Relaxation and Recreation at Maumee Bay Lodge

My boys and I stayed 2 nights at Maumee Bay Lodge during winter break while exploring the Toledo area. It was a great place to visit for a getaway.

room by the water Maumee Bay Lodge

We arrived at the property after dark and discovered that our room had a cute furry visitor on one of the beds.

If you decide that you want to take home a stuffed animal you can purchase a deer at the gift shop. Our room included a mini-fridge, microwave, safe, and flat-screen tv.

path by the water Maumee Bay

Our room was also located a short walking distance from the water. The weather didn’t really cooperate to show off how amazing the property location is. You can’t beat the location right on the water! The gray skies just don’t do it justice.

Maumee Bay
Maumee Bay pier
outside view Maumee Bay Lodge
path Maumee Bay Lodge

Maumee Bay Lodge offers a variety of activities for guests year-round.

If you love the outdoors you will find lots of recreational opportunities.

If you love connecting with nature you will enjoy the close access to water, nature trails, and the nature center. There is also an 18 hole Scottish links golf course, 2-mile wetlands boardwalk, outdoor pool, beach, bike, and kayak rentals, basketball and tennis courts, and more.

marsh trail Maumee Bay Lodge
Maumee Bay Lodge Nature Center

The boys and I took advantage of the indoor pool, racquetball court, and game room each evening during our stay.

Maumee Bay Lodge pool
Maumee Bay Lodge pool
game room

There was also a play area geared for younger aged children located across the hallway from the pool.

Families with children of various ages will appreciate that the indoor recreational activities are all within a few feet of each other. The open wall also makes observing the play area easy from multiple sides.

play area Maumee Bay
Maumee Bay Lodge play area

Our schedule and weather didn’t line up to spend as much time at Maumee Bay Lodge during the day because we were scheduled to explore downtown Toledo but we did enjoy a breakfast with a view of the water each morning at the lodge restaurant.

breakfast with view Maumee Bay Lodge
breakfast Maumee Bay lodge
Dining area Maumee Bay Lodge

I see why Maumee Bay is so popular all year round. We observed families and large groups enjoying themselves by multiple fireplaces while playing games during our visit in the evenings. There were also scheduled activities going on throughout the day.

Maumee Bay Lodge fireplace
Maumee Bay Lodge fireplace 2

When you are in the lobby, make sure that you take note of the Fresnel Lens from a lighthouse. It’s pretty incredible to see the detail involved in a lighthouse lens.

lighthouse Fresnel Lens at Maumee Bay Lodge
lighthouse Fresnel Lens

We enjoyed our stay at Maumee Bay. The grey skies during our visit have given me another excuse to want to come another time when the weather is warmer.

Thanks to Maumee Bay Lodge and Visit Toledo for hosting our visit.

You can find out more about Maumee Bay Lodge from their website. 

Maumee Bay Lodge is located at 1400 State Park Rd, Oregon, OH 43616.

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Relaxation and Recreation at Maumee Bay Lodge in Northern Ohio
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