The Best Way to See Little Havana

When I visit an area for the first time, I want to know all of the places that are MUST SEE or DO.

Our family knew that we wanted to visit Little Havana in Miami, Florida but we didn’t know what to order or which places would be the best to stop at.

That’s where the Little Havana Food Tour from Miami Culinary Tours came into play.

Little Havana Tour 50

More About the Little Havana Food Tour

Miami Culinary Tours offers daily tours that last about 2.5 hours to Little Havana with 5 restaurant stops within 8 short city blocks.

Little Havana Tour 46

I LOVE taking food tours when I visit a city because I feel like you get to know more about the local culture by their food and from learning about the stories behind the places that you visit.

Little Havana Tour 45

Meet a Local Artisan at Agustin Gainza Arts Gallery

We began our tour at Agustin Gainza Arts Gallery. Agustin is a Cuban-American artist who has been creating art in various mediums for over 4 decades.

His art is available for sale at price points for all budgets inside the gallery. He learned more about his history and an overview of our tour guide Ralph, who is an American-born Cuban.

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Little Havana Tour
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The next stop on our tour was at one of the oldest restaurants in the area called El Pub Restaurant that’s a local favorite for empanadas.

Little Havana Tour 3

Empanadas at El Pub Restaurant

The empanadas did not disappoint! A flaky crust on the outside and a wonderful combination of flavors with meat on the inside.

Little Havana Tour 55

The recipes displayed on the wall have been passed down for generations.

Little Havana Tour 52
Little Havana Tour 54

Make sure that you take a few moments to look at all of the walls because they are a time capsule of history.

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Walk of Fame in Little Havana

As you walk the streets, you will notice the stars that recognize famous Latinos who have made an impact on the community.

Cuba Tobacco Cigar Factory in Little Havana

Watch Cigars Being Made at Cuba Tobacco Cigar Factory

Our tour gave us behind the scene access to where the cigars are being prepared at our next stop.

Cuban Cigar shop Little Havana
Cuba Tobacco Cigar Factory in Little Havana
Man making cigars at Cuba Tobacco Cigar Factory in Little Havana
cigars at Cuba Tobacco Cigar Factory in Little Havana
Little Havana Tour 13

Everyone knows that Cuban cigars are hailed as the best, but it’s an incredible experience to witness the craftsmanship behind making a Cuban cigar.

Little Havana Tour 57
Little Havana Tour 59

Check out that GIANT cigar inside the glass case pictured below!

Little Havana Tour 61

Of course, we had to try a Cuban sandwich while in Little Havana.

Cuban Sandwich in Little Havana

A Cuban Sandwich and Cuban Coffee at El Exquisito Restaurant

Of course, we had to try a Cuban sandwich while in Little Havana.

Little Havana Tour 15

Our stop was at El Exquisito Restaurant. My younger son deemed it the best sandwich that he has ever tried.

At the same location, we also tried Cuban coffee for the 1st time.

Little Havana Tour 63

It’s a game-changer!

Little Havana Tour 17

Cuban coffee is similar to espresso and comes in the size of a shot. It’s sweet with a punch and the perfect pick me up.

Little Havana Tour 7

I might have tried 3 of them and the experience was a bit of a tease because now I wish that we had Cuban coffee where we live.

Little Havana Tour 43

Enjoy A Mojito at Ball & Chain

Our next stop at Ball & Chain had a lot of charm and history.

Little Havana Tour 41
Little Havana Tour 39

This popular nightspot dates back to the 1930s and was frequented by legendary singers who graced the stage.

Little Havana Tour 9

We enjoyed a mojito made with crushed mint leaves, a squeeze of lime, island rum with ice added at the end.

Little Havana Tour 42

There were virgin mojitos available for the kids and anyone who didn’t want alcohol to try.

Little Havana Tour 8
Little Havana Tour 40

If you love art deco architecture, you will love the design of the theater that you pass by on your way to Domino Park.

Little Havana Tour 38
Little Havana Tour 37

Meet the Locals at Domino Park

We were told that this was actually a quiet day for Domino Park during our visit.

Little Havana Tour 65

It didn’t look or sound very quiet. I wish I would have paid more attention in Spanish class.

Domino Park in Little Havana
Little Havana Tour 66

It was really interesting to observe this popular game in action. I loved the sense of community here.

Little Havana Tour 31

Street Art in Little Havana

Street art fans will enjoy the vibrant murals in a variety of styles.

Little Havana Tour 33
Little Havana Tour 32
Little Havana Tour 29

A Sweet Stop at Yisil Bakery

We stopped at Yisil Bakery for a popular sweet treat call guava that had a flaky crust and fruity filling.

Little Havana Tour 28

Ralph really made our tour so interesting and fun.

Little Havana Tour 30

We would have missed out on so much if we would have tried to replicate these stops on our own. You really need an insider to get the whole experience.

Little Havana Tour 24

Try Guarapo at Los Pinaderos Fruteria

Have you ever tried straight sugar cane juice? It’s amazing!

Little Havana Tour 23

During the tour we watched them pressed the sugar cane to create Guarapo.

Little Havana Tour 26
Little Havana Tour 21

We learned about various produce at a fruit stand called Los Pinaderos Fruteria that has been around for over 100 years at our next stop.

Little Havana Tour 20

Cuban Memorial Boulevard

Next, we learned more history at the Cuban Memorial Boulevard and Bay of Pigs Monument that honors the soldiers who died in the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba.

Little Havana Tour 64

Ice Cream at Azucar Ice Cream Company

The last stop ended with a sweet treat at Azucar Ice Cream Company.

They are famous for their Abuela Maria flavor (premium vanilla ice cream mixed with bright jewels of ruby red  guava, rich cream cheese, and crispy, sweet galletas Maria)

Little Havana Tour 67

I sampled several other options that were equally delicious but I like to try things that I can’t have anywhere else.

ice cream in Little Havana Miami Culinary Food Tour

Our last stop was the perfect ending to our tour and we were beyond FULL! It was a good kind of hurt so good.

I can’t speak highly enough about our tour. It was a great way for our family to experience the city within a short amount of time connecting with the local culture.

Little Havana Tour 44

Book the Little Havana Tour from Miami Culinary Food Tours

Find out more about the Little Havana Tour from the Miami Culinary Food Tour website.  

You can also check out the South Beach and Wynwood Food & Art Tour. Read more about our visit to Wynwood here.

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Thanks to Miami Culinary Food Tours for hosting our tour. We had a wonderful time! All opinions are my own. 

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