Adventures in a Treehouse Rental from EarthJoy Tree Adventures

I’m pretty sure that any kid who has ever seen the movie “Swiss Family Robinson” has dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse.

EarthJoy Tree Adventures can turn that dream into a reality with three unique treehouses for guests to choose from for an overnight adventure. 

Adventures in a Treehouse Rental from EarthJoy Tree Adventures
EarthJoy Tree Adventures in Kentucky

Treehouse Rentals at EarthJoy Tree Adventures

Located about an hour from downtown Cincinnati in Germantown, Kentucky, you will find an outdoor lovers’ oasis of 200 scenic acres nestled between rolling hills. 

house in the country

The scenic drive on your way to the property prepares you for what’s to come.

Upon arrival, you will see a former farmhouse at the top of the hill that could tell so many stories if walls could talk.

This is the type of porch where you lose a sense of time as you watch the sunset move across the countryside.

I’m definitely not a country girl but I’m always grateful for moments that make me slow down and take in my surroundings.

If you get the chance I recommend a sunset view from there or find your own perfect location as you explore the areas around your treehouse.

Pete Nelson Treehouse with EarthJoy Tree Adventures in Kentucky e1584539808773

Sleep in the Treehouse Built By Pete Nelson

My first treehouse overnight was in the “Pete Nelson Treehouse” that was built by……you guessed it, Pete Nelson, the star of the Animal Planet reality show “Treehouse Masters.”

Pete Nelson Treehouse

There is a small kitchen area, king size bed in the loft, and 2-3 kids can sleep on the couch in the living area below.

One of my favorite features of the treehouse was the giant barn doors that you can open to really feel even more at one with nature as you let the outside in.

You can watch a time-lapse of treehouse being built here. 

Aliyah Tree House

Twice the Fun at the Aliyah Treehouse

My second overnight on the property was in the “Aliyah” Treehouse that can sleep 6.

This treehouse had several features that I absolutely LOVED!

outside Aliyah treehouse

The first house has a living room with a red oak showcased beautifully, a kitchen, a loft bed that sleeps two, and a deck with a small table and chairs.

inside Aliyah treehouse

Connecting the first treehouse to the smaller treehouse is a swinging bridge that takes you to the “snuggle palace” that can sleep, two adults and two kids.

I loved everything about this treehouse!

You can sit on the deck in the morning with your coffee or watch the campfire from above at night.

The swinging bridge takes me back to my sketches of dream treehouses I imagined in my own backyard in as a child.

There is a generator if you find that your treehouse cabin needs to cool down a bit and each treehouse also has the ability to have heat as well.

Old Hickory Treehouse

Old Hickory Treehouse

The newest addition to the EarthJoy Treehouse family, the Old Hickory treehouse welcomes you with a slide from the wrap around deck and swings and hammocks underneath.

Old Hickory Treehouse EarthJoy Tree Adventures

Old Hickory also has electricity which teens will love and a full kitchenette making it easy to make food. This unit can sleep 2 adults and 3-4 kids and is located the closest to the bathhouse about 100 yards away. 

extreme tree climb

Schedule A Tree Climb

If you want to add an extra special experience to your adventure, I highly recommend scheduling a guided tree climb during your stay.

You get to feel like a kid again as you climb up the trees but this time you can climb as high as you want…. or dare …without the fear of falling because you have a safety harness and a guide on the ropes to assist you.

This is a great way to build confidence for all ages and step out of your comfort zone.

games and activities Aliyah treehouse

Games and Activities Onsight

If you want to unplug for a bit, you will find a large assortment of games and books at a built-in bench bookcase at the base of the tree along with a checkboard on the bar by the window.

Make sure that you check out the treehouse manual which will give you a map of the area and several invitations for specific adventure missions… if you choose to accept them.

hikes at EarthJoy

Take a Hike

You will find several hiking trails to explore during your stay.

If you are first on the trail, keep a stick handy to swat the spider webs.

If you reach the top of the Trillium Trail you will be rewarded with a giant hammock waiting for you..just remember that this is a hammock NOT a trampoline!

hiking around EarthJoy trails

Explore the trails, fish in the pond, look for frogs, discover the hobbit tree house trail, play and skip rocks in the creek, and sit by the campfire.

It’s great to disconnect a bit and reconnect with each other.

I recommend arriving as close as you can to the check-in time so that you have more time to become familiar with your surroundings with more daylight.

We arrived later than we hoped our second visit due to work and we had to get settled pretty quickly and start on dinner as the sun was going down.

meals at treehouse

Meal Ideas for your Treehouse Overnight

I like to keep it simple when it comes to meals, especially when I don’t have a refrigerator or running water nearby.

We packed a cooler and brought lots of snacks including S’mores.

For dinner during both treehouse stays, we purchased pre-made kabobs at the grocery store to cook.

If you don’t want to do a ton of meal prep this is a great option that’s simple and delicious.

Breakfast the following day was fruit and donut holes.

There is some water supplied in a jar when you arrive but if you plan on doing a lot of cooking that requires cleaning you might need to get some additional water at the top of the hill.

You are expected to leave the treehouse the same way you found it which includes taking out the trash as you leave.

bathhouse for treehouse

Bathroom Options When You Sleep in a Treehouse

Let’s be honest, the bathroom situation is always a little trickier if you don’t pee standing up.

At EarthJoy Tree Adventures, you will find an outhouse a short walk from each treehouse.

If you are not a fan of outhouses, you can drive or take the long walk up the hill to the shower house that has a flushing toilet, sink and shower stall.

There is a bathroom with shower designated for each treehouse. 

As a teenager, we had several primitive camping trips that kind of wrecked me for non-flushing toilets so I had no problem driving up to the shower house and the boys had no issues making use of the clean outhouse.

What to Pack when you Sleep in a Treehouse

Make sure that you check the website prior to your arrival so that you know what items are already supplied inside and out.

You don’t want to overpack if you don’t need to but you will definitely want to bring a cooler, bug spray, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, comfy clothes, and flip flops because dirty shoes need to stay out of the house.

Can you bring Pets for your Treehouse Overnight?

Pets can run free in backwoods but when other guests are around they need to be on a leash.

They do charge a small pet fee of 15.00 a night because the treehouse requires extra detailed cleaning after someone with a pet stays.

signs for EarthJoy Property

Look for These Signs for EarthJoy Tree Adventures

Before you arrive you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to get there and the code for your treehouse.

Be on the lookout for a metal sunflower and a sign on the barn.

You also need to be mindful of the weather and road conditions so that your vehicle doesn’t get stuck on the hill if you choose to drive back to your treehouse.

Time to Plan Your Overnight With EarthJoy Tree Adventures!

What are you waiting for?

Make memories with your loved ones on this epic overnight.

If you have a specific date in mind, you will definitely want to make reservations in advance.

You can find more information and book your adventure on the EarthJoy Tree Adventures website.

Thanks again to Earth Joy Treehouses for hosting our overnight stay. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

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Adventures in a Treehouse Rental from EarthJoy Tree Adventures

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