Tips for Your 1st Visit to Land of Illusion Aqua Adventures

If you live in the Cincinnati Metro, you don’t have to travel far for your own Wipeout water experience.

Land of Illusion has been making people scream for years during their Haunt Season but at their summer attraction, Aqua Adventures waterpark, the only screams that you’ll hear are pure JOY!

I’m sharing tips and what to expect during your first visit to this awesome inflatable floating obstacle course.

inflatable floating obstacle course

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boys at Aqua Adventures

Over the years, we’ve visited this Aqua Adventures Waterpark several times with our family and friends. Each time that we visit we run out of time before we run out of fun!

Aqua Adventures in Middletown. JPG e1566048966290

When is Aqua Adventures Open?

The waterpark is open seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Aqua adventures inflatable obstacle course

Fill Out Your Waivers Ahead Of Time

Every guest needs a waiver and waivers can be filled out online ahead of time. Participants under the age of 17 must have a parent or guardian’s signature.

You can reduce your time waiting for a waiver kiosk when you arrive if you have already completed a waiver online.

golf cart escort to aqua adventures

Curbside Shuttle Service to Aqua Adventures

Upon arrival, you will purchase your ticket or show your online ticket on your phone.

There is a $5 fee for parking when you arrive.

The distance from the main entrance to the aquatic area is definitely walkable but you’ll appreciate the extra level of customer service with complimentary golf cart rides for all guests.

life jackets at Aqua Adventures

Safety First Starting With Your Life Jacket

Before you play on the Wibit Adventure Zone, you have to put on a life jacket. There is an assortment of sizes provided onsite or you can bring your own life jacket.

You are also required to wear a life jacket anytime that you are in the water including on the stand-up paddleboards.

Water socks are allowed but shoes are not allowed on the Wibit or Paddle Board.

inflatable obstacle at Aqua Adventures

If you go barefoot in the water it’s a little rocky in a few parts.

Realistically, you’ll only be in the shallow briefly while you are entering or exiting the water. The water depth ranges from the beach shoreline to about 10 feet deep.

friends in water at Aqua Adventures

When you fall off the Wibit Obstacle Course, the water is deeper which is why you will be glad that you have a life jacket on after a long day of play.

lounge chairs at Aqua Adventures waterpark

Is There Seating at Aqua Adventures?

There are lounge chairs provided for guests along the beach throughout the park.

seating area Aqua Adventures

In addition to the lounge chairs, there are tables with umbrellas near the bar area for guests to use.

Speaking of chairs, you REALLY DON’T need a lounge chair for each person in your family.

lounge chairs by the beach

You’ll be spending most of your time in the water, so be kind to other adults who aren’t swimming and don’t save chairs for kids who realistically will never use them.

cabana rental by the beach

Umbrella and Cabana Rentals

If you are concerned about making sure that you have a guaranteed chair in the shade, you can rent an umbrella or a cabana.

*No outside chairs or umbrellas are permitted.

cabana rental at Aqua Adventures

Cabana rentals are a nice option if you have some family members that can’t be out in the sun for long periods of time.

Climbing challenge

Challenge Yourself on the Inflatable Floating Obstacle Course!

Adults, I’m talking to you here! I highly encourage you NOT to sit this one out!

kid on top of inflatable slide on the water

I noticed all sizes and ages (even senior citizens)  on the Wibit Adventure Zone water obstacle course and everyone was having a BLAST!

teenager on inflatable obstacle course

If your kids watch you attempt a challenging obstacle, or even better, witness you falling during a crazy wipeout, you will earn extra respect…even if they won’t tell you that.

inflatable floating obstacle course

The obstacle challenges are a good mix and range from fairly easy to difficult….especially when wet.

You will put your balancing skills and your strength to the test in a good way with lots of laughs guaranteed.

inflatable obstacle course  at Aqua Adventures

What’s nice is that there are plenty of challenges that appeal to kids, teens, and adults. The teenagers were definitely the most successful on the iceberg climbing mountain.

I had a few challenges that took several attempts but it felt great when I finally did reach my goal.

Adults having fun inflatable water park

The Inflatable Floating Obstacle Course is Fun for ALL Ages!

You need to be 43″ to go on the Wibit Obstacle Course and to use the Paddle Boards.

Younger guests can enjoy playing in the sand on the beach or swimming along the beach. There is also a section just for them.

teenagers at Aqua Adventures waterpark at Land of Illusion

This is the type of adventure that is perfect for families who have a range of ages because there is something for everyone to do….and still enough space for your teenagers.

woman going down slide at Aqua Adventures

It’s also REALLY fun for adults without kids too! We stayed in the water almost as long as the kids.

kids Wibit Zone Aqua Adventures

Kids Wibit Zone for Younger Kids

There is a dedicated section just for adventurers under 43,” ages 5-8 so that they can enjoy all of the extreme action of the original Wibit course in a zone all their own.

(Kids under 43″ are not permitted on the bigger course)

Toddler Splash Zone at  Land of Illusion Aqua Adventures
Image courtesy of Aqua Adventures

Toddler Splash Zone

This is the newest addition to Aqua Adventures designed for guests ages 3-5 featuring the play areas that boast a range of slides, water buckets, and play zones.

Guests age 3 and under can play for FREE!

Ohio's largest inflatable slide

Go Down Ohio’s Largest Inflatable Slide

This inflatable slide is 36″ tall and it goes FAST!

top of Ohio's largest inflatable slide

What makes it even more fun is that you can race your friends or family at the same time.

Aqua Adventures waterpark at Land of Illusion

This is the only water slide where you are allowed to take off your life jacket. It’s easiest to reach this water slide by swimming to it from the Wibit Adventure Zone.

stand up paddleboard rentals at Aqua Adventures

Try Stand Up Paddleboarding at Paddle Bay

If you want to try a more laid-back experience on the water, you can rent a stand-up paddleboard or corkl boat for 30 or 60 minutes.

I would recommend starting with 30 minutes because the time passed pretty slowly.

If there is more than one person in your group who wants to try it, you might want to go with the hour.

sand volleyball courts and corn hole at Aqua Adventures waterpark

Other Amenities at Aqua Adventures

Aqua Adventures has sand volleyball courts, corn hole games, ping pong tables, a swimming area, and a large beach.

ping pong tables at Aqua Adventures

You can easily spend several hours here with all of the things to do here in and out of the water.

Locker rentals

Locker Rentals for Your Valuables

There are lockers available for rent located near the bathroom/changing area.

aqua vault portable safe

If you like to keep your cell phone handy, you might want to check out one of my favorite items to bring to a waterpark, the FlexSafe by Aqua Vault portable safe, that can attach to a chair.

I take a TON of pictures whenever I travel so it’s more realistic for me to use this option for my phone.

Aqua Lounge at Aqua Adventures

Food Options Available at the Aqua Lounge

Sandy Cove and the Aqua Lounge area has food and drinks available for purchase including non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic tropical beverages.

You can’t bring outside food or beverages into the waterpark but you have plenty of options on the menu. Land of Illusions accepts all forms of payment.

*The only exception is for medical supplies or baby formula that can be brought in an 8 x 10 soft-sided cooler.

Re-admission is allowed during the day but you must see the gate attendant before leaving if you want to return during the same day.

There is a water fountain onsite if you want to refill a water bottle.

Cassano’s Pizza

We’ve tried several menu items during our previous visits.

pretzel bites
seasoned french fries

Here are a few of my menu recommendations that are easy to share:

  • Cassano’s Pizza (reminded me of Donato’s Pizza in a good way)
  • Pretzel bites
  • Seasoned french fries
grilled chicken sandwich with chips

There are also salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches are more on the menu too.

snowie shave ice stand

If you want a cool treat, there is a shaved ice stand where you can select your syrup of choice.

restroom at Aqua Adventures

Restrooms at Aqua Adventures

There is a large restroom with changing rooms for guests to use during their visit.

I recommend wearing your swimsuit to the waterpark so that you can go straight to the water when you arrive, especially if you have younger kids.

After you’re done swimming, you can remove your excess sand at the outdoor shower located next to the restrooms instead of bringing it to your car.

tube Paddleboard and Corcl rentals

Tube Rentals at Aqua Adventures

If you prefer a more laid-back approach there are tube rentals available for guests to use in the designated swimming area.

Nedra McDaniel on monkey bars at Aqua Adventures

What Type of Swimsuit Should You Wear?

**I highly recommend that you wear a swimsuit that you would feel comfortable climbing, slipping, and sliding around in…because you will.

The more coverage the better to help avoid swimsuit malfunctions in anticipation of some potential awkward wipeouts.

I felt WAY more comfortable wearing a pair of board shorts over my swimsuit during my most recent visit.

A rash guard might also be a good idea if you want to be more coverage over your swimsuit on the course but still want a good tan when you lay out.

inflatable obstacle course at Aqua Adventures

How to Save on Admission to Aqua Adventures

  • For the best pricing purchase your tickets online before you go
  • Midweek visits have a reduced rate.
  • Kids 2 and under are FREE!
  • Military discounts are available at the gate with valid Military ID for the individual holder
  • Text the word “SPLASH” to (877) 805-1007 
inflatable obstacle course on the water e1533068755715

Admission Prices at Aqua Adventures

Everyone entering the waterpark does require an admission ticket even if they aren’t going on the inflatable obstacle course.

Kids 2 and under are FREE!

Check the Aqua Adventures website for current pricing and hours.

Aqua Adventures sign Land of Illusion Adventure Park

Where is Aqua Adventures Located?

Aqua Adventures at Land of Illusion Adventure Park is located at 8762 Thomas Rd. Middletown, Ohio.

inflatable floating obstacle course 1

More Information on Aqua Adventures at Land of Illusion Adventure Park

You can find out more information on the Land of Illusions website. 

Aqua Adventures waterpark  Land of Illusion

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Tips for Your 1st Visit to Land of Illusion Aqua Adventures

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