An Overnight Stay at Hocking Hills KOA

Hocking Hills is an area that I was really excited to explore thanks to social media. I’ve seen amazing pictures from friends on Facebook and images from photographers that I admire on Instagram.

Our visit to the area was less than 48 hours, but we know how to pack in a full-throttle itinerary. That also means that I value a good night’s sleep after a full day of adventures.

KOA Hocking Hills sign

This was what led to our stay at the KOA campground in Hocking Hills. The location is conveniently located within a few miles of several of the popular hiking destinations in the area.

Hocking Hills Ash Cave

The checkin process was really easy. At the store onsite we also purchased a bundle of wood that was delivered to our fire pit. We didn’t purchase the fire starter kit for a $1 but we should have.

KOA Hocking Hills pizza shop

Earlier that afternoon we had already purchased hot dogs for an easy dinner from a grocery store. If we would have realized that they had an on sight pizza shop at our KOA, we would have gotten that for dinner instead.

KOA Hocking Hills Outdoorsman Cabin

Cabin at KOA Hocking Hills

Our cabin was located close to the playground and the general store which worked out great.

KOA Hocking Hills Outdoorsman Cabin

The outside made a great first impression with a gas grill that came with propane, fire pit, a porch with a glider swing, and a keyless entry door lock.

KOA Hocking Hills Cabin bedroom

Inside the KOA Cabin at Hocking Hills 

The inside of the cabin paid a lot of attention to detail for guests.

KOA Hocking Hills cabin closet

The bedroom had two large closets with storage drawers underneath. The boys’ room had bunk beds with storage drawers underneath.

KOA Hocking Hills Cabin bedroom
KOA Hocking Hills cabin storage
KOA Hocking Hills cabin bathroom

Another perk of our cabin was our own bathroom with a shower/tub.

KOA Hocking Hills cabin kitchen

Kitchen Area in the KOA Cabin

The kitchen had all of the supplies that you would need for making a meal ranging from dishes to pots, pans, and kitchen appliances which included a Keruig that came with 2 K cups for each guest.

The family room area had a tv, couch, chairs and free WIFI. I was really grateful for the WIFI because the area in general doesn’t always have the best reception. This allowed me to complete a few online projects after the kids went to bed.

KOA Hocking Hills cabin keurig
KOA Hocking Hills cabin appliances
KOA Hocking Hills cabin
KOA Hocking Hills cabin dining area
KOA Hocking Hills

KOA Hocking Hills visitors journal

Don’t Forget to Sign the Guest Book!

I liked the personal touch with the guestbook where you could find out what previous guests enjoyed during their visit.

KOA Hocking Hills visitors journal

It was also really nice to be able to relax by the fire that evening knowing that we could get a good night’s sleep after a full day of hiking.

KOA Hocking Hills firepit

Our cabin had heat and air conditioning which is my kind of glamping.

We arrived to our cabin just before dark the evening before so I explored the campground in the morning.

KOA Hocking Hills

There are areas with smaller cabins and camping lots for RV Campers, and tents.

The cabin that we stayed in was called the “Outdoorsman” which is the largest cabin offered to stay in with the most amenities.

KOA Hocking Hills Outdoorsman cabin
KOA Hocking Hills

Things to Do at the KOA Campground Hocking Hills

The property has hiking trails, a gem mining area, pool, playground, and even a playground for your pet.

KOA Hocking Hills hiking trail
KOA Hocking Hills gem mine
KOA Hocking Hills gem mine
KOA Hocking Hills pool
KOA Hocking Hills playground
KOA Hocking Hills Kamp K9

In the morning we ordered a pizza to take with us before we checked out. It was a lot easier than packing a lunch. We ordered half of the pizza with veggies for the parents and half of the pizza with meat for the kids.

Everyone was happy and the pizza was REALLY good.

I must confess that we ate the pizza in the parking lot on our way out. We couldn’t resist the wait.

The pizza also got us through multiple hikes later that day.

KOA Hocking Hills pizza

The KOA Campground at Hocking Hills offers a great location along with wonderful amenities and staff.

Thanks again to KOA for hosting our stay.

We definitely want to come back!

KOA Hocking Hills Outdoorsman Cabin

Plan Your Next Camping Trip at KOA Hocking Hills

You can find out more about planning a stay at a KOA campground near you from their website.

KOA Hocking Hills Outdoorsman Cabin
(740) 385-4295
(800) 562-0251

The Logan/Hocking Hills KOA is located at 29150 Pattor Rd.,Logan, OH 43138.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing this–Hocking Hills is still on our to do list. Camper sites don’t look level–so good to know in advance.

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