Outdoor Adventures to Try Solo or With a Small Group

Outdoor Adventures to Try Solo or With a Small Group 1 1

Need an excuse to reconnect with nature?

I’m sharing ideas for outdoor adventures that can be tried solo or with a small number of people. 

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Go for a Walk Somewhere New

Get some fresh air in your neighborhood or at a “new to you” location. Bring your earbuds and listen to music or a podcast to make the time go by faster. Or you can just slow down and enjoy the sounds of nature.

If you want to mix things up go for an urban walk downtown and admire the architecture and street art. Don’t forget to take pictures of your favorites along the way. 

Keep your essentials close by with an waist pack. 

Bodyglove iSUP

Go Stand Up Paddleboarding

Enjoy a slower pace on the water on a SUP. If you don’t want to rent a stand-up paddleboard and want flexibility I highly recommend an inflatable SUP. 

Our inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard fits in a large duffle bag and only takes a few minutes to inflate and deflate. 

Don’t forget to wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) like an manual inflatable life jacket if you want something with less bulk. 

kayak tour with Boomerang Kayak Rental

Kayak on a Lake

Enjoy the water from inside a kayak. You can easily fit an inflatable kayak inside your vehicle or invest in a regular kayak.


Take a Hike

If possible, it’s always good to hike with another person in case you have any issues on the trail. 

Sometimes it doesn’t work out for someone to join you or you just need some time alone. Hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature and unplug.

If you do hike alone, I don’t recommend going far or somewhere without cell reception if you get into trouble.

I actually broke my ankle while hiking alone but thankfully I was toward the beginning of the trail and had cell reception.

AllTrails is a great resource for finding hiking trails near you.

Make sure that you are mindful of your footing and let someone know where you are going. If you want more stability while you walk, consider a pair of trekking poles. 

You can also mix things up on your hike with a nature scavenger hunt.

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Play Frisbee Golf

Get exercise and enjoy time in nature by playing frisbee golf at a park.  This adventure can be played solo or with a small group and involves a good amount of walking.

All you need are the discs (Distance Driver, Mid-Range and Putter) and many parks have disc golf courses that are free to use. 

geocaching e1584639527657

Go Geocaching

Do you love a treasure hunt?

If you are unfamiliar with geocaching, it’s basically a GPS based scavenger hunt that turns your time outdoors into an exciting adventure.

You choose the geocache that you want to find, follow the coordinates, and then look for a cache. After you find the cache sign the logbook and you can continue to look for more caches.

How to Start Geocaching

Sign up for a free Geocaching account and then download the Geocaching app on your phone.

golf e1584639238459

Play a Round of Golf or Footgolf

Skip the cart and be your own caddy and enjoy the extra exercise outside with a round of golf.

You can transform your sneakers into golf shoes with golf spikes for any shoe. 

Foot golf Shawnee Lookout Park

Footgolf is typically played on a golf course but requires less equipment.

All you need is a soccer ball because your foot is both the driver and the putter.  

run e1584639856924

Go for a Run

If you are newer to running or want to train for a distance or an upcoming race check out the couch to 5K running app. 

The app will help make running a little less intimidating by breaking down the distance in smaller goals. 

Brewed on the Bikeway

Go for a Bike Ride

Take a ride in your neighborhood or explore a local bike trail.

Biking is a great way to exercise and cover more ground in less time. Don’t forget your bike helmet.

dark sky in New

Stargaze at Night

The more remote the better when it comes to stargazing. Learn more about the constellations in the sky using the Skyview Lite app. 

Point your iPhone to the sky and the app will help you to identify stars, constellations, satellites, and more!

Take your stargazing to the next level with a portable travel telescope.

picnic on the beach

Plan a Picnic

Ordinary meals feel more glamorous when you mix things up by taking your meal outside.

If you want to make it even fancier consider a picnic basket that comes with real plates and glassware. 

fishing at Cliffview Resort

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great way to slow down and enjoy your environment whether it’s catch and release or if you are fishing for your dinner. It’s an excuse to get away or spend time making memories together. 

If you don’t have all of the equipment, you can find fishing starter kits for adults and kids online

Which outdoor adventure is next on your list?

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