Shakespeare in the Park

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My kids are pretty used to trying new things all time, so I didn’t receive too much resistance for checking out Shakespeare in the Park in our community.  I did come prepared and had the boys bring some of their favorite Star Wars books in case they didn’t like it and got bored.

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I’m not extremely familiar with all of Shakespeare’s works, so “Comedy of Errors”  was a new storyline to me.  My older son said that he wouldn’t need his books since it was going to be a comedy.

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I’m grateful that the program shared that the story involved the mistaken identity of two sets of twins.  It also stated to use your imagination to see the actors as twins, even though they didn’t look alike.  That was super helpful knowledge, because otherwise that could have took a while to figure out.

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I was really impressed with all of the actors because they had ALOT of lines to memorize.

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The play was really wordy with lots of monologues that the actors were amazing at executing.  It’s incredible to think about how Shakespeare’s works have stood the tests of time and are still so popular.  His themes are pretty timeless and are filled with so much drama and irony.


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My kids did really well during the play. My youngest started to look at his books toward the end.  My oldest told me that he had expected a little more comedy because of the title but he still enjoyed it.

I think it’s great to expose your kids to new things, even at the risk of them not liking it.  In the end, I think they will be more open minded the more they check out unique subcultures in society.

I think that this could also be a great date night.  It would be super romantic with a picnic dinner to accompany it.

*Here’s are a few things to bring if you go to see Shakespeare in the Park at a city near you.

-blankets or chairs


-snacks and books if you have kids


Many cities offer  Shakespeare in the Park for free at local parks.  Google to find one in a city near you.

New York





Click here to find a Shakespeare play or festival in a city near you.




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