What You Need to Know About Visiting Kings Island This Year (2023)

Are you looking forward to your next visit to Kings Island Amusement Park?

I’m sharing more about what’s new this year along with tips that will help you make the most of your visit to Kings Island Amusement Park in 2023. 

Eiffel Tower Kings Island

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Tips before your visit to Kings Island

  • Take a picture of the parking sign at the end of the lane where you parked.
  • Parking lots open 1 hour before the park opens. On peak holidays/high traffic times, it may open sooner. There is an additional fee for parking.
  • Stroller and Wheelchair rentals need to be booked online in advance 48 hours before your visit.
  • FYI- Kings Island is cashless and accepts payments by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay
  • If you are visiting the park with a guest with special needs visit guest services first thing when you arrive. Learn more about visiting Kings Island with a special needs guest here.
  • At least one person in your party should have the free Kings Island App on their mobile phone (this will make it easier for you to navigate around the park and know ride wait times)
  • Season Pass Holder Perks- Gold, Platinum, Prestige & Prestige+ Pass holders can use their pass to participate in Early Ride Time 30 minutes before the park opens every public operating day – October (except for Friday nights during Halloween Haunt.)
  • Save time by creating an account for your unprocessed season pass online.
  • Renewal season pass holders can use the same pass for this year.
family walking at Kings Island

Tips for Visiting Kings Island With Kids

I would recommend taking advantage of the following services if you are visiting Kings Island with younger kids.

Get Colored Wristband As Soon As You Arrive

  • Have your kids measured for their colored wristbands as soon as you enter the park. Kings Island has different height requirements for its rides and you’ll save time and the hassle of having your child being measured all day if you take care of the wristband first thing.
  • You can get a colored wristband for your child at the Help Center near the Front Gate or in Planet Snoopy.

Take Advantage of Rider Swap

  • Rider Swap allows riders to enjoy the rides and supervise their children. After one rider has gone through the regular line and ridden the attraction, the supervising rider waiting with the children is then given immediate boarding upon providing their pass.
  • For more information or to participate in the Rider Swap program, visit the Help Center near the Front Gate, the Family Care Center near Planet Snoopy Ice Cream, or Soak City Guest Services.

Locate Your Lost Child With Kid Track

  • Kings Island offers a service to quickly reunite separated children and parents with cell phones.
  • You can sign up for this service at Guest Services located at the front gate, the Help Center next to the Fast Lane booth, the Family Care Center near Planet Snoopy Ice Cream, or Soak City Water Park Guest Services.

New Chaperone Policy

Kings Island is implementing a chaperone policy beginning Saturday, April 22, 2023, to help keep the park as a safe family-friendly atmosphere.

Under this policy, all guests ages 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 21 years old in order to be admitted to or remain in, the park after 4 p.m. local time until close. 

The chaperone must present a valid government-issued photo identification with their date of birth at ticket entry.

One (1) chaperone may accompany no more than ten (10) guests ages 15 or younger per day.

In addition, the chaperone must accompany their party during entry, remain inside the park during their visit, and be available by phone throughout their stay.

Guests ages 15 years old or younger who are found inside the park unaccompanied by a chaperone will be subject to ejection. This chaperone requirement applies to all Kings Island ticket and season pass holders.

diamondback at Kings Island

Important Kings Island Opening Dates for 2023

  • Season Pass Holder Preview: Friday, April 14, 2023
  • Park Opening Weekend: Saturday and Sunday, April 15 -16, 2023
  • Park Open Daily: Starting May 17, 2023
  • Soak City Opens: Memorial Weekend- Saturday, May 27, 2023 

Kings Island Special Events

  • Kings Island Nighttime Spectacular Fireworks – first fireworks show May 26, 2023
  • *Firework shows only play at 10pm or later closing thru Labor Day 2023.
  • Coasterstock – May 19-20
  • Spiritsong – June 15-17
Soak City at Kings Island

Do You Need a Reservation for Kings Island This Year?

Reservations are NO LONGER REQUIRED for Kings Island AND Soak City Waterpark.

Adventure Port at Kings Island
Image provided by Kings Island

Adventure Port (Opening This Summer 2023)

The new ancient-themed civilization will be opening in the summer of 2023. Adventure Port is located between Coney Mall and Action Zone.

Park guests can look forward to two new family rides, enhanced theming to Adventure Express family train roller-coaster and Enrique’s quick service restaurant and the Mercado.

Sol Spin at Kings Island
Image provided by Kings Island

Sol Spin

This recently discovered mechanism appears to be an immense sun disk created by an ancient civilization.

Climb aboard these open-air, suspended passenger vehicles to experience the thrill of flying 60 feet through the air at 25 m.p.h.

Cargo Loco at Kings Island
Image provided by Kings Island

Cargo Loco (New Family Ride)

Need a company to ship your goods?

Look no further than the Arrow Cargo Company. Their methods might be a little dizzying, but they’ll get your freight from Point A to Point B…eventually.

Check out the shipping barrels for yourself and get ready for the trip of your life!

The Mercado at Kings Island
Image provided by Kings Island

The Mercado

Cultures come together at the Mercado, a melting pot where guests simply celebrate being alive.

Whether you’re an explorer just passing through, or a tourist checking out the local scene, the local purveyor is your source for dining, drinking, cargo transport, and more.

Kings Island Executive Chef Joseph Perez
Image provided by Kings Island

New Kings Island Executive Chef Joseph Perez

Culinary experiences at Kings Island will be led by the park’s new Executive Chef, Joseph Perez. He previously served as the Executive Chef at Ameristar Casino and Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Enrique's at Kings Island
Image provided by Kings Island

New Restaurants at Kings Island for 2023

There are two new restaurants to check out at Kings Island for the 2023 season.

Enrique’s (Adventure Port) (Summer 2023)

A trip to Adventure Port isn’t complete unless you experience the local cuisine.

Stop by Enrique’s quick-serve restaurant for a menu that features traditional burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads, and sides.

Grain and Grill Kings Island
Image provided by Kings Island

Grain & Grill (International Street) (Summer 2023)

Grain & Grill, is a fast-casual dining location that will feature Eastern European and Mediterranean flavors. 

Located on International Street next to Starbucks®, the restaurant will feature indoor dining with a view of the Royal Fountain.

Indoor dining at the Festhaus at Kings IslandWhat Restaurants Are On the All-Season Dining Plan at Kings Island for 2023?

  • Chicken Shack
  • Coconut Cove Cafe
  • Coney Bar-B-Que
  • Enrique’s
  • Festhaus
  • Grain & Grill
  • Island Smokehouse
  • Juke Box Diner
  • LaRosa’s Pizzeria
  • Miami River Brewhouse
  • Panda Express
  • Planet Snoopy Grill
  • Potato Works
  • Skyline Chili
  • The French Corner
  • Tom & Chee

*Mobile Food Ordering is available at Festhaus and Jukebox Diner.

What You Need to Know About Visiting Kings Island This Year

Can you bring your own food and drinks to Kings Island?

No outside food, beverages, or coolers are allowed to be brought into Kings Island or Soak City Water Park.

*Exceptions are made for Guests with special dietary needs including food allergies and baby food and formula.

Guests with special dietary needs should stop at Guest Services located at the Front Gate when they arrive at the Park.  

For the best value on meals, consider purchasing an All-Day Dining ticket for a one-time visit or the All-Season Dining Plan if you’re a season pass holder.

All Season Dining Plan at Kings Island

Is the All-Season Dining Plan Worth it?

In my opinion, YES!!!!, the All Season Dining Plan is definitely worth the price, especially if you have teenagers. The food is actually really good on the All-Season Dining Plan and there are a lot of options to choose from.

My favorite restaurants on the All-Season Dining plan are Coney Bar-B-Cue and Miami River Brewhouse.

*Snacks are NOT part of the All-Season Dining Plan.

Coney Island section at Kings Island

Is the All-Season Drink Plan Worth It?

In my opinion, YES! The All-Season Drink Plan is worth paying for. It’s important to stay hydrated during your visit, especially on a hot summer day.

If you visit the park a lot it will pay for itself and you can get refills every 15 minutes throughout the day.

You can opt for either a refillable 2023 souvenir bottle OR a season pass drink plan paper cup. (Souvenir bottles from previous years aren’t valid)

I personally prefer the paper cup because I don’t want to carry around a souvenir bottle each time that I visit and I don’t want to purchase a locker for it if I go on Banshee or Orion.

drink station at Kings Island

Will Courtesy Cups of Water Still Be Offered?

Yes, you can still get courtesy cups of water where drinks are available. 

sign at Kings Island

New International Street Webcam

You can now watch what’s going on at International Street at Kings Island on the webcam.

Orion, the Seventh Giga Coaster in the WorldLocker Rentals Available Near Orion and Banshee

If you have a bag and want to ride Orion or Banshee you’ll need to purchase a locker rental located near the ride entrance.

There are no storage bins available for guests for bags for either ride.

Diamondback roller coaster at Kings Island Amusement Park

How to Keep Your Valuables Secure on Rides

If you don’t want to risk your phone or keys falling out of your pocket during a ride, consider wearing a thin running belt under your shirt.

Running belts are thinner than fanny packs which makes them easier to wear on rides without interfering with ride harnesses and straps.

Many rides do not have storage bins for your bags while you ride or you may need to purchase a locker rental. It’s best to try to limit what you bring into the park if you don’t want to be stuck carrying a bag. 

park map at Kings Island

Save on Discounted Tickets to Kings Island Amusement Park

You can find save money with lower prices than at the gate for admission to Kings Island here which you can use to go straight to the gate.

*Admission tickets are required for ages 3 and up and include both Kings Island and Soak City Waterpark during the summer months.

If you plan on visiting Kings Island multiple times throughout the year a Kings Island Season Pass is the best value.

cabins at Kings Island Camp Cedar

Looking for Lodging Options Near Kings Island?

You can find several lodging options and hotels within a short drive of Kings Island.

Where is Kings Island Amusement Park Located?

Kings Island is located at 6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH.

Looking for more things to do around Cincinnati?

Check out my article on Hidden Gems and Unique Things to Do Around Cincinnati.

Kings Island Amusement Park

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