Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick-fil-A

Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick fil A

We’re in the midst of football season and the menu options for families at Chick-fil-A have helped make my life a lot easier.

Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick-fil-A

Midweek Meals On the Go for Active Families

We’ve been stopping by Chick-fil-A before practice and before games when our schedule has been extra chaotic with sports. 

This is a great option that everyone enjoys, especially with practices 3-4 nights a week this past month and multiple games on the weekend.

My boys are always happy with their meal and I’m less stressed out.

Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick-fil-A

We also celebrated the last day before school starts with a Chick-fil-A picnic at the airport viewing area.

Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick-fil-A

We even sighted a flat cow!

coffee drinks at Chick-fil-A

Coffee Drinks at Chick-fil-A

If you need a little caffeine for your morning, an afternoon pick me up, or an evening treat, you definitely need to check out the new coffee drinks.

Chick-fil-A Houston Road provides free Wi-Fi – great for hanging out while you drink coffee and work or let the kids play while you work/visit with friends.

iced coffee drinks at Chick-fil-A

Make sure you check out all of the Family Activities on the Calendar here.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the diverse breakfast menu. You’ll find that there are a lot of healthy menu items available as well.

Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick-fil-A

To stay up to date on all of the latest deals you can also join the Text Club – Simply text CFAHOUSTONROAD to 411247.

By joining the club you will get special coupons and offers delivered via Text. (Regular text messaging rates apply but it’s FREE to join.)

Menu Options for On the Go Families at Chick-fil-A

You can also connect with Chick Fil A Houston Road on their website, Facebook page, Twitter,  and Instagram.

Chick Fil A  is located at 4980 Houston Rd, Florence, KY 41042.

 Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Chick-fil-A Houston Road and I am receiving compensation for my post however all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. You luckies got free breakfast this morning, I know it was good! Hope you had some of the great iced coffee to go with it!

  2. I’m always on the go, ChickfilA is so perfect for me! The Coffee House sounds great, it’s such a great idea!

  3. It makes life & “on-the-go” families’ lives easier!!!! Kids love Chick-fil-A as do all parents, so there’s no arguments about what they’re eating once they order!!! Sometimes we don’t have time to go sit inside & dine in with the country the way it is today, everyone on the go, this is exactly what we all want & need…ON THE GO MENU FOR CHICK-FIL-A!!!!!

  4. A bagel with cream cheese with an iced coffee sounds so good right now. Can’t wait until tomorrow to get them!

  5. I am so hungry. This is not the post to read. Now I want breakfast to badly and it’s 5:00 pm! 🙂 Great pictures.

  6. Oh the iced coffee looks delicious 🙂 My daughter loves Chick Fil A chicken too, it is like the best tasting chicken we have ever had!

  7. Looks good, especially the coffee! That iced coffee looks the best…makes me want one right now! They’ve got quite an impressive breakfast menu!

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