Why I Now Crave Brussels Sprouts All the Time and I Don’t Like Vegetables

Why I now crave brussels sprouts all the time and I don't like vegetables

I’ve never been great at eating my vegetables. Honestly, I’m pretty bad at it.  Wunderbar in Covington, Kentucky helped changed that. 

Einstein mural at Wunderbar in Covington

Dessert over veggies any day!

One of the first times that I received a big punishment as a little kid was for lying about eating my green beans so that I could eat dessert. 

I might have thrown them away in the trash can instead and got caught.

Not much has changed.

Brussels sprouts at Wunderbar in Covington

That’s where Wunderbar comes in.

I’ve found a solution to my lack of veggie love that now has me craving them… least craving Brussels Sprouts.

During a night out with a friend, I tried the Brussels Sprouts at Wunderbar.

Game Changer!

Wunderbar meal

Now I Crave Brussels Sprouts

I don’t even care if they aren’t technically considered healthy because whatever they do to the Brussels Sprouts, makes me crave vegetables.

Bacon and Brie
brussels sprouts

During my visit, I tried my Brussels Sprouts with a bacon and brie sandwich on pretzel bread. Amazing!

Bacon and brie and Wunderbar

To give you an idea of how much I loved my meal, I brought my family back to Wunderbar the next day.

That’s right, I ate the same exact meal from Wunderbar twice in 24 hours because I enjoyed it that much!

I’m also considering ordering the Brussels Sprouts to go as an alternative to fast food.

A side of Brussel Sprouts from Wunderbar is just as inexpensive as fast food but WAY better!

Brussels Sprouts at Wunderbar

Wunderbar also offers lots of other German foods including giant pretzels and a great variety of sausages.

I once again ordered the Bacon and Brie sandwich and my family members ordered a Giant Pretzel with cheese, Pork Schnitzel Sandwich and a Bacon and Cheese Wunderbuger.

The burgers here are HUGE!

Wunderbar bacon and brie
Giant pretzel Wunderbar
Park Schnitzel Meal at Wunderbar
Pork schnitzel

You order your food at the bar and depending on when you visit, you might catch some live music. The bar isn’t large but it’s big on taste.

Inside Wunderbar

You can find out more about Wunderbar from their website and Facebook page.

Einstein Mural

Wunderbar is located at 1132 Lee St, Covington, KY 41011

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  1. I just got home from going here with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law through your blogging recommendation. I was pleased and will be back to visit. I tried something new, The Perogies. Yum! I suggest you try it if you have not. It’s like a dumpling with mashed potatoes on the inside. The top it with a cheese sauce, crumbled bacon and sauteed onions.

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