currently at the ” ditch us to spend time with their friends stage” at the park. We don’t mind bringing friends because we know that it’s a safe environment and we will still get quality time in the car. 

We’ve also planned plenty of visits with just the four of us.  I treasure those moments, even more, the older they have gotten.

Spread out the Payments for Your Gold Season Pass

Instead of purchasing your season passes on a high-interest credit card, consider another alternative.

You can spread out the payments for your Season Pass with Kings Island with monthly payments each month without interest fees. 

If you have already purchased a regular admission ticket you do have the option to upgrade to a season pass on the day of your visit.

What’s nice is that you receive full credit for your paid admission towards the purchase of your season pass. 

Grand Carnivale at Kings Island

Perks of Being a Kings Island Gold Season Pass Holder

  • FREE Parking – saves you $ each time you park
  • Early Ride Times – Enjoy early rides on select attractions 30 minutes before the park opens every public operating day April through October. This does not apply for Friday nights during Halloween Haunt.
  • Bring A Friend Days- You can purchase up to 4 discounted tickets on select dates when you show your Gold or Platinum Season pass at the ticket counter or online.
  • Food and Merchandise Discounts- Save 10% off select food and merchandise when you show your card throughout the park.
  • Early Access to Soak City- Claim your chair or ride select attractions 30 minutes before the waterpark opens.
  • Special Passholder Preview Events-including a Passholder preview night for King’s Island’s newest Giga coaster, Orion.
  • Exclusive Offers with the Season Pass Portal- Make sure that you sign up for the emails for Pass Perks.

soak city waterpark at Kings Island

Unlimited Seasonal Events at Kings Island

Kings Island has special seasonal events that enhance your visit even more. If you have a Gold or Platinum Kings Island Season Pass you can enjoy the additional activities and shows.

This allows you to visit without the stress of trying to cram everything in one day if you only have an admission ticket. 

Season Pass holders also have unlimited visits for the following:

  • Soak City Waterpark (Summer)
  • Grand Carnivale (Summer)
  • Great Pumpkin Fest (Fall)
  • Haunt (Fall)
  • WinterFest (Winter)

*Previous Season Pass holders can save money on the Gold Pass by renewing each year vs. purchasing a brand new pass. 

How to Save Money on Photos at Kings Island

If you want to capture the priceless expressions of family members on rides, the FunPix Photo Pass is a great option.

This is a fun way to capture all of the “first” rides, no matter what age. 

You can choose from a Single Day FUNPIX or an All-Season FUNPIX for unlimited professional park photos of your visit.

This option is a better value if you were planning on purchasing a few photos at the park.

The Single Day FUNPIX is a nice option if you are only visiting the park for the day. 

If you purchase the ALL SEASON FUNPIX it’s added to your Season Pass. You’ll get unlimited digital, professional park photos from every visit to Kings Island during the season of your purchase

How to Save Money on General Admission Tickets to Kings Island

You can save money on general admission tickets to Kings Island online here.

locker at Kings Island Amusement Park

How to Save Money on Lockers at Kings Island

There are a limited number of Season Pass Locker Rentals available.

The pass includes one standard-size locker rental at the Front Gate Lockers or Soak City Lockers each visit for one price.

(Currently sold out for 2020)

Planet Snoopy at Kings Island Amusement Park

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Kings Island

If you are only visiting the park for one day I recommend visiting mid-week if you can during the summer for lighter crowds. Arrive early and stay late to get the most value out of your admission ticket. 

The parking lot opens one hour before the park opens.  Rides close at the posted closing time for the park and anyone in line at that time can ride.

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How to Save Money on Kings Island Food Prices

All Day Dining Ticket at Kings Island

If you want to reduce your costs for food at Kings Island consider an All Day Dining ticket.

This is a great option if you are only visiting the park for one day and don’t want to waste time leaving the park for a meal.

*The All Day Dining ticket is not available during WinterFest

burger and tater tots All Season Dining at Kings Island Amusement Park

Why we liked the All Day Dining Ticket

We’ve used the All Day Dining ticket whenever we visit Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. This is a great option if you are visiting Kings Island from out of town and don’t have a Gold Season Pass with an All-Season Dining Plan.

When we visit Cedar Point, we typically stay from when the park opens until closing time.

What I like about the All Day Dining ticket is that you can eat every 90 minutes, not that we need to.

Pro tip: We set a timer on our phones to track the time when we eat a meal or snack.

If anyone is hungry or wants a snack throughout the day it’s not a big deal because it’s covered. I have two teenage boys and they are ALWAYS hungry.

We definitely get our money’s worth with this dining option. 

The All-Day Dining Ticket has an assortment of restaurants to choose from which is also nice if your family has different dining preferences or special dietary needs.  

Single Meal Deal at Kings Island

The Single Meal Deal at Kings Island is the best value if you only want one meal at the park and you prefer to have a drink included. 

Salad at Kings Island Amusement Park

Is the Kings Island Dining Plan Worth It?

In my opinion, 1000% YES!!!

The Kings Island All Day Dining actually saves me money.

I have teenage boys. Enough said.

I love that I don’t have to give them extra money if they go to the park without me.

We also save money because we used to eat out before or after our visit. It doesn’t matter if you walk into the park on a full stomach, as soon as you get there, you tend to become hungry. 

I also don’t enjoy cooking and I love that each time that we visit Kings Island our meals are included which means less cooking and prep for me.

The All Season Dining Plan has a 4-hour interval between meals and does not include drinks.

Everything You Need to Know About Dining at Kings Island

I also love that everyone has the freedom to choose where they want to eat.

There are plenty of restaurants throughout the park on the dining plan for different moods and preferences, including glutton free. 

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How to Save Money on Drinks at Kings Island

Drinks can add up quickly if you are purchasing them separately. It’s really important to stay hydrated during your visit to the park, especially on a hot day.

There are small courtesy water cups available but if you want a large cup that can use all day the Kings Island Souvenir Bottle is your best value.

You can save $2 on the Souvenir Bottle if you buy it online.

The Souvenir Bottle includes FREE refills on your first visit for Coca-Cola beverages including Hi-C Fruit Punch and Powerade.

For the rest of the season including WinterFest, refills are only $1. *There is a 15 minute interval time between refills.

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Kings Island Amusement Park

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