25+ Fun and Unique Things to Do in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores, Alabama is a destination loved by generations of families. You’ll understand why after you experience the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters along the Emerald Coast.

During your vacation to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach you’ll want to add these hidden gems and unique things to do that are fun for the whole family.

Sunrise Orange Beach Alabama

Thanks again to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism for hosting my visit. All opinions are my own.

Gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation

1. View Gulf Shores From a Gyroplane with Magni Gyroflight

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Beach Flight – Gulf Shores Location

Gulf Air Center 3190 Airport Drive., Gulf Shores, AL

This is truly a unique bucket list adventure in Gulf Shores! You can experience a bird’s eye view of the beauty of the Emerald Coast from the inside of a gyroplane.

What’s Gyroplane?

A gyroplane is an aircraft that uses unpowered rotating airfoils to generate lift.

What makes a gyroplane unique is that they aren’t affected by wind and turbulence, which provides a more stable flight experience.

Gyroplanes with BeachFlight Aviation

Two Types of Gyroplane Options at BeachFlight Aviation

Flight passengers choose an open tandem gyroplane or a side-by-side gyroplane.

view of the runway from inside the gyroplane

How Long is the Flight Experience in a Gyroplane?

Passengers can choose a 20-minute, 40-minute, or 60-minute flight in the gyroplane.

view from inside the gyroplane

The Gyroplane Flight Experience

Typically, the gyroplane flies along Gulf Shores beaches where you can observe birds, dolphins, and sting rays from above.

pilot and Adventure Mom in Gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation

During your flight, you are in constant contact with your pilot through the headset, which will help you feel at ease if you have any reservations about flying inside a small aircraft.

Your pilot is also in constant contact with the control tower and other aircraft nearby on their two-way aviation radio.

If you are riding in the tandem gyroplane you’ll have a protective helmet and windscreen.

view of runway from inside a gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation

The takeoff and landing from the airport runway are so gradual and gentle that you don’t notice until you are already in the sky. It was a WAY smoother transition than my best landing in a commercial plane.

As you approach the coastline, you’ll be allowed to fly the aircraft under the supervision of your FAA-Certified flight instructor where you can experience flying straight and gentle turns.

Safety is your FAA-certified flight instructor’s highest priority. They won’t fly if the conditions are unsafe.

They also operate in the latest state-of-the-art aircraft and always fly at an altitude that could safely glide to make an emergency landing at all times.

adventure mom on an open tandem gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation

My Flight Experience in Two Different Gyroplanes

I had two different gyroplane flight experiences in the tandem gyroplane and side-by-side. It’s hard to pick a favorite because each flight was so different.

I rode in the back of an open tandem gyroplane for my first flight. I didn’t have my helmet on for the picture but I did wear one during my flight.

The tandem flight experience felt similar to the wind when you ride a motorcycle behind a small windshield.

It was such an incredible experience! I never felt scared or unsafe and was more in awe of what I was experiencing. I couldn’t help smiling the whole time!

aerial view from inside the gyroplane

Typically the gyroplane route is along the beach but due to the thick fog along the shore, we flew more inland.

I was so grateful that we flew that day because it was our only day available. If we had more time in the area we would have come back on another day to fly over the beach.

My pilot constantly communicated with me during our flight, checking my comfort level. He also pointed out points of interest along the way.

aerial view from a Gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation

For my second flight, I rode in a side-by-side gyroplane. Passengers have the option of flying with or without the door on. Of course, I opted for the door off to feel more extreme. (You are secured in your seat with a harness.)

A side-by-side gyroplane is a great option if you don’t want to feel the wind and you want to sit right next to the pilot.

Gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation in Gulf Shores AL

Gyroplane Flight Requirements, Restrictions, and Reservations

There is a weight limitation of 250 lbs. per person max for a flight. Kids who are at least 4’6″ and 9 years old can fly. There isn’t a limit to your max height or age.

Nedra McDaniel and dad next to open tandem gyroplane with BeachFlight Aviation

This could be a wonderful experience gift for a grandparent too. My dad LOVED it!

What Should You Wear for Your Gyroplane Flight?

What you wear depends on the weather. If it’s over 80 degrees, shorts and a T-shirt are fine.

If it’s below 80 degrees you’ll want to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, or sweatshirt WITHOUT a hood, or bring a jacket. The air temperature is much cooler once you are in the sky.

Close-toed shoes are also recommended so that your feet don’t get cold.

aerial view from inside the gyroplane
YouTube video

Relive Your Gyroplane Flight With a Photo Add-on

You can purchase a photo/video card with high-resolution photos and video on an SD memory card to share your flight experience with family and friends.

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this option. Trust me, you’ll want the footage.

aerial view from inside the gyroplane

Can The Intro Lesson Count Toward Flight Training Time in Your Log Book?

After your introductory flight, you’ll receive a signed Flight Certificate to credit toward your total flight time if you want to continue flight training.

Your flight time can be entered into your pilot’s log book if you are already a licensed pilot.

beach at Orange Beach Alabama

Watersports in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Gulf Shores, AL has plenty of options for water sports to choose from. There are boat rentals, charter deep-sea fishing trips, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skis, pontoon boats, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayak rentals.

For those on the quest for a truly unique adventure, check out Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours where guests ride on small craft powerboats resembling two surfboards, or try flyboarding where you can feel like a superhero hovering up to 30 feet above the water.

e-foiling lesson with Foil Gulf Coast

2. Book an E-Foil Session With Foil Gulf Coast

5677 Bayou St John Avenue, Orange Beach, Alabama

You can learn how to e-foil without prior experience during a lesson from Foil Gulf Coast.

E-foiling is a combination of surfing, hydrofoiling, and electric propulsion.

You’ll start with 30 minutes of ground school followed by 90 minutes of ride time from a private beach in Bear Point, Orange Beach, AL.

e-foiling lesson with Foil Gulf Coast

All equipment is provided and wetsuits are provided if needed.

You power and control your speed on the e-foil with a handheld remote while you ride.

e-foiling lesson with Foil Gulf Coast

You start out on your stomach and then you can transition to standing on your knees or fully standing up on the board.

e-foiling lesson with Foil Gulf Coast

Your instructor is near you the whole time, guiding you through the process, encouraging you, and challenging you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. The basics on the water were easier than I anticipated to my relief.

teenager e-foiling with Foil Gulf Coast

The board is easy to climb back on if you fall off in the water and all participants wear a life jacket.

teenager e-foiling with Foil Gulf Coast

This is a fun experience unlike any other on the water especially when you experience the lift!

e-foiling lesson with Foil Gulf Coast

Reservations need to be booked in advance and can be rescheduled for weather. I’d recommend scheduling toward the beginning of your vacation.

Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

3. Dolphins and Wildlife Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

4159 County Road 6, Gulf Shores, AL (Oyster Bay Marina)

*Advanced reservations required

Learn about the local ecology during a guided kayak tour with WildNative Tours. Your guide provides a kayak, paddle and PFD, gear transport, a dry box for valuables, and water.

Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

Guests are asked to arrive 20 minutes before the tour starts to have plenty of time to check in and use the restroom before the tour starts.

Dolphins and Wildlife Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

There is a safety orientation before you go on the water. The guide ensures everyone feels comfortable and confident before officially starting the tour.

You’ll be asked to perform a few basic skills on the water near the launching area.

mother and son on Dolphins and Wildlife Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

If you plan on bringing your cell phone I would recommend bringing a lanyard waterproof phone pouch that floats just in case.

Be prepared to get wet due to water splashing. I would recommend a swimsuit or dry fit style athletic clothing and sunscreen.

If you want to bring towels and change afterward There is a bathroom at the restaurant onsite.

We saw wildlife during our tour including bald eagles and dolphins. The dolphin sightings are unpredictable because they are wild animals. So if you see something say something!

bald eagle

Your guide will ensure that the group is at a safe observing distance if you do see them.

We actually saw a dolphin jump out of the water but unfortunately, I didn’t capture it on video or get any pictures of it. That memory will just have to be for us.

It might help to have one person in your kayak as the dedicated videographer if that’s important to you.

kayaks at wildlife refuge

During our tour, we also got out of our kayaks for a break to admire the views at a local wildlife refuge.

wildlife refuge

We learned more from our guide Chris about the unique ecosystems in the Gulf Shores area.

natural bug repellant Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

Make sure that you ask about the natural bug repellant.

Guided Kayak Tour With WildNative Tours

Our kayak trip was the perfect length of time, on and off the water. The Dolphins and Wildlife Kayak Tour lasts around 3 hours.

Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours

4. A Unique Ride With Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours

 28101 Perdido Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach, Alabama (Caribe Marina)

If the need for speed is more your pace, I highly recommend a tour from Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours. You can rent a catboat by the hour or opt for a 1.5-hour guided tour. Rental fees are charged by the catboat vs. the person.

Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours

What is a Cat Boat?

A cat boat is a compact powerboat that holds 2 people. The high-density foam pontoons on the cat boat make it virtually unsinkable and it turns in such a way as to never flip over.  

The cat boats are very stable and reminded me of a more comfortable version of a wave runner. They have a dry storage box for items you want to keep more secure.

There was also a cooler supplied with water on the catboat when we arrived. You can also bring snacks and drinks.

mother and son Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours

How Old Do You Have to Be to Drive a Cat Boat?

You must be 21 to operate the cat boat and you don’t need previous boating experience to drive. You’ll be shown how to properly operate the cat boat before you leave the marina.

The cat boat is for ages 5 and up and the maximum weight per person is 275 pounds. Life jackets are provided but only required for kids ages 5- 15.

I put my lifejacket on mid-tour because it made me feel more comfortable when the water was choppy and we were going FAST! The top speed can reach up to around 30 mph for a cat boat.

Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours

We opted for the guided tour where we followed our guide Kent on his cat boat as he took us through the Intracoastal waterway and waters around the Orange Beach, Alabama area.

It’s a no-wake zone for a while after you leave Caribe Marina. That allows you more time to become more comfortable with the steering if you’re the driver.

Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours

He communicated with us via walkie-talkie. During our ride, he shared points of interest in the area and pointed out wildlife including dolphins!

Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours near Lady in the Bay sculpture

We also passed by “The Lady in the Bay” sculpture which was an unforgettable sight!

You can get wet while riding the cat boat especially if you hit larger waves. It can also get a little chilly if the weather changes. They recommend a light jacket if it’s below 75 degrees. You may even want to pack a beach towel with you.

Our weather went from partly sunny to really cloudy during our tour. My son and I enjoyed this adventure on the water because it was so unique.

Sunset Sail with Cetacean Cruises

5. Sunset Sail with Cetacean Cruises

4673 Wharf Pkwy. W., Orange Beach, AL

(The boat is docked near Springhill Suites at The Wharf)

Enjoy a relaxing time on the water on a 52-foot Hawaiian catamaran. Cetacean Cruises offers a variety of dolphin cruises and sunset cruises.

drinks during the Sunset Sail with Cetacean Cruises

The two-hour sail travels along the waters of Wolf Bay in Orange Beach, Alabama, and Perdido Key, Florida.

 Sunset Sail with Cetacean Cruises

During the sunset cruise, your captain will point out the wildlife and marine life in the area.

The highlight for us was seeing some of the dolphins who reside in the area pod. Have your camera ready because they come out of the water quickly, or just relax and enjoy the moment.

Cetacean Cruises is mindful of respecting the local ecosystem and practices Dolphin SMART boating that prioritizes the dolphins’ safety.

drinks during the Sunset Sail with Cetacean Cruises

There is a full-service cocktail bar onboard if you want to purchase drinks during your cruise.

We purchased the frozen pina colada and mango colada. Both were delicious. There are also snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase.

 Sunset Sail with Cetacean Cruises

The laid-back attitude, music, ocean breeze, and beautiful scenery during your sail will help you get into vacation mode quickly.

mother and son at Learn to Sail lesson at Wind and Water Learning Center

6. Learn to Sail at Wind and Water Learning Center

26233 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 

You can learn how to sail a Sunfish fleet during a sailing lesson with the Wind and Water Learning Center.

There are sailing camps in the summer for ages 6-17 and women-only sailing workshops on select weekends.

March-May and September-November you can book a small group or private lesson.

woman and son on Sunfish fleet with Wind and Water Learning Center

All gear is provided but you’ll want to wear a wetsuit if the water temperatures are cooler. We rented our wetsuits from Down Under Dive Shop in Gulf Shores.

The wetsuits made it so that it wasn’t a big deal to be in the colder water…and I don’t like cold water.

woman on Sunfish fleet with Wind and Water Learning Center

You’ll learn how to safely recover your vessel after capsizing and important terms like “boom” and why you don’t want the “boom” to hit your head.

We enjoyed the experience and have a greater appreciation and respect for the skills required for a successful sailing.

7. Kayak Skills and Unique Tours at Wind & Water Learning Center

If you prefer to paddle there are additional paddling and skills classes available.

If you want a unique experience on the water check out their Paddle & Paint Kayak Excursions where you learn kayaking basics and practice basic watercolor techniques.

* The Paddle & Paint Kayak excursions are weekly during the Summer and can be booked privately in the Fall, Winter & Spring – minimum of 2 participants and capped at 6.

Nedra McDaniel and dad biking on Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

8. Go Bike Riding on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

You can choose your biking adventure on 28+ miles of paved trails on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails.

map of Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

The best part about this bike trail is how diverse it is. Take a picture of the map because it’s easy to get lost if you’re exploring trail connection points and don’t backtrack.

couple Bike Riding on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

There are nine different ecosystems that you can travel through while riding on more than 28 miles of boardwalks and paved trails.

bike riders on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

Points of Interest Along the Trail

Be on the lookout for an assortment of wildlife during your bike ride.

bald eagle nesting area on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

One of the highlights was stopping to view this large eagle’s nest in the trees.

bald eagle nest the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

We noticed people stopping near the trees before we noticed the bald eagle nesting sign along the path. You’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for bald eagles in their natural habitat during your ride.

scenic view along Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

There is also a chance that you may see “Lefty the Alligator” (who is missing her
right paw) in the marshy area.

One of the newer areas we didn’t make it to is Hammock Park, located at Hidden Lakes Trail. You can relax in one of the seven hammock spaces available if you bring a hammock on your ride.

Bike Riding on the Backcountry Trails

Use the Gulf State Park Bike Share Program OR Beach Bike Rentals

If you don’t have a bike with you during your visit it’s not a problem!

There is a free bike share program or you can rent bikes with Beach Bike Rentals.

Beach Bike Rentals is the best option for younger families with kids who are under the age of 16. They offer different bike rental options in addition to kids’ trailers and kids’ pull-behind bikes.

Gulf State Park Bicycle Share Station Sign

Free Bike Rentals With the Gulf State Park Bike Share Program

My dad and I opted to try the Gulf State Park Bike Share Program.

Rideshare bikes are available at the Woodside Restaurant (20249 State Park Rd, Gulf Shores, AL ) and Gulf State Park Pavilion. (22250 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL)

man using bike from Gulf State Park Bike Share Program

How to use the Gulf State Park Bike Share Program

First, you download the Bloom Bike Share App, which is available for iPhone and Android users.

Gulf State Park Bike Share Program

Park guests ages 16 and up who use the bike-share program can borrow one of 50 complimentary bikes for up to 3 hours for FREE.

Pick-ups and returns for the ride-share bikes are at one of the many bike stations located throughout the park. If you go beyond 3 hours you can continue to use the bike for a small fee.

Bike Riding on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails

The bikes have bungee straps that can help you secure a purse or backpack to the front of the bike. I’d recommend packing plenty of sunscreen, water, and snacks for your ride.

man using bike from Gulf State Park Bike Share Program

The trails are relatively flat but you can still work up a sweat on a warm day.

 Ride the Ferris Wheel at The Wharf

9. Ride the Ferris Wheel at The Wharf

23101 Canal Rd., Orange Beach, AL

The Wharf is a short drive from the parking lot for Cetacean Cruises (if you want to check it out before or after your cruise).

Ride the Ferris Wheel at The Wharf

You’ll find plenty of things to do within this dining and entertainment district.

The Ferris wheel at The Wharf has bragging rights as the tallest one in the southeast. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Orange Beach from the Ferris wheel.

Light show at The Wharf

If you visit The Wharf at night watch the SPECTRA Sound and Light Show.

On Main Street, guests will experience a show with fun music for the entire family and special lighting that brings the palm trees to life in a new way.

Kangaroo Encounter at the Gulf Shores Zoo

10. Kangaroo Encounter at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

20499 Oak Rd E, Gulf Shores, AL

Animal lovers will definitely want to experience a Kangaroo Encounter at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. During the Kangaroo Encounter guests will learn about red kangaroos during a hands-on experience.

Some of the kangaroos may even be gently held or touched during your encounter in their open-air play enclosure under the supervision of the zoo keeper.

The Kangaroo Encounter is an additional fee to the regular paid zoo admission for ages 10 and up.

Other animal encounters offered at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo are with lemurs or sloths.

Nedra McDaniel and Dad at Big Beach Brewing Company

11. Grab a Beer at Big Beach Brewing Company, the First and Only Brewery in Gulf Shores

300 E 24th Ave, 36542 Gulf Shores, AL

After a long day of adventures, kick back and enjoy a beer at Big Beach Brewing Company.

Big Beach Brewing is the southernmost brewery in Alabama and the first, and only brewery in Gulf Shores.

This brewery has an interesting beginning; it traces back to a brewing history that started in the garage of a local dentist.

craft beers at Big Beach Brewing Company

Their 10-barrel brewing system serves up all kinds of ales ranging from IPAs and Stouts to Cream Ales and Belgian-style beers with 12 beers on tap at all times.

My dad and I typically prefer lighter/sour beers and were both able to find flavors that we really enjoyed.

Courtyard at Big Beach Brewing Company

The building for the brewery is very open with large garage doors that allow guests to enjoy listening to live music while relaxing inside or out in their large outdoor space.

Alabama Stonehenge Bamahenge

12. Check Out the Roadside Attractions Near Gulf Shores

26986 Fish Trap Road, Elberta, AL

If you like quirky, there are a few roadside attractions that you’ll want to check out during your visit to Gulf Shores, including Barber Marina.

During the scenic drive to Barber Marina, you’ll see dinosaurs, “Bamahenge” and the “Lady in the Lake.”

dinosaur in the woods near Barber Marina

While driving along Fish Trap Road you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the dinosaurs in the woods.

dinosaur in the woods near Barber Marina

Before you reach Barber Marina you can see a brontosaurus, T-rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.

You’ll want to travel slowly so you don’t miss any dinosaurs, or you can try looking again on your way back from the marina.

Alabama Stonehenge Bamahenge

See “Bamahenge,” a full-size replica of Stonehenge

It’s easy to miss this roadside attraction on the way to the marina. We actually drove past it and found it on the way back.

Alabama Stonehenge Bamahenge

There is a little parking area and you walk a short path to see the structure. It’s not viewable from the road which explains why we originally missed it.

sign for Alabama Stonehenge Bamahenge

These fun roadside attractions were funded by Billionaire George Barber (of Barber Milk) and commissioned by artist Mark Cline.

Lady in the Bay at Barber Marina
Image courtesy of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism

13. See the “Lady in the Lake” at Barber Marina

Unfortunately, the original “Lady in the Lake,” which is a 50-foot sculpture of a woman floating in Wolf Bay, was severely destroyed by Hurricane Sally in 2020. When we went to see her a few years ago she was gone!

the Lady of the Lake Sculpture in the water at Barber Marina

The good news is that she has since been repaired and was returned to Wolf Bay in late 2021.

If the “Lady in the Lake” stood up, she would be 108 feet tall! I’m still unsure what I think of her after seeing her in person from a cat boat in the marina.

Giant shark at Souvenir City

14. Stand Inside the Mouth of a Shark at Souvenir City

217 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL

Looking for a fun photo op?

The giant 70-foot-long shark at the entrance of Souvenir City is a perfect photo stop for a solo or group shot.

Giant shark at Souvenir City
If you need a souvenir or anything for the beach it’s safe to say you’ll find it in the 30,000-square-foot store.
Flora-Bama border

15. Dine on the Border at Flora-Bama Yacht Club

17350 Perdido Key Dr., Perdido Key, FL 32507

Experience two states at once when you dine at Flora-Bama Yacht Club. You can even stand in front of the sign to prove it.

Flora-Bama Yacht Club

Flora-Bama Yacht Club is one of the many great restaurants in Gulf Shores to try during your visit.

Bushwacker signature drink at Flora-Bama Yacht Club

What’s better than enjoying amazing food with scenic views of the water and sand between your toes!

While there, try their signature drink, the “Bushwacker.” It’s basically an adult version of a Wendy’s Frosty with alcohol.

Flora-Bama Yacht Club is the perfect place to unwind and have a great time.

aerial view of Orange Beach Alabama

16. Enjoy Beach Days on the Emerald Coast

Of course, no visit to Gulf Shores would be complete without spending time at one of the public beaches, enjoying the white sand and turquoise water.

sunrise in Gulf Shores, AL

It’s worth getting up early to capture a beautiful sunrise because no sunrise or sunset is the same.

If you prefer to spend more time on the beach you might want to take a sandcastle-building class with Sandcastle University.

shell collection bag from Gulf Shores

17. Pick Up a Free Shelling Brochure and Bag From the Welcome Centers in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

  • 3459 Gulf Shores Parkway (Hwy. 59 South), Gulf Shores, AL
  • 23685 Perdido Beach Blvd. (Hwy. 182), Orange Beach, AL

If you like to search for shells, I’d recommend stopping by one of the Welcome Centers.

They have a free shelling brochure to help identify what you collect and a nice mesh bag to keep the shells together.

Historic Fort Morgan

18. Visit Historic Fort Morgan

110 Hwy. 180 W., Gulf Shores, AL 36542

History buffs will enjoy a visit to Historic Fort Morgan, a Third System masonry fort built between 1819 and 1833.

Historic Fort Morgan

Historic Fort Morgan is at the end of Scenic Fort Morgan Peninsula on Mobile Point. This is also the historic site where Fort Bowyer operated during the War of 1812.

Historic Fort Morgan

In August of 1864, the fort also played an important role in the Battle of Mobile Bay and was used throughout the Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II.

fresh oysters Navy Cove Oysters

19. Take a Tour of Navy Cove Oyster Farm

2375 Choctaw Rd, Gulf Shores, AL

*Reservations required in advance

Learn more about Navy Cove Oysters during a boutique oyster farm tour, only a few miles from Fort Morgan.

Navy Cove Oyster Farm in Alabama

You’ll learn about the ecology and geology of Mobile Bay and how their oysters are raised using sustainable aquaculture techniques.

Your tour also includes a VERY fresh oyster tasting if you’re feeling brave or like raw oysters.

After the tour, you’ll have a greater appreciation for how oysters help positively impact the environment.

20. Explore the Butterfly Garden at Gulf Shores Museum

244 W 19th Ave, Gulf Shores, AL

Admission to the Gulf Shores Museum and Butterfly Garden is free.

Daiquiri flight at High Tide Daiquiris & Mimosas Gulf Shores

21. Enjoy a Daiquiri Flight or a Unique Pedal Boat at High Tide Daiquiris & Mimosas

807 Gulf Shores Parkway, Gulf Shores, AL

You can sample creative daiquiri flavors with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic flight at High Tide Daiquiris & Mimosas.

Daiquiri flight at High Tide Daiquiris & Mimosas Gulf Shores

I highly recommend their Key lime margarita and the banana Buchwacked flavors.

unique pedal boats at High Tide Daiquiris & Mimosas Gulf Shores

There are unique pedal boats that you can rent on their little lagoon, weather permitting. Pedal options are a rubber ducky, swan, or flamingo.

Adventure Island Mini Golf Course Orange Beach

22. Play a Round of Golf

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have 14 golf courses.

If mini golf is more your speed, there are 7 miniature golf places in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area where you can play.

Jurassic Golf indoor mini golf Gulf Shores AL

There is even an indoor mini-golf course at Jurassic Golf that’s perfect for a rainy day.

Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark OWA

23. Swim and Slide at Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark at OWA

1501 S OWA Blvd, Foley, AL 

The weather is always perfect year-round at Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark no matter what the weather is outside.

An admission ticket to Tropic Falls gives you access to BOTH Tropic Falls Amusement Park and Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark.

Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark OWA

There are 22 rides and attractions for guests to enjoy during their visit ranging from mild to thrilling.

I’m also a BIG fan of their Castaway Creek lazy river because it DOESN’T have random water features spraying you along the way.

Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark OWA

The 100,000 sq. ft facility is the first indoor waterpark in the United States to have a retractable wall and roof with nearly 2,000 glass panels.

family ghost crabbing at the beach at night in Gulf Shores

24. Search for Ghost Crabs on the Beach at Night

Have you ever wondered why people are on the beach with flashlights at night? They are searching for tiny sand crabs that burrow in the sand.

ghost crab on the beach at night in Gulf Shores

It’s much easier to spot the sand crabs at night with a flashlight which is why it’s called “Ghost Crabbing.”

You can get free red filter stickers to keep the bright light from your flashlight from disorienting newly hatched baby sea turtles at the Welcome Centers in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

climbing wall at The Factory Gulf Shores

25. Bounce and Climb at The Factory Gulf Shores

18948 Oak Rd W, Gulf Shores, AL

Guests can burn off extra energy by climbing or bouncing at The Factory Gulf Shores with over 15,000 square feet of trampolines!

trampoline park at The Factory Gulf Shores

The Factory Gulf Shores has Foam Pits, a Ninja Obstacle Course, an Adrenaline Tower, Dodgeball Courts, Climbing Walls, and a Rope Swing at their Trampoline Area and Climbing Park.

You can book a Climb + Jump Experience or purchase tickets specifically for the Jump or Climb Experience.

*Every Wednesday they offer 1/2 price on all experiences.

teenager throwing at The Axe Hole at The Wharf

26. Try Ax Throwing at The AxeHole

4830 Wharf Pkwy W Suite G-201, Orange Beach, AL 

Try your hand at slinging axes at The AxeHole at The Wharf.

Participants are provided with the rules, a demo of techniques, and safety instructions before they start.

mother and son at The Axe Hole at The Wharf

Ax Throwing is available in 30-minute and 1-hour sessions. If you have a larger group you may want to make reservations in advance for your preferred time slot and to secure multiple lanes.

Coastal Chicken sandwich at CoastAL Orange Beach

Looking for great places to eat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach?

sunrise at the beach at Orange Beach Alabama

Ready to Book Your Hotel or Vacation Rental in Gulf Shores, Alabama?

You can compare and save on hotels and vacation rentals in Gulf Shores, Alabama by comparing and booking through the interactive map above.

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