What You Need to Know Before You Go on the Donut Trail

Butler County, Ohio offers visitors a different kind of hiking trail.

A trail that involves donuts…..lots of donuts! Now that’s a trail that everyone can hike!

I’m sharing tips for making the most of your first visit to the Donut Trail in Butler County, Ohio. Located in southwest Ohio, Butler County is only a 45-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati.

What You Need to Know Before You Go on the Donut Trail

1. Have a Plan Ahead of Time

To effectively cross several donut shops off your list, you will need to have a strategy.

There are 13 local donut shops and 80 miles of trail to choose from located throughout the county.

donuts at The Donut Dude

What Are the Ohio Donut Trail Locations?

These are the passport stops on the Butler County Donut Trail

map of Bulter County Donut Trail

Pull up the Donut Trail on Google Maps here.

Donut Trail Passport and Sign

2. Start Visting Bakeries on the Donut Trail Early

Several of the bakeries close once they run out of donuts or their operating times can close as early as 10 am.

You need to get an early start to get the most stops in.

You’ll also want to double-check their days of operation before you go.

donut with pink frosting

3. Sample Donuts and Share

If you want to experience several different types of donuts along the trail, I would highly suggest going with a group, ordering a few donuts, and then cutting them into fourths so that you can try a bite instead of the whole donut.

Pack a storage container to keep the donuts fresher, and longer.

You will fill up quickly if you eat a whole donut at each stop and you could risk becoming so full that you can’t truly appreciate each delicious bite.

I like to ask each donut shop what specialty donuts they are known for and make sure that I try some of their more unique varieties along the way.

Bakeries on the Donut Trail

4. Don’t Forget to Get Your Donut Trail Passport Stamped

Each donut shop has a different word that goes on your passport.

When you complete your passport with a stamp from each donut shop, you can bring it to the Butler County Visitors Center to receive a free Donut Trail T-shirt.

You can download a passport online or request one at one of the Donut Shops.

If you complete your passport during hours that the visitor center isn’t open you can mail your completed passport and they will ship you a t-shirt free of charge.

friends on the Donut Trail

5. Take Lots of Pictures Along the Way

Don’t forget to document your day with lots of pictures using the #DonutTrail hashtag.

assortment of donuts

6. Bring Home Extra Donuts That You Liked

If you find a few favorites along the way, make a to-go order to enjoy the following day.

Butler County Donut Trail Passport
Donut Trail Map provided by Butler County

Check out Donut Dude, the newest addition to Donut Trail.

Donut Worry Be Happy

7. You Don’t Have to Do All of the Butler County Donut Trail in One Day

Kudos to you, if you’re super ambitious and want to tackle visiting all of the Donut Trail, stops on the passport in one day.

donuts on the Donut Trail

Another option is to spread out your visits and make the day a reoccurring adventure to look forward to.

2-3 donut shops in one visit are plenty in my opinion. It also gives you an excuse to explore different parts of Butler County and burn off some of your calories while you are in the area.

Aqua Adventures in Middletown. JPG

Additional Things to Do in Butler County

Here are a few additional adventures to experience while you are in the area at Hamilton, Middletown, and indoor and outdoor adventures.

friends on the Donut Trail

More Information on the Donut Trail

You can find out more at the Bulter Country Donut Trail from their website.

What You Need to Know Before You Go on the Donut Trail

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