Glamping at Hidden Lake Farm With The Pop-Up BNB

Glamping at Hidden Lake Farm With The Pop-Up BNB

Located about an hour from Cincinnati, Hidden Lake Farm, is a remote location in Cynthiana, Kentucky, perfect for a glamping adventure getaway.

If you don’t want the hassle of packing up a tent for an overnight stay but still want to camp in style, The Pop-Up BNB has you covered.

We were guests of The Pop-Up BNB. This article contains affiliate links.

Glamping adventure with the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

What is Glamping?

“Glamping” is basically elevated camping. You are still enjoying the outdoors but in more glamourous ways.

There are different types of glamping experiences that appeal to a variety of camping comfort zones.

Glamping adventure with the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

How Does The Pop Up BNB Work?

The beautiful part about a glamping adventure with The Pop-Up BNB is that they take care of the canvas tent set up and tear down.

If you have ever been tent camping before, you can probably recall MANY frustrating moments during the tent setup process.

Your bedding is also set up making it so that all you have to do is show up and relax when you arrive.

Glamping with the popup BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Are the Canvas Tents Waterproof?

Yes, but it’s recommended that you keep all of your gear 12 inches from the canvas walls. It’s also recommended that you don’t touch the canvas to help keep it waterproof because the oils on your hands can ruin the protective coating.

Can Kids or Pets Stay in the Glamping Tent By The Pop-Up BNB?

Kids and pets are allowed but you will need to inquire about pets prior to your stay for liability purposes and dog bedding. Some landowners do not allow pets or charge a pet fee.

Glamping adventure with the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Where Does The Pop-Up BNB Set Up Tents?

The tents can be set up on private property or campgrounds with a flat clearing. You can also rent more than one tent if you have a larger group or rent the tents for photo ops too.

Tents with The Pop-Up BNB are 100% mobile, and completely customizable.

friends on a Glamping adventure with the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Camp at One of The Pop-Up BNB Events

The Pop-Up BNB travels throughout the country and has events where you camp at one of their designated spaces during specific dates.

My friend and I chose a midweek date when The Pop-Up BNB was at Hidden Lake Farm in Cynthiana, Ky. The location was convenient because it was about an hour away.

entrance at Hidden Lake Farm in Kentucky

What to Expect When You Arrive at Hidden Lake Farm

You can call about 30 minutes before your arrival and the owner, Lori, will meet you at the gate to let you in. Upon arrival, you can ask any additional questions, see where the bathroom is, and then follow the owner to your specific camping site.

You can also let Lori know if you are interested in purchasing firewood, fishing bait, or ice.

scenic view of the lake at Hidden Lake Farm

Scenic Views from Glamping Campsite #2 at Hidden Lake Farm

Our glamping campsite was set up at campsite #2… AKA ” Hill spot” resting on top of a rolling hill.

glamping tent with the Pop-up BNB near the lake

I really liked that we could easily walk down to the lake and that our campsite felt like we were still far away from the other campsites.

camping chairs from the pop-up BNB at site number 2 at Hidden Lake Farm

It doesn’t have much shade but it does have beautiful views.

scenic view from site #2 at Hidden Lake Farm

Our campsite also had a picnic table and a fire pit. The wooden chairs pictured are just for decoration but you can hang things from their hooks on the poles at the top.

glamping campsite by the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Most vehicles should be able to travel up the hill without any problems.

Inside the glamping canvas tent by the Pop-Up BNB

The Pop-Up BNB Glamping Setup Inside the Tent

We opted for two separate air mattresses for our glamping overnight which still gave us plenty of room. I like sharing adventures with friends… but not my bed… I need my space.

There were plenty of extra sleeping bags and blankets in addition to our bedding for us to use in our tent.

At the time of our arrival in the heat of the day, it seemed unnecessary but the blankets were greatly appreciated as the temperatures became colder at night around the mid-’50s.

glamping supplies with The Pop-Up BNB

Glamping Add-Ons

You can choose your own glamping adventure with a bare-bones or standard package with available a la carte add-ons ranging from additional comforts to meals delivered to you.

glamping with the popup BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

What Should You Pack for the Pop-Up BNB?

Suggested items are:

  • Toiletry items
  • Bathing towels
  • Bug spray
  • Trash bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Dog bowls
  • Utensils
  • Dishes
  • Cooking equipment
  • Pots and pans
  • Cooking supplies
  • Warm clothes
  • Cooler
  • Water
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra pillows
  • Outdoor games
  • Indoor games
  • Bottle opener  
bathroom in the barn at Hidden Lake Farm in Kentucky

The Bathroom Situation at Hidden Lake Farm

I always think that it’s good to know what to expect with the bathroom situation when you camp so that you can be mentally prepared ahead of time. This may be a concern for female glampers.

Hidden Lake Farm is a primitive campground.

Fortunately, there is a bathroom with a shower available for guests to use about a mile from the campsites inside the black barn.

There is also an outhouse toilet near the dock by the lake that’s available if you are okay with more rustic options.

We ended up driving to the barn during our stay because we weren’t quite ready to test out our Go Girl funnels that my friend bought for the trip.

Hidden Lake Farm in Kentucky

Things to Do at Hidden Lake Farm

During your stay at Hidden Lake Farm, there are several activities that you can enjoy during your stay.

paddleboats at Hidden Lake Farm in Kentucky

Recreation on the Water at Hidden Lake Farm

Guests who stay at Hidden Lake Farm have access to paddleboats, kayaks, a canoe, and small fishing boats. There is a shed that also has life jackets, paddles, floats, etc. for guests to use as well.

There is a 16-acre lake and several smaller ponds on the property.

kayaks and boats at Hidden Lake Farm in Kentucky

We were told that there are snapping turtles and snakes in the lake which I’ll admit freaked me out a bit. I was probably better off NOT knowing that information.

Many guests DO swim in the lake during their stay without any issues. We observed little kids swim in the water without any unwanted encounters. I was told that the owner’s kids swim in the lake often too.

Adventure mom and friend on the lake at Hidden Lake Farm

I highly recommend a relaxing morning paddleboat ride with coffee in hand.

crane flying at Hidden Lake Farm

During our visit, we didn’t end up fishing but we did enjoy observing wildlife such as the crane nearby.

paddleboat on the lake at Hidden Lake Farm

The trees in the water were a fun obstacle course for use to weave our paddleboat between.

Stand up paddle boarding at Hidden Lake Farm

ISUP Fun on the Water

I also brought my inflatable stand up paddleboards because I love any excuse to get out on the water.

Stand up paddle boarding at Hidden Lake Farm

I also loved that we could see our campsite in the distance on top of the hill from the water

adventure mom and friend Stand up paddle boarding at Hidden Lake Farm

Thankfully we didn’t fall in the water to tempt our fate with the snapping turtles.

I learned that snapping turtles typically want nothing to do with humans after more research afterward online.

hiking trail at Hidden Lake Farm in Kentucky

Take a Hike at Hidden Lake Farm

There are 216 acres at Hidden Lake Farm and if you stay within the fences when you explore you are good to go.

view of the water at Hidden Lake Farm

Pro tip: A s’more stick can double as a spider web swatter.

hiking trail at Hidden Lake Farm

If you enjoy hiking make sure that you walk up to the field at the top of the hill near the lake.

large field at Hidden Lake Farm

We saw a deer and we were told that its a popular spot for wild turkeys.

baby donkey and mom and Hidden Lake Farm

Farm Animals at Hidden Lake Farm

There are several different types of farm animals onsight at the farm. *Please ask the owner, Lori, to take you to see the animals.

animals at Hidden Lake Farm

There are electric fences on the property and you don’t want to wander to areas with farm animals without permission.

chicken coop at Hidden Lake Farm

At the outside chicken coop there are several chickens, rabbits, and box turtles.

baby lamb at Hidden Lake Farm
baby lamb and his mom at Hidden Lake Farm

We also lucked out and got to visit a 2-day old lamb and a 3-month-old donkey.

Baby donkey at Hidden Lake Farm

The baby donkey was soft like an oversized stuffed animal and super sweet.

Jetboil with freeze dried meals from Mountain House adventure meals

Meals During Our Glamping Stay

My friend has more experience primitive camping than me…along with some fancy gear.

Lucky for me she brought her JetBoil and Mountain House freeze-dried meals for our dinner and breakfast.

The JetBoil boiled our water in 60 seconds or less! Next, you pour the boiled water into the pouch for the Mountain House Adventure Meal and mix it around in the pouch, and seal it back up. After waiting several minutes you stir it again, seal it back up again, wait a few more minutes, and then its time to serve.

I’ll admit that I was REALLY skeptical about the taste of a freeze-dried meal. We enjoyed the lasagna with meat sauce for dinner and the biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

The taste was the most surprising part. I would actually eat both of those meals at home by choice because they both had a great flavor and did not taste like freeze-dried meals at all!

The convenience factor was also appreciated because we had great meals without the mess or long prep.

glamping campsite by the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Campsites at Hidden Lake Farm

There are 12 sites on the property that are spread apart so that each camper feels like they have their own special space.

glamping campsite by the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Some sites on the property can be really difficult to reach if there has been inclement weather and require an SUV.

marshmallow on a stick in campfire at Hidden Lake Farm

Campfire at Hidden Lake Farm

We relaxed by the campfire and enjoyed a few s’mores after dinner.

During your stay, you may even hear coyotes or a bobcat in the distance. Don’t worry, we didn’t have any too close for comfort wild animal encounters.

Our campsite was also a great spot if you want to try night photography to capture the stars above.

tent at night by the Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm

Night Lights on Your Glamping Tent

At night your canvas tent looks even more magical when you turn on the battery-powered lights hanging on the outside of the entrance.

Inside the tent, there is a lamp on the center pole that offers multiple settings for your light preferences once it gets dark.

movie projector inside glamping tent with the Pop-up BNB

Watch a Movie While You Glamp

The projector was probably one of my favorite glamping add ons during our stay. I’ve never watched a movie in a tent while I was camping and it was such a treat at night.

movie projector inside glamping tent with the Pop-up BNB

We had several movies to choose from ranging from family-friendly, scary, drama, comedy, and romantic comedy.

The projector had about 4 hours of playing time and the best part is that you can watch the movie from the comfort of your air mattress INSIDE.

adventure mom and friend glamping with the Pop-Up BNB

Are You Ready for a Glamping Adventure at Hidden Lake Farm?

We really enjoyed our glamping experience with The Pop-Up BNB at Hidden Lake Farm.

It was a fun girlfriend getaway and nice to enjoy the great outdoors without the extra work or stress of setting up and tearing down.

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