Learning From My Past to Become the Best Version of Myself

Learning From My Past to Become the Best Version of Myself

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I was invited to check out Dr. Phil’s Become the Best Version of Yourself: A personal guided journey. I’ve watched Dr. Phil’s television show and I was curious to see what it would be like to have my own personal version of Dr. Phil online. I have lots of areas in my life that I need to improve on, so any extra help is always welcome. I always want to be the best version of myself!

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So what is it and how does it work?

“Become the Best Version of Yourself” is a monthly subscription service with free activities to help get you started discovering your authentic self. Become the Best Version of Yourself: A personal guided journey by Dr. Phil is a comprehensive online course designed by Dr. Phil to help you get in touch with your authentic self by working through major moments in your past and understanding how they impacted your sense of identity. Complete with original video content from Dr. Phil himself, this step-by-step process promises the freedom to be who you want to be, and the accountability to follow through.

So what were some of my takeaways from using the course?

The online course challenged me to think about some of the top significant moments in my life, why they were meaningful, and the emotions I was feeling then and now, and how I responded to them.

For example, one of the challenges was to think about my 10 defining moments. Diving into the moments that have shaped me was both challenging and enlightening. Unfortunately, negative moments or words can hinder us in our future if we don’t address them.

It’s funny how we don’t always connect the dots from our past to our present.

Watching my mom take her final breaths from her battle with cancer was a very significant moment in my life. A conversation that we had a few weeks prior to her death has also fueled me in many ways to live in the NOW. I asked her if there was anything left on her list that she wanted to do as her life was ending and she said that she had always wanted to go to Hawaii but it was too late now. She knew that she was too frail to even walk and a trip to Hawaii was out of the question.

I think that conversation is one of the reasons why I try to live to the fullest. We are not guaranteed health or time.

Another moment that popped up during that challenge was something that I recalled that probably didn’t seem super significant at the time.

I always tend to think that people don’t remember me.

I was shyer as a kid and I think that the way that people remember me is typically by who I’m hanging out with.

I’ve noticed that sometimes people don’t remember meeting me if I’m not with my husband or a particular friend too.  It sounds silly, but a lie that I’ve told myself is that I’m not memorable or worth remembering. That lie and mindset does me no good and can hinder my future relationships and interactions with people.

I remember attending a high school basketball game years after I graduated and I recognized a teacher that I had in class while in line for the concession stand. Now I wasn’t a kid who got in trouble, and I also wasn’t crazy smart, I was just kind of average … but I had a unique name. I got the courage to talk to him and I thought that maybe he would remember me because of my unique name. So I asked and he said that when he began teaching that he was determined that he would also try to remember students’ names. When I told him mine, he shrugged his shoulders and turned back around in line. AWKWARD!

I fully understand that it sounds silly to expect a teacher to remember one of his hundreds of students from years ago, but I think that situation confirmed my warped perception of a label that I wasn’t memorable in my mind. Understanding labels from my past, helps me move forward to healthy thinking.

What I appreciated about the course was that the videos by Dr. Phil were short enough to hold my attention and gave examples in a way that was easy to understand.


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I also liked that there wasn’t any judgement if I needed to take a break because of time constraints in my schedule or because I just needed a break from the topic. My progress was saved along the way which was really helpful and the questions were broken down into steps and stages that made the work less intimidating.

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The course offers an action plan after you have completed the steps and also has quizzes and a variety of other topics of interest that you can focus on. The course asked me the tough questions and also used those answers to help me adjust and create a plan for a better future.

Are you ready to start working on becoming the best version of yourself too?

Check out the 14 day free trial of Become the Best Version of Yourself


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