Imagination Brought to Life at the Highfield Discovery Garden

I’ve always been really impressed with the parks in the Cincinnati Metro. Great Parks of Hamilton County does such a great job of providing lots of outdoor recreation and programming to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors.

I also love to discover parks that are unique. The Highfield Discovery Garden at Glenwood Gardens feels like a scene out of a children’s book imagined brought to life.

The Highfield Discovery children’s garden is a gated feature at Glenwood Gardens park with a small additional fee that it is worth the price.

The Highfield Discovery Garden 25 ft treehouse

Our visit was during the winter months, but I can only imagine how gorgeous this playground is when everything is in bloom.

The Highfield Discovery Garden treehouse 3

Discovery Tree

One of the first features that kids will LOVE is the 25 ft. Discovery Tree. They can climb under and all over. It’s a pretty incredible structure for a game of tag, dreaming, or playing hide and seek.

Outdoor Trolley Garden at Highfield Discovery Garden

Outdoor Trolley Garden

The outdoor trolley garden features 4 small scale trains and a little conductor booth. Kids will love watching the trains up close throughout the structure.

The Highfield Discovery Garden catepillar

Creative Gardens

This 12 acres garden features 7 smaller gardens. Kids will enjoy discovering each section. Each small garden has its own personality.

The Highfield Discovery Garden flower bed e1518099537333
creative gardens highfield discovery garden in Ohio

There are also hiking trails accessible from the Highfield Discovery Garden. If you bring a lunch, there is a patio seating area toward the entrance.

Glenwood Gardens features 335 acres with a 1-mile paved trail and a 1.6-mile Wetland Loop where you can see gardens, wetlands, forests, and prairies. There is also a gift shop onsite.

The Highfield Discovery Garden


If you decide that you want to visit more often, a family pass would be a better value. You can use your daily admission toward the cost upgrading to a family pass during your visit.

The Highfield Discovery Garden treehouse

You can find out more about Highfield Discovery Garden at Glenwood Gardens from their website. 

Highfield Discovery Garden is located at 10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215.

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Imagination brought to life at the Highfield Discovery Garden in Ohio

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