How to Make the Most of Grand Carnivale at Kings Island

If you have visited Kings Island for years as a guest or as a season pass holder, you might feel like you know every inch of the park and have seen it all….until now!

Kings Island Grand Carnivale is transforming the park with a fresh, immersive event that you don’t want to miss!

In fact, if you miss it, you will miss out!

How to Make the Most of Grand Carnivale at Kings Island

This article is brought to you in partnership with Kings Island and contains affiliate links. As a Kings Island Ambassador, I love sharing insider tips to help you make the most of your visit to the park. 

What is Kings Island Grand Carnivale?

Grand Carnivale is an immersive festival that celebrates the cultures of China, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain with a larger-than-life party.

The event features special-themed food and drinks, activities, music, games, entertainment, and an extravagant evening parade.

International Street is transformed into a festive colorful celebration with family-friendly Mardi Gras vibes.


When is Grand Carnivale at Kings Island?

The Grand Carnival Celebration event is for a limited time from Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, August 6, 2023, beginning at 5:00 p.m. each day.

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International Themed Activities at Grand Carnivale for Kids

There are international-themed activities for Grand Carnivale.

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Crafts are centralized together in one craft area this year.

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Look for cutouts in each country’s section with a unique QR code game. Scan the code with your phone and you’ll be taken to a link with a video.

To complete the game, you’ll need to take a picture with each cutout and then show the pictures to the person at the info booth.

There are small individual buttons for each of the different characters featured for guests who complete the game.

You’ll find a craft activity tent near Graeter’s with several tables with seating for families.

This is a fun way for kids to learn more about other countries and cultures with hands-on experiences.

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We also observed several beautiful moments of staff interacting with kids in the crowd through music and dance. The atmosphere for this event is really light and fun!

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There are also themed games between the Eiffel Tower and Planet Snoopy.

Grand Carnivale at Kings Island

Grand Carnivale Schedule of Events

Check out the schedule and plan accordingly so that you don’t miss any of the fun during Grand Carnivale!

Nightly Schedule for Grand Carnivale 2023:

  • 5:00 PM Grand Carnivale starts (Food Locations Open)
  • 6:00 PM Opening Procession and Ceremony begins on International Street and Bandstand
  • 6:15 PM Retrospect Show at Bandstand
  • 6:30 PM King and Queen show on International Street Bandstand
  • 7:00 PM Spectacle of Color Parade begins
  • 7:30 PM King and Queen show on International Street Bandstand
  • 7:45 PM Retrospect Show at Bandstand
  • 8:45 PM King and Queen show on International Street Bandstand
  • 9:00 PM Retrospect Show at Bandstand
  • 9:55 PM Closing Ceremony at Bandstand
  • 10:00 PM Adventure Awaits Fireworks Show

There are white lines on both sides of the International street marking where guests need to stand to allow the floats to pass by. You’ll want to allow enough time to find a spot at your desired vantage point along the parade route.

*In the event of inclement weather, the parade is subject to cancellation.

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Watch the Entertainment on the Main Stage

If you are coming for the evening entertainment you will appreciate the diverse entertainment options.

Starting at 5pm, there is a pretty steady flow of entertainment at the main stage throughout the evening.

You’ll find music, jugglers, and acrobats performing amazing stunts.

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Food Sample Your Way Around the World

Food is always one of the BEST parts of a celebration and Grand Carnivale does not disappoint! If you are like me and want to try a little bit of everything, the Grand Carnivale Food Tasting Card is the perfect option for you!

With the card, you can enjoy (6) food tastings of your choice from the special Grand Carnivale Tasting Card Menu.

The special food booths open at 5pm each evening and feature themed menu items at each International country.

FYI -Season pass holders get a 10% discount on all Grand Carnivale food items.

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Grand Carnivale Food Guide

Check out all of the options to choose from in the Grand Carnivale Food Guide. If you previously attended Grand Carnivale in the past, you’ll find all new tasting menu items to experience this year.

*Food Offerings Begin at 5:00 PM.


  • Bang-Bang Chicken – Skewered chicken tossed in a spicy peanut sauce with scallions
  • Mongolian Beef – Double-cooked beef in a ginger-soy sauce with carrots and scallions, served over rice
  • Sesame Balls – Dough filled with a sweet filling, dusted with sesame seeds and lightly fried


  • Crepe Champignon – Thinly griddled crepe filled with a wild mushroom sauce, gruyere cheese, shallots, and herbs de Provence
  • Croque Monsieur – Toasted brioche sandwich with hardwood smoked pit ham, bechamel sauce, Brie cheese, and fresh thyme
  • Pain au Chocolate – Chocolate wrapped in a flaky dough and dusted with powdered sugar


  • Sauerbraten Slider – Slow-roasted, marinated beef on buttered slider buns with gingersnap sauce, red cabbage, tomato, and pickle
  • Apfelstrudel – Traditional apple dessert in buttery pastry with powdered sugar and whipped cream
  • Pretzel Bites – Baked pretzel bites served with a bock-style beer cheese sauce


  • Panzerotti – Golden brown dough filled with provolone, ricotta, spinach, tomato, and fresh basil served with marinara
  • Caprese Fresca – Traditional salad from Capri with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic glaze, served with pita chips
  • Krapfen di Carnevale – Berry and cream-filled doughnut dusted with powdered sugar


  • Paella – Classic saffron rice with shrimp, chicken, sausage, garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and peas
  • Vegetable Empanada – Potatoes, butternut squash, and cheese in fried pastries, served with saffron and garlic mayonnaise
  • Natillas de Leche – Vanilla custard infused with lemon and dusted with cinnamon
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Grand Carnivale Food Tasting Card Tips

The Food Tasting cards are only valid for a single visit on the date selected at purchase, so make sure you get all those 6 tastings in!

My husband and I each had a Food Tasting Card and shared some of the menu items and went back for the ones we really liked.

If you see something on the menu that you REALLY want to try, get it first. There is a chance that a popular menu item could run out toward the end of the evening.

Don’t Forget to Save Room for Dessert!

Every country has a dessert option on the tasting card to enjoy.

How Much Are Grand Carnivale Tasting Cards?

  • 6 Tastings $39.99
  • 10 Tastings $59.99

*Plus tax

Tasting- Card-Grand- Carnivale- Kings-Island

How to Save Money on Grand Carnivale Tasting Cards at Kings Island

Save When You Buy Grand Carnivale Tasting Cards Online!

Explore the flavors of Grand Carnivale with a Food Tasting card and enjoy six (6) food tastings of your choice from the Grand Carnivale Tasting Card menu.  Grand Carnivale Food & Beverage booths open at 5:00 p.m. 

*Valid only during Grand Carnivale on the date selected at purchase, July 22 – August 6, 2023. Food Tasting Card is only valid for a single visit, all tasting must be used on the date of redemption.

*Beverages are sold separately. Park admission is not included. 

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Save on Tickets to Kings Island

For the best value for multiple visits and free parking to Kings Island, the Gold Season Pass is your best option and savings.

You can purchase tickets online with lower pricing than at the gate. There are Grand Carnivale Bundles available for additional savings.

Find the lowest prices for Kings Island tickets here.

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The Grand Carnivale Celebration is a great event for families. It can also make a nice date night if your teenagers want to eat and then go on rides instead.

Kings Island Grand Carnivale Giveaway

You can enter to win 4 admission tickets with a single-day parking pass to Grand Carnivale.

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How to Make the Most of Grand Carnivale at Kings Island

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