How to Discover Outdoor Adventure in Columbus

When I visit a city, I seek out locations and experiences that are unique, that I can’t replicate anywhere else. I discovered that Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer when it comes to connecting with nature through outdoor adventure. You can choose your own outdoor adventure in an urban setting, a scenic park, or the woods.

So did I find anything unique, that I couldn’t replicate anywhere else, in Columbus? YES, and there is a good chance that you will want to add these adventures to your list too!


Great Parks

One of my all time favorite parks in Columbus is Topiary Park. It is usually one of the first parks that I visit whenever I’m in town, no matter what season it is.


The main point of interest at the park is the topiary interpretation of George Seurat’s famous painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte” created by sculptor, James T. Mason.


As a visitor you see a bronze replica of the painting as you look at the topiary replication of the scene in front of you. The 7 acre park has over 50 human figures along with a few animals and boats. The flowers landscaped in the park are also worth noting.

Another park that I really like for pictures is the 13 acre Park of Roses which has more than 350 different types of roses totally over 11,000! This is a popular place for family pictures.


An Upclose Encounter with Hawks

The Walk with Hawks adventure with Ohio School of Falconry is an unforgettable adventure that allows you to interact with and engage with hawks. You have multiple opportunities to fly the birds to your glove and/or lure. This experience is seriously like no other! During the 1.5-2 hour session, you learn a lot about the birds and get a taste of what falconry is like. This is the perfect experience for someone who wants a taste of what falconry is like, but doesn’t want to go through a lengthy training.


I will warn you that you will have such an incredible experience with the birds that you will probably want to do it again. I couldn’t stop smiling because I was in awe that we got to be so close to these magnificent creatures.


Another one of my favorite parts was watching how the other people in my group responded to the experience. What started as incredibly intimidating, transitioned to awe.


As we walked in the woods, we could hear the bell on the hawk’s ankle jingle as he followed us from above in the trees and then would swoop down to enjoy a treat when we called him.

Calling the bird. @ohiofalconry

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We gained confidence as we were taught how to interact with the birds and we also shared a memory of a lifetime together. Seriously, bucket list experience!


 Explore a bike trail downtown

Columbus has a fantastic bike trail system that allows you to choose your own adventure. The CoGo Bike Share has 41 stations in Columbus that allow you to check out a bike with a credit or debit card, 30 minutes at a time , 24/7.


If you extend your trip you will pay a little extra but this is a great way to explore different parts of Columbus. I would highly recommend the trails near the Scioto Mile downtown for a mix of urban views with scenery by the water.


Another great location to use the CoGo Bike Share is at Scioto Audubon Metro Park that consists of 12o acres, a variety of structures for outdoor exercise, and plenty of areas to stop and watch wildlife.


Discover Street Art Downtown

Streetart in Columbus e1476674149212

I LOVE discovering street art when I visit a city. It transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary. You can take a walking tour of all of the street art in Columbus using a map from the Columbus Art Walks App.

img 8181

Exercise is a little more enjoyable when you are on the quest to find as many murals as possible.

img 8731
Architecture and Roadside Attractions

I love exploring downtown and finding something unexpected. There are so many details on the buildings in downtown Columbus that you can miss when you don’t stop and look up.


I also like finding the quirky roadside attractions that make for a fun photo opp. Come on, you know you need a pic with the world’s largest gavel!


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How to Discover Outdoor Adventure in Columbus

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