Create Your Own Summer Bucket List – Free Printables

Do you ever notice how easy it is to think of a list of things you want to do over the summer …….and then……. how quickly summer flies by before you’ve crossed everything off your summer bucket list?

I’m sharing tips for how to create your own Summer Bucket List with my free printables.

kid playing on the beach in the summer

Don’t Take Time For Granted

It happens to us EVERY summer! We tend to think we have more time to do the things on our list each summer.

We realistically have to schedule plans around sports and work schedules, vacations, weather, and our budget.

We’ve found that we have to be proactive with our summer plans.


We usually try to get to most of the items on our summer bucket list.. and then add some along the way.

If we have the opportunity to cross something off, we need to take it if we can.

I understand that summer is an opportunity to slow down but I also don’t like to waste days when we could be intentional about making memories together.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make memories. Sometimes it’s as simple as catching fireflies or telling stories around a campfire.

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Make the Most of Your 18 Summers

We get 18 summers with our kids during their formative years. The days are LONG when kids are little but the YEARS are short!

I have a different perspective now that my kids are closer to adulthood.

This makes me treasure every time I have an opportunity to make memories with my family even more.

The older they get, the more challenging it is to schedule plans around their extracurricular activities and the time they want to spend with their friends.

The summers with your adult kids can still be great but they are different because things get more complicated with their work schedules, their summer priorities, living arrangements, etc.

If you want your adult kids to come, make it fun, have food, and help cover the cost as much as possible.

Why Families Love Destin - Fort Walton Beach Little Adventure Packs

Get Your Family Involved in the Process of Creating a Summer Bucket List

Let each family member share input on what they want to do this summer.

You can give them some guidance and ask them to come up with free ideas, adventures between $5-10 dollars, and a bigger splurge.

You might be surprised by how simple and low-cost some of their ideas are.

On a rainy day, you could create the ultimate blanket fort, visit your local library, or attend a free summer movie program in your community.

Summer Bucket Lists are also a great time to think about the people you want to spend time with.

Be intentional about inviting other family members or friends to share an adventure.

We’ve found that going to the drive-in movie theater is always more fun with friends.

Summer is also a great excuse to visit some of your favorite local ice cream shops.

Tips for Your Next Big Road Trip

Include Road Trips or Day Trips

Summer is a great time to explore a destination you haven’t visited before.

Road Trips are always filled with adventures, planned and unplanned that will become stories for years to come.

It helps to have a list of places you can visit within a short drive (1-3 hours) and a few longer drives for a weekend getaway.

White Rock Park

Plan a Day on the Water

What’s summer without some time spent near or on the water?

A few adventure ideas to get on the water this summer include:

  • Go kayaking or canoeing
  • Rent a boat
  • Plan a beach day
  • Go on a scenic riverboat or sightseeing cruise
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Go Fishing
  • Waterpark
  • Go “creeking”
Summer Bucket List

How to Make a DIY Summer Bucket List

I’ve got a few free printables to share that are simple visuals to help you see and cross the goals off your summer bucket list.

I purchased two sand buckets from The Dollar Tree and a few packs of clothespins.

You can choose from colored ones or plain wooden ones for your summer activities.

If you choose the wooden clothespins, you will have more room to write on. You can either write or use a label maker on the colored clothespins.

Summer Bucket List

You can print off this 3 x 5 Summer Bucket List Label

Free Summer Bucket List Label

When you complete an activity on your summer bucket list, place the clothespin inside the bucket.

Summer Bucket List

If you don’t want to use a sand bucket for your bucket list, you can print this Summer Bucket List Checklist.

I placed mine in a picture frame so that I could write ideas on the glass as we think of them.

Summer Bucket List
Summer Bucket List

Need ideas for your summer bucket list?

Check out my 25 Summer Bucket List Ideas

I hope you get to cross everything off your summer bucket list.

summer luge track at Muskegon luge

Summer Destinations and Adventures

Here are examples of MANY summer destination ideas to get you started:

Summer Bucket List

Have a great summer!

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