Answers to Awkward Health Questions on the Lady Bod Podcast

Sometimes you might have health or medical questions that you might not feel comfortable asking a doctor… or even know who to ask.

And we know that searches on Web MD can easily lead you down a rabbit hole… that can bring even more questions.

Cue the Lady Bod Podcast for straight talk, humor, and answers to your burning health questions… or answers to questions that you didn’t think to ask!

Answers to Awkward Health Questions on the Lady Bod Podcast

This article is written in partnership with St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

The Lady Bod Podcast with Dr. Susan Oakley, urogynecologist and Holly Morgan radio personality

What is the Lady Bod Podcast?

Each week, Dr. Susan Oakley, urogynecologist, and Holly Morgan, radio personality, have a frank and often funny conversation about women’s health—from premenopause to perimenopause, to postmenopause and all the “pauses” in between.

 The Lady Bod podcast, presented by St. Elizabeth, offers myth-busting facts that address the health concerns of today’s women.

You might remember my first time meeting Dr. Susan Oakley when we talked about a common problem for women who are afraid to laugh, sneeze, or jump.

Dr. Oakley almost makes you forget that she is a doctor… in a good way.

That’s because she is SO FUNNY! Dr. Oakley has a gift to make intimidating medical topics relatable and way EASIER to understand. She uses everyday language with LARGE doses of humor.

Dr. Susan Oakley

More About Lady Bod Podcast Host, Dr. Susan Oakley

Dr. Oakley is a modern-day Southern belle, who brings a gracious frankness to intimate women’s health topics. Inspired by fieldwork in Kenya and Ethiopia while in medical school, Dr. Oakley chose urogynecology as her specialty.

Specifically, she treats pelvic floor disorders and performs reconstructive surgery. These types of issues affect many women, but they aren’t easy to talk about.

Dr. Oakley’s friendly, disarming demeanor and judgment-free responses make her an easy conversationalist with an educating-while-entertaining style.

Holly Morgan The Lady Bod Podcast

More About Lady Bod Podcast Moderator, Holly Morgan

Holly has been a Cincinnati radio talent for 20 years. Currently, listeners can find her on Mix 94.9, hosting the Morning Show. Holly’s earned the nickname, “Snack Queen,” because of the assortment of snacks she keeps handy.

Each morning Holly digs into her purse to share with listeners the goodies she’s packed inside. On the Lady Bod podcast, Holly engages in lively conversations with Dr. Susan Oakley and serves as the moderator for a variety of guests on the show.

Lady Bod podcast microphone

What Are Some of the Topics Covered on the Lady Bod Podcast?

During my behind the scenes visit, I watched the production for three Lady Bod podcast episodes.

Each interview had such a great mix of humor and information. It truly feels like you are having a straight talk conversation between friends.

Breast Cancer was the overall theme of the interview episodes that I observed in the studio that day. Dr. Oakley and Holly typically do all of the podcast episodes for the next month back to back for a few hours on a Saturday.

podcast interview for the Lady Bod Podcast

036: Areola and nipple tattoos for breast cancer recovery

This episode was with Shannon Housley, 3D areola tattoo artist and founder of the Pink Ink Foundation.

Pink Ink Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising and donating funds that allow breast cancer survivors to proceed with the last step of their breast cancer journey.

If you are considering areola tattooing as the last step of breast reconstruction, you likely have many questions about what to expect before, during, and after your procedure.

I loved learning how Shannon’s foundation is helping breast cancer survivors rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

Steve Del Gardo interview for the Lady Bod Podcast

037: Men have breasts, too: Diagnosed with male breast cancer

This podcast episode is with Steve Del Gardo, a breast cancer survivor. Steve shares his personal story and how he has been an advocate for male breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women. However, men can be affected, too. Male breast cancer awareness is poor, which means men don’t seek help as readily as women would if they experience symptoms.

I was really impressed by how vulnerable Steve was as he shared his breast cancer story. His story is really inspiring and mixed with lots of humor. Be prepared to laugh a lot listening to this episode.

Del Gardo's cannolis

Observing the behind the scenes was even better Steve Del Gardo brought Del Gardo’s cannolis.

Jamie Hoffpauir interview for the Lady Bod Podcast

038: Breast cancer care: Are massages safe?

This podcast episode is with Jamie Hoffpauir, a massage therapist and breast cancer survivor.

Some people worry that having a massage can encourage breast cancer to spread. Dr. Oakley and Jamie look at the facts about breast cancer and massages, as well as the benefits if practiced safely.

During the podcast, Jamie provides great tips on finding a massage therapist and preparing for your appointment.

I wish I would have known about the information and resources talked about on the episodes when my mom had breast cancer.


More Lady Bod Podcast Episodes to Pique Your Interests

Most of us would probably not feel very comfortable talking about a lot of the topics covered on the show. Thankfully Dr. Oakley and Holly tackle talking about the tough topics so that you don’t have to.

Here are a few more examples of Lady Bod Podcast episodes that might pique your interest.

Behind the scenes during the Lady Bod Podcas
*Social distancing guidelines and COVID best practices were utilized. During the podcast taping we were 6 feet apart with a glass partition between us.

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Which Lady Bod Podcast Episode Will You Listen to Next?

I really enjoyed my time going behind the scenes for the show.

I’m so glad that Dr. Oakley and Holly are providing a much-needed resource to help women (and men) get their medical questions answered so that they can live their best lives.

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