How to find all of the All-Star Game Mustache Statues in Greater Cincinnati

How to find all of the All-Star Game Mustache Statues in Greater Cincinnati

The Greater Cincinnati area is prepping the region for the All-Star Game by placing 21 commemorative handlebar mustaches all over town.

You can find the handlebar mustache statues displayed near popular buildings and landmarks on both sides of the river in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

The handlebar mustache is a tribute to the style of 1869 when the Cincinnati Red’s became America’s 1st professional baseball team.

Each mustache has it’s own distinct artwork on it. You can make an adventure out of finding as many as possible around town.

You can find all of the mustache statues located on the map below.

21 All-Star Game Mustache Statues

Mustache Statue All Star Game 3

Here is a mustache located at Smale Park which is close to the stadium in Cincinnati.

All-Star Game Handlebar Mustache StatueSawyer Point

Sawyer Point in Cincinnati

All-Star Game Handlebar Mustache Statue Covington

Riverside Drive in Covington, Kentucky

All-Star Game Handlebar Mustache StatueNewort

Newport on the Levee, Newport, Kentucky

Mustache by Nada

In front of Nada on the corner of Walnut St. in Cincinnati

Mustache Union Terminal Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center

Mustache at Lytle Park Abe Lincoln

Next to one of the few statues of Abe Lincoln without facial hair at Lytle Park

Washington Park Mustache

Washington Park

Findlay Market Mustache

Findlay Market

Duke Energy Mustache

Duke Energy Convention Center

City Hall Mustache

City Hall in downtown Cincinnati

Westin Mustache

The Westin Cincinnati near Fountain Square

Paul Brown Stadium Mustache

Paul Brown Stadium

Overlook at Eden Park

Overlook at Eden Park

Mustache at the Airport

Top floor at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Mustache on Vine street

The corner of Vine St and Central Parkway

Mustache at Great American Ball Park

Great American Ballpark

Mustache at Yeatman's Cove

Yeatman’s Cove along the Riverfront closer to Sawyer Point

Mustache by the Carousel at Smale Park

Across the street from Carol Ann’s Carousel at Smale Park

Mustache at Olden View Park

Olden View Park next to Incline Public House

Mustache at Urban Youth Academy

Urban Youth Academy 2026 Seymour Ave.

*The mustache statues should remain around the city until about July 28th before returning to their donors.

You can find out more about the All-Star game on July 14th from the MLB website. 

19 thoughts on “How to find all of the All-Star Game Mustache Statues in Greater Cincinnati”

  1. I ended up paying to park in the garage. If you have another person with you, they could drop you off while you run inside really quick to take the picture.

  2. Where was the best place for parking at CVG to find that one? Anyone know? We’ve got 3 left before they’re down!

  3. I’ve asked several people in the tourism industry for Cincinnati and no one has been told how long they will be up for.

  4. There are 2 distinct ones at the Banks. The Smale Park one is right by the fountain in front of Moerlein House. Then there is another one up on the hill, right by the carousel. There are 21 on this list – this is the first I’ve heard of the Incline House one. Will be looking for that soon!

  5. Is that by the Incline Public Hose? That wasn’t on any of the lists – which makes 21 and I want to be sure not to miss it!

  6. So are there more than 20? There are 21 listed here including the Olden View by the Incline Public House. Are there more secret ones?

  7. i love your pictures.
    I did not know where all the mustache statues were located.
    Do you know if the is a poster that shows all the statues that can be purchased? Would love to get one as a keepsake for grandchildren.
    Thank you.

  8. Thanks! You’ve seen them all! I noticed the list I found online is incorrect. It lists Smale park AND the Banks as 2 separate ones and omits the Incline Stache.

    Your photos are beautiful. Most of mine have ended up on bright sunny days (taking a 1year old to each has limited my outing times haha)

  9. There’s at least one missing from the map. One sits in front of Olden View Park in East Price Hill.

  10. LeAnn – the OTR mustache is at the corner of Vine and Central Parkway right near the Segway Tours building. You should also see the Kroger building.

  11. Love your photos! I’m trying to do this as well with my 1 year old. I am still trying to find the one in OTR. Let me know if you’ve found it! And yes the airport is the most inconvenient!

  12. I have the same goal! I want to see all of them in person too! Do you know how long they are going to leave them? Also, the one at the airport…where at the airport is it, do you know? By the way, I love the photo of the one on Riverside Drive – such a great shot!

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