Family Circus Class with Cincinnati Circus Company

Family Circus Class with Cincinnati Circus Company

I think watching the 80’s/90’s tv show “Circus of the Stars” planted the seed in my mind that anyone could try being a circus star. So I tried trapeze with friends…..

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………and then we tried trapeze as a family.

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So then the logic was that if your family is a circus already …might as well learn a few skills to impress the neighbors.

On a trip to Cincinnati, we reconnected with some friends and shared a family circus class together.  We had participants ranging from 2 years old to teens to grandparents.

I had checked beforehand to see if the age ranges would be a problem and was assured that everyone would have something they could try no matter what age.  Kids can do tricks that parents can’t and vice versa.

We started out our class with a group activity as a warm up.


We held hands in a huge circle and had to move the hula hoops around the circle without letting go of each other’s hands.


Then we were divided into groups and got to try more specific tricks.  Our family tried juggling first.  I’m not a good juggler at all.

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Plates were way easier to balance. The boys were having fun trying and my husband now wants to master juggling.  Even “grandpa” gave it a shot.

juggling grandpa

Next, we tried the tightrope. Even though it was only a few feet off the ground, it was so hard to balance on. Kudos to the tightrope walkers!  I think that the teenagers were the only ones who successfully got across the rope without any help from the workers.

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We checked the aerial silk swing next, which the kids and the adults had fun trying.

kids on silk

Then came the balancing ball.  WOW!!! It was so much harder than it looked!

me before wipeout1

I wiped out twice. Not a little wipe out, but a fall flat on the matt wipe out.  At this point in my adventures, I’m used to having no pride in trying a new task. All that I could do was laugh at myself laying on the floor.

You have to move your feet super slow or the momentum gets going too fast and you’re done for.

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We tried other random things to juggle next.  There were chinese yo yo’s, plates, scarves, and pins to practice on.

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One of our friends successfully juggled just about everything.

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There were also hula hoops to play with.

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After we were taught everything, we could move freely around the room and practice the skills we wanted to work on.


It was so fun to watch everyone in the room.  No matter what the age, the smiles were everywhere.  This was such a great time together as a family.

We loved our experiences with Cincinnati Circus Company before and once again we were not disappointed.  We had another memorable experience as a family with friends.


Got circus dreams too? Check out Cincinnati Circus Company for more information on class times and locations. The family circus class is very reasonable at $25 a family with up to 6 members. They also offer trapeze and aerial fitness classes. Mention “Adventure Mom” and you can get an Adventure mom discount of “buy one, get one half off” for the trapeze, aerial fitness or a family circus class.


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  1. Hi Nedra!

    Thank you so much for featuring us on your amazing blog! I just wanted to let you know that we have added all kinds of fun classes and camps to our arsenal. We have an amazing circus summer camp for the kids, aerial yoga for mom, and plenty more! Feel free to email us if you’d like to know more. 🙂

  2. What a fun class. We live so close to Cincinnati and had no clue this existed. Thanks for the inspiration – this is now on our family bucket list!!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! Maybe we can try an adventure together sometime in the future:)

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