Why you need to check out Top This Donut Bar

Why you need to check out Top This Donut Bar

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a good donut but Top This Donut Bar took the donut experience to a whole new level! Customers can create their own donut dream with their Chipotle style ordering process.

Top This Donut Bar 2

Step 1 Decide if you want a cake donut, cinnamon roll or Crispy Rice Treat

Step 2 Pick a glaze or icing

(Carmel, Chocolate, Strawberry,Vanilla, Glaze, Maple)

Top This Donut Bar 12

Step 3 Add a topping (additional toppings for .25 more)

(Andes Mints, Bacon, Banana, Blackberries,Blueberries, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Sprinkles, Coconut, Fruity Pebbles, Graham Cracker, Heath Bar, M &Ms, Marshmello, Oreos, Pecans, Peppermints, Raspberries,Reese’s,Sprinkles, Strawberries,)

Top This Donut Bar 11

Step 4 Enjoy and Repeat

This process sounds simple but you will feel like a little kid in a candy store. The endless option possibilities can be a bit overwhelming.

Top This Donut Bar 3

Here is how our conversation went during our first visit before we ordered.

Me: Let’s get a donut
Stephanie: Sounds Good
Me: Let’s split two
Stephanie: Maybe we should spilt 4
Me: Split a dozen?
Stephanie: Ok, we will both take a dozen

I really wanted to make sure that my “research” was thorough in the tasting process. I felt I had to take one for the team. My team at home was pretty happy with my choices as well.

Donut Tasting

I would HIGHLY recommend asking the employees about some of their most popular combos because they will give you ideas that you probably didn’t think of.

Here are a few examples of the combinations that we ordered.
Top This Donut Bar 10
Donut-Maple Icing-Bacon
 Top This Donut Bar 5
Donut-Chocolate Icing-Bacon-Potato Chips- Sriracha
Top This Donut Bar 9

Donut-Strawberry Icing- Fruity Pebbles

Top This Donut Bar 6

Donut-Carmel- Banana

Top This Donut Bar 8

Donut -Carmel- Salt- Pretzel

Donut-Chocolate Icing- Marshmellow-Graham Cracker

Top This Donut Bar

The cake donuts are really good and I’m glad that we decided to cut a few donuts in half and also into fourths so that we could sample more without as much guilt.

Top This Donut Bar 7

You can find out more about Top This from their website. 

Top This Donut Bar 14

Top This Donut Bar is located at 1774 Lexington Ave, Cincinnati, OH.

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  1. That would be like picking which child I love the most lol. Ok, so I started to list my tops and then I realized that I basically LOVED everything that I tried so I would recommend going with someone who likes to share so that you can do a lot of sampling.

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