Why Englewood is One of Florida’s Best Kept Secrets

My first visit to Englewood, Florida was a bit of a surprise.

I would definitely describe Englewood as one of Florida’s best-kept secrets.

It’s not your typical tourist destination because you don’t see a lot of attractions and tourist shops saturated in the area.

Why Englewood is One of Florida's Best Kept Secrets
Englewood Florida

The atmosphere in Englewood, Florida is very laid back

The crowds are lighter which allows you to just enjoy nature and the local restaurants with great seafood nearby without really long lines.

Where is Englewood, Florida?

Englewood is located on Florida’s west coast, less than an hour’s drive from the Punta Gorda Airport.

On a map of Florida, Englewood is located south of Tampa between Fort Myers and Sarasota. 

Fort Myers is around an hour’s drive from Englewood.  

Inexpensive flights from Allegiant Airlines make it an affordable option for someone who would rather fly and rent a car than drive.

Stump Pass Beach State Park Englewood Florida

Explore Stump Pass Beach State Park 

900 Gulf Blvd, Englewood, Florida

Stump Pass Beach State Park is so peaceful and offers a unique landscape with trails and lots of tree stumps along the shoreline.

You might notice several areas marked off on the beach that is designed to protect the sea turtle nests.

If you get the opportunity to watch one hatch or return to the ocean, depending on the time of year that you visit, you will have the memory of a lifetime.

Stump Pass Beach State Park trail

There is a 1.3-mile hiking trail that will give you the opportunity to see lots of wildlife.

Stump Pass Beach State Park Englewood Florida

There are many types of birds in the state park and you also might see a few starfish, a manatee, dolphin, or a really big fish.

I would suggest taking a SUP tour so that you know where and what to look for in and around the water.

Hooked on SUP Englewood Florida

Take a SUP Paddleboard and Snorkel Tour

I’m all about stepping outside of my comfort zone which is why this adventure was both exciting for me and also made me a little nervous.

I had tried SUP before, but not in water located near the ocean.

Hooked on SUP Englewood Florida

The beauty of taking a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) tour with Hooked on SUP is that you can do whatever you are comfortable with.

The gear was brought to us at Stump Pass Beach State Park.

Hooked on SUP Englewood Florida

My husband found certain positions on the board to be more comfortable than others due to an old football injury.

He didn’t hesitate at all when it was time to snorkeling, but this Midwest girl took a little longer to ease into the water. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, which is why it was important for me to do it.

Hooked on SUP Englewood Florida

My fears did not come to pass. I can now proudly say that I snorkeled in an area called “Rag Alley” which definitely made it sound a little edgier.

It was the perfect way to experience the water and wildlife.

Weston's wannaB Inn Englewood Florida

Stay on the Beach at Weston’s WannaB Inn in Englewood, Florida

985 Gulf Blvd, Englewood, FL

Weston’s wannaB Inn is a vintage gem located next door to Stump Pass Beach State Park. Now when I say next door, I mean next door.

Weston's wannaB Inn Englewood Florida

I could literally see the state park sign next to the parking lot of our motel.

The beauty of that means that guests at Weston’s WannaB Inn get the spoiled feeling of having a beach pretty much to themselves.

Westons WannaB Inn Englewood Florida

The rooms have a retro vibe with a mini kitchen and the views from your balcony that are fantastic.

There are 2 heated pools, bikes available for rent, a private beach, and free wifi.

Find Hotels and Airbnbs near Englewood, Florida. Book your stay now!

Sunset Englewood Florida

Find the perfect beach souvenir in Englewood

There are so many beautiful shells along the beach in Englewood. We were also told that you can find shark’s teeth.

Shells on the beach in Englewood Florida

You could easily make an adventure out of finding unique seashells to take home with you to remember your wonderful visit.

Flounder’s Restaurant and Tiki Bar Englewood Florida

Local Restaurants Near Englewood, Florida

If I were planning ahead, I would have gone to the local grocery store to gets lots of food during our visit.

I actually enjoy going out to eat when I visit a destination, which means that I’m not much of a cook when I’m away.

So I’m happy to give you a few great suggestions.

Restaurants in Englewood Florida

Enjoy a lively nightlight, a large outdoor seating area with outdoor music, ping pong, bean bag toss, and excellent fish tacos at Sandbar Tiki Bar & Grill.

Make sure that you try the Grouper Rocket (Fried grouper with melted swiss, thousand island dressing & coleslaw on grilled rye bread.) 

Take advantage of happy hour at Lock ‘N Key Restaurant with a pull tab that could result in a full, half price, or $.50 drink.

Enjoy a special dinner with a great ambiance at  Farlow’s on the Water.  Start with the West Indian Conch Fritters appetizers that are a nod to the owner’s upbringing in St. Croix.


Witness the Magic of Golden Hour in Englewood, Florida

I recommend waking up early to watch the sunrise at least once during your visit. Make sure that you also make it a point to watch each sunset.

They are very unique and magical every. single. time.

The clear, warm water on the Gulf side and beautiful beaches are hard to beat.

I’m sharing this gem with you but don’t tell too many people, ok?


Thanks again to Charlotte Harbor for hosting our visit. All opinions are my own. 

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why Englewood is one of Floridas Best kept secrets

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  1. Hi! Can you share how the sand was? Was it soft for walking on and playing in? Or too rough on little feet from shells? Thank you!

  2. found stump pass last year and enjoy going. we live 2 and a half hours north and dont mind the drive. its a great beach, shells forever and never crowded

  3. I lived there for years. Absolute paradise. I miss Englewood every day. White Elephant Restaurant for Grouper sandwich. Best pizza in the world @ Superday , 7 miles east on 776 at Gaspirilla Rd. Disclaimet…. My only intrest was I enjoyed the food.
    Stump Pass beach and Boca Grande are a slice of heaven

  4. Really nice article and phots! It has to be an amazing place, we are planning to visit this area sooner than later. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Hi Peggy- I just got back from a return visit 2/5/19 and the red tide is gone and fishing was great!

  6. The best food, fun and entertainment is found at the Englewood Event Center. The venue is a favorite spot where many celebrities have graced the stage. Some of top artist of our time have perform there such as Charlie Daniels, Wynonna Judd, Gallagher, Night Ranger, Molly Hatchet just to name a few recent stars.
    Their bar and grill is off the charts. Famous comedian and renowned Chef Michael “Wheels” Parise owner of Parise Eats is the in-house catering company and puts food on the table like no other !

  7. I live here in Englewood. I own Lemon Bay Soap Company. My husband and I moved here from Ohio 5 years ago. We have family here so that is what brought us to this beautiful beach town. I love it, there is something so very magical about this hidden gem. I’m lucky to call Englewood my home.

  8. I highly recommend Manasota Key aka Englewood and also South Venice Beach. We have been vacationing here for many years. We plan to retire here someday. It’s all true what this article says. And SUP is great here! You can SUP or Kayak to Don Pedro Island and all sorts of other places!

  9. A superb article! Well composed and well written. The best article about Eaglewood, FL – a heavenly place, a travelers must visit place a top notch photography. Good collection of information about places to visit and restaurants

  10. We went there last summer and we loved it so much. I would have said the same thing if I would have wrote this. Englewood Florida I give it 5 ??

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