Create Your Own Summer Bucket List – Free Printables

Create your own summer bucket list

Do you ever notice how easy it is to think of a list of things you want to do over the summer …….and then……. how quickly summer flies by before you’ve crossed everything off your list?

It happens to us every summer.

We usually get to most of the items on the summer bucket list.. and then add some along the way.

We’ve found that we have to be proactive with summer plans.

If we have the opportunity to cross something off, we need to take it if we can.

Beach Summer Bucket List

I’ve got a few free printables to share that are a simple visual to help you set and cross off goals on your summer bucket list.

Summer Bucket List 10

How to Make a DIY Summer Bucket List

I purchased two sand buckets from the Dollar Tree along with a few packs of clothespins.

You can choose from colored ones or plain wooden ones for your summer activities.

If you choose the wooden clothespins, you will have more room to write on. You can either write or use a label maker on the colored clothespins.

Summer Bucket List 12

You can print off this 3 x 5 Summer Bucket List Label


When you complete an activity on your summer bucket list, place the clothespin inside the bucket.

Summer Bucket List 7

If you don’t want to use a sand bucket for your bucket list, you can print this Summer Bucket List Checklist.


I placed mine in a picture frame so that I could write ideas on the glass as we think of them.

Need ideas for your bucket list?

Check out my 25 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer Bucket List 13

I hope you get to cross everything off your summer bucket list.

Summer Bucket List 2

You can find summer bucket list ideas to add to your list here.

25 Summer bucket list ideas

Have a great summer!

Summer Bucket List

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