The Best Places to Shop for Deals in Cincinnati and NKY

I love a great deal. Who doesn’t? 

The Cincinnati Metro has several bargain shopping gems that you will definitely want to add to your list!

I’m sharing where you can find great discounts on both sides of the Ohio River in Cincinnati and NKY.

Dillard's Clearance Center Cincinnati

Bargain Shopping in Ohio

You’ll find an assortment of places to shop at for deals around Cincinnati.

Mega Deals at Dillard’s Clearance Center

4615 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH

Even though the store is attached to the mall, the Dillard’s Clearance Center typically doesn’t open until noon.

Just to be safe, you’ll want to check their website for “this week’s hours.”

Mens shirts at Dillard's Clearance Center Cincinnati

The store can be a bit overwhelming just by the sheer volume of merchandise to go through. 

This is a FANTASTIC store to visit if you need business casual clothing or formalwear.

The deals are crazy good!

swimsuits at Dillard's Clearance Center Cincinnati

You can find brand new high-quality clothing for resale prices at the Dillard’s Outlet.  This is also a great place to shop before vacation if you want a new swimsuit or new clothes to wear. 

shoes at Dillard's Clearance Center Cincinnati

I recommended eating before you shop and be prepared to be in the store for several hours if you plan on trying everything on.

This is typically not a quick store to visit if you want to maximize your deals. 

clearance clothing at Dillard's Clearance Center Cincinnati

You’ll also want to double-check on the pricing at the register. It’s very easy to pick up an item that you thought was on MEGA sale and then discover that it was misplaced. 

All sales are FINAL. 

If you are shopping for someone else, I recommend saving their specific sizes and measurements in the notes on your phone before you go. 

Indigo Hippo art supply thrift store in Cincinnati

Find Creative Inspiration at Indigo Hippo

1334 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 

This store is a creative/repurposers dream! 

Indigo Hippo art supply thrift store in Cincinnati Ohio

Art supplies can get really costly but Indigo Hippo is determined to help remove financial barriers from anyone who wants to create. 

Indigo Hippo art supply thrift store in Cincinnati Ohio

My mom was an artist and this store reminded me so much of a smaller version of her craft room.

Indigo Hippo art supply thrift store in Cincinnati Ohio

All materials at the store are “pay what you can.” 

If you are having a hard time determining the value of your items of choice, look for guidance from the pricing guide. It provides you with recommended price ranges displayed by different colored dots. 

Indigo Hippo art supply thrift store in Cincinnati Ohio

If you have an overabundance of supplies at home that could be repurposed, this is also a great organization to donate to.  

Your donation can help someone else and also avoid adding to a landfill. 

Indigo Hippo in Cincinnati Ohio

On the Indigo Hippo website, you’ll a list of items that are accepted and NOT accepted. 

Cincinnati ReUse Center

Repurpose or Remodel With Items From The Cincinnati Reuse Center

1530 Tremont St, Cincinnati, OH 

This place is seriously a rehabber’s dream! Inside this giant building, you’ll find a wide assortment of reclaimed building materials.

Cincinnati ReUse Center

If you are handy and have an eye for repurposing, you will love all of the possibilities that you will uncover at the Cincinnati ReUse Center. 

lights at Cincinnati ReUse Center

There are two ReUse locations: one in Cincinnati and one in Lexington. 

stoves at Cincinnati ReUse Center

Social and Environmental Causes

The ReUse Center also supports great causes. They have a job training program for at-risk youth. 

What’s also great is that they have saved 754 tons of material from the waste stream last year! They salvage what they can from homes and buildings that are being torn down. 

New items at the ReUse Center are at least half off of retail prices. 

Bargains and Buyouts 12 e1455974447969

Save on Furniture and Decor at Bargains and Buyouts

5150 Glencrossing Way, Cincinnati, OH

Bargains and Buyouts has liquidation, un-used, and brand new overstock products that their suppliers were willing to let go of for extremely low rates.

Which allows them to pass on those great savings to us.

Bargains and Buyouts 11 e1455973069240

You are encouraged to negotiate prices.

The prices are already really low BUT you can still ask one of the employees with a blue shirt on the floor if they can go lower.

You need a ticket for items that you are purchasing and you can get the ticket for your items from an employee on the floor.

Bargains and Buyouts 8

Remember, the answer is always no if you don’t ask!

Bargains and Buyouts 13 e1455973141982

They also have more than just furniture. One of my all-time favorite carry on suitcases came from Bargains and Buyouts. 

Fast Track It Auction in Cincinnati

Fast Track It Auction

Location: Multiple Pick Up Sites in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

With pick up sites located in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Fast Track It is a great place to find deals. You will need to sign up for a free account to be able to bid on items. 

The pick up is during a very specific time, on a specific day, at a specific location.

Make sure that you take note of that when you are bidding. 

When you arrive for pickup you cannot shop for other items that you are interested in inside the warehouse. The pickup date is for pickups only and the warehouse is not designed for shopping. 

desk bike from Fast Track It Auction in Cincinnati

One of my favorite deals from Fast Track It was my “Work Fit” stationary bike with a desk. I got a bike desk worth closer to $200 for only $9!

Gap Clearance Center in Hebron Kentucky 1 e1580751303454

Bargain Shopping in Northern Kentucky

There are several discount shopping gems in Northern Kentucky too!

The Gap Clearance Center

2050 Global Way, Hebron, KY 

Located one exit from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, the Gap Clearance Center in Hebron is one of my all-time favorite bargain stores.  

Fun Fact: Did you know that you are actually in Kentucky when you fly to CVG airport?

Gap Clearance Center in Hebron Kentucky

This has been my go-to store for deals on clothes since middle school. This is no ordinary outlet.

The Gap Clearance Center is home to overstock, clearance, irregular, and damaged clothing along with other random items.

You’ll find men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothes. The largest volume of clothing is definitely for women. 

The main brands at the Gap Clearance Center are Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. In addition, there are also shoe brands found on Piperlime.

Gap Clearance Center Shopping Tips

Because the clothing and shoes could be damaged or irregular, trying everything on is a must! 

All sales are FINAL so choose wisely. Be ready to spend some time here to do it right. 

shirts at Gap Clearance Center in Hebron Kentucky

When you enter the dressing room there is NO LIMIT to what you can bring in the dressing room. Shopping carts are not allowed in the dressing room.

Do not leave any items in your cart that you want to keep while you are in the dressing room. Bring everything in with you or someone could take it on accident. 

Gap clearance Center in Hebron Kentucky 5 e1580774119162

Activewear fans will be excited to find all of the great deals on Athleta. If you know someone who is pregnant, the deals on maternity clothes are also really great.

Gap Clearance Center in Hebron Kentucky 3

The additional sales can make crazy cheap prices change even lower.  Make sure that you ask the cashier to tell you the prices while they are ringing them up.

You might discover that your item is on extra sale or you could discover that you read the sign wrong or found it on the wrong rack.

Galerie Candy Clearance Center in Kentucky

Discounted Candy and Gifts at Galerie Candy Clearance Center

3380 Langley Dr, Hebron, KY 

A candy lover’s dream!

Galerie Candy Clearance Center is the perfect destination if you are looking for a sweet treat or gift idea. 

Galerie Candy Clearance Center in Kentucky 1

The candy prices are really low. Shoppers are rewarded with an even greater savings when they purchase in larger quantities. 

You can save a lot of money on candy and gift sets, especially around the seasonal holidays. 

Galerie Candy Clearance Center in Kentucky 3 e1580745919962

All sales are final. 

Let’s be honest, the candy probably won’t last long once you buy it anyway.

No judgment!

Wayfair Outlet in Kentucky

Discounts on Furniture and Decor at The Wayfair Outlet

5101 Renegade Way, Florence, KY 

Wayfair Outlet in Kentucky 4

You can find up to 50% off online prices.

The Wayfair Outlet in Florence is open:

Thursday and Friday: 10 AM – 4PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

bathroom items Wayfair Outlet in Kentucky

The outlet has a large selection of furniture and home decor and just about everything in between. 

Wayfair Outlet in Kentucky 2

Just remember that if you shopped online, you cannot pick up your online orders at the store.

Wayfair Outlet in Kentucky 1

All sales are FINAL and they do not accept returns.

You can only pay with a credit card. They do not accept cash, gift cards, rewards or coupons. 

Bring a big vehicle and you can easily take your items home with you that day.

NKY Bargain Outlet

Explore NKY Bargain Outlet

2809 Howard Litzler Dr Suite 300, Covington, KY

At NKY Bargain Outlet you’ll find discounted liquidation from major retailers.

decor at NKY Bargain Outlet

This store does a lot of promotion on their Facebook Fan page to help communicate additional time sensitive deals and savings.

decor at NKY Bargain Outlet

You’ll find furniture, clothing, decor, kitchenware, electronics and more here.

bargain bins NKY Bargain Outlet

If you love the thrill of the hunt, check out the bargain bins in a separate area of the store.

Happy Shopping!

Where to bargain shop in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

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