The Benefits of Biking at Any Age

The Benefits of Biking at Any Age

I’ve loved biking ever since I was a kid. I’m thankful that I still enjoy spending time on my bike as an adult too.

I’m sharing more about the benefits of biking at any age. 

This article is in partnership with Huffy.  As a Huffy Ambassador, I love sharing insider tips to help you make the most of your biking adventures.

little boy riding a bike in the fall

Biking is a Significant “First” Milestone Marker in Life

When we look back at significant milestone markers in our lives, many “first-time” experiences are included in those memories.

You always remember your firsts in life.

Biking can also bring you many firsts.

First bike, first time riding a bike without training wheels, first time riding a mountain bike, first time riding an e-bike, etc. 

Biking also builds confidence.

Do you remember the feeling when you took your first ride without any assistance?

It was an unforgettable feeling and moment.


For parents, there is also such a joy in watching your kids experience their first time riding a bike without training wheels.

As a mom, I’ll admit that it was a combination of pride and a little worry because I didn’t want him to fall. 

Huffy Capri 10 Speed

My Favorite Childhood Bike

My favorite bicycle growing up was my 10 Speed Huffy Capri. I got it from my parents for Christmas and I thought it was cool that my friend and I had matching bikes. 

My Huffy Capri felt more grown-up from my previous bike with its sophisticated pink and gray striping on the body of the bar. 

I loved that bike and the image brings back so many fond memories. 

kids fishing next to a boy on a bike

Biking Grows With You

As you grow, so does your bike.

If you started biking as a kid, you probably had several bikes that were a part of your adolescence over the years.

As an adult, the type of bike you own reflects your hobbies and lifestyle.

You can also progress and challenge yourself to build on your biking skills depending on your comfort level.

The beauty is that once you have the basics down you can use those skills for life, even if you haven’t ridden a bike in a long time. 

How to Determine the Right Size Bicycle for Kids and Youth 2

How to Determine the Right Size Bike for Kids and Youth

It’s important that your child’s bike is the right size for their height.

Just like their shoes, they can outgrow a bike or have a bike that is too big. 

Check out the infograph above for suggested bike sizes based on your child’s height.

senior riding a bike

You Can Bike at Any Age

Biking is a low impact and regular cycling can increase your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, improves balance, and boosts your mental health.

Toddlers to senior citizens can enjoy riding a bike.

The younger you start, the longer you have to enjoy it, but it’s never too late to start!

solo bike ride

Solo Bike Rides Can Be Therapeutic

I’ve loved going on bike rides by myself ever since I was a kid.

During my teenage years, it was a nice way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and clear my mind.

That still rings true today as an adult.

I would rather ride a bike outside instead of exercising indoors any day. 

Bike riding is an activity that you don’t have to wait for others to enjoy.

You have the freedom to take a solo adventure whenever you choose. 

community bike ride

Biking is Multi-Generational

Families of all ages can enjoy rides together.

When our kids were little, we could just pull them behind us in a bike trailer.

Now that they are teenagers, it’s also nice to have an activity that we can do together with their grandparents too. 

couple riding bikes

Biking is a Great Activity for Couples

My husband and I have started biking together more frequently.

For quality time together as a couple, we used to go for long walks to catch up on things but his job involves a lot of walking. Long walks after putting in a lot of miles at work weren’t as appealing to him, understandably. 

Biking is something that we can do together to spend quality time that is relaxing with a bonus of exercise.

It can also be part of a date. Pack a picnic or treat yourself to an awesome dinner out after a long ride as a reward. We are also big fans of bike and brew adventures. 

I love that this is an activity that we can do together for many years to come. 

bike ornament on a Christmas Tree

Bikes Are Great Experience Gifts Year-Round

Most people naturally think of giving a bicycle as a gift around Christmas.

Birthdays, Easter, and celebrations of achievement are also a great excuse to give a gift that will be used regularly vs. clutter on a shelf. 

Bikes are the gift of mobility.

The recipient will always remember the gift and the giver. That goes for accessories too.

For Christmas my dad bought us a bike rack to attach to our trailer hitch and I’m grateful for his gift every time that we use it. 

family biking at Cades Cove

Bikes Are Environmentally Friendly

Bicycles provide another transportation option. They can be great for a local commute or a teenager who doesn’t have a license yet. 

They are also a great excuse to see the area from a slower vantage point at home or on vacation.


We loved biking the Cades Coves loop instead of driving it during our visit to the Smoky Mountains. 

Huffy Mountain Bike


Bike Maintenance Tips

Here are some great tips for maintenance from Huffy. 

Inspect Your Tires

Inflating your tires to the PSI noted on the tire and make sure that they hold pressure.

Check for leaks and make sure that the tire is sealed all the way around. 

Check Your Brakes

Your brakes should be easy to pull and the disc or linear brakes should make even contact with the wheel.

Chains and Gears

Lubricate the chains and shifters and remove any dirt. Shifting is typically tight at first and then loosens up as you go. 

Take a Test Ride

Make sure that your seat is positioned at a comfortable height and make sure that it is locked in place.

bike trail sign

Check Bike Safety Laws in Your Area

Don’t forget to make sure that you always wear a helmet too.

Notice if the tire pressure has gone down during your ride and adjust accordingly. 

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The Benefits of Biking at Any Age

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